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Monday, March 2, 2009

Santa Cruz~~~ A spiritual Place?

Hello my sweet, yummy things,

I've been asked if I am from Santa Cruz since I've referred to it several times, Mmmmm no my darlings, I never lived in Santa Cruz, but there is something about it that makes me wish I could live there or have a place on the beach near there.

It just draws me, if there is a need to get away for a few days, and the timing is right, I will go there. A mixture of old fashioned, glitz, earth, sea, sand, Beach Boys, spirit, just something that feels right about it.

But then I think would it be viable to live there? Considering the horrendousness of driving Hyway 17 although Hyway 9 is good but only on good days, not in the rain or fog.

I found my Smith and Wesson at the Gun Show, .38 special. So now I have to wait 10 Looong days before it will be mine all mine.

But I need to go for now, I promised Lillian to drop over for a late dinner, it's just a short walk, I think she's feeling a little lonely tonight. I must cheer her up.

I'll talk more about the Gun Show later---sooooo much fun!

Until later my sweet things

1 comment:

Fram said...

I have five Smiths, and I'm not even a revolver guy. Something about them.

If Santa Cruz is good enough for Clint, it's good enough for me. Teasing, teasing, teasing.

Time to get up here.