Beware, or I'll eat you alive.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Of chilly weather and doggie shots~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

What a hectic week!!!  I'm not going to even get into it, but it has been insane, I am so glad I said I wasn't coming in today after putting in 12 and 14 hour days this past week.   And all because the company wanted to use a new system.

I pity the I.T. folks, there was one guy who I think even slept in the office just to be close by in case the system blew up.

I am so glad that I am out of this mess except for being an independent consultant although my former boss is asking if I'd re-consider, told him sorry sweetie, I'm my own lady now.  Because if I was working for the company again I'd be camping out here.

And the couch in the staff  coffee break room is not that comfortable.  Not that we ever took our coffee breaks there mostly just to make and get coffee, COOOOFFFFEEEEEE wonderful, warm tasty drug of choice.

I am so looking forward to Saturday to the Chinese New Year Street Fair and Parade, for some reason many Asian family are making this new year a really big deal,  Yoshi came by my home and gave me an eight sided mirror to put up next to my front door.  "Keep bad things away" she said.

Well I am all for keeping bad things, very bad things away.  If my 9 mm Beretta can't handle it, then I am in serious trouble.

Joe is pushing me to get my CC permit, it's no problem for me to get the one at the gun show, when they offer the class, but getting one here in California, with our wimpy sheriff, that is a whole different  animal.

But I will at least get the Utah one.  And see about the other.  Because of the long hours I was putting in he insisted on picking me up at work, I wasn't going to argue with him.   There are times when to argue with a man and there are times when its best not to and this was one of those times to exercise the latter.

Last week was so wonderfully warm and now this week, freezing cold, damaged my plants that I had on the balcony,  I had to get out my vintage mink jacket  (I said vintage to all you PETA freaks)  the beasts have been dead for over 20 years, they are not complaining and keeping my alabaster body warm to and from work was important on my mind, that and coffee.

I guess you could say I am a bit cranky, well I am, but maybe a weekend of fun will turn my mood around.

Although today is a "catch up day", catch up on groceries, catch up on laundry, catch up on errands,  am taking an at home break, since I've been up at 6 a.m.  Then I'm going to take Heather and the little beast called Baby to the Vet.  It is time of the beast's distemper and Bordtella shots and getting the little creatures' nails trimmed. Heather was going to pay for it but I told her to save her money for art supplies I would take care of the costs for the 4 legged rug rat, which I'm somewhat fond of.   The little thing has taken a serious bonding to Heather after Lillian passed away,  Heather has painted several water colors of the little thing looking at flowers and butterflies, some of them very amusing, she's trying her hand at possible greeting card illustrations and is building her portfolio.  

And it seems she has a young gentleman in her life now, he's just a friend studying art as well but more of art photography although he hopes to pursue a career in photo journalism, but he says he will do whatever it takes to pay the bills.  I've seen them on the beach in recent weeks, she painting he taking pictures and the dog in several sweaters all bundled up in its carry all with them.  Heather still misses her Grandmother, but he seems to be taking some of the sting of the loss out of it.

For that I'm glad.   I've ask them if they want to come with me to the celebrations they said they are going but will make their own way, I think he wants to do a lot of photo taking.  I hope they have fun.  Heather needs it.

And speaking of Heather she is at my door.

Kisses Sweet Things

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A leaking hot water heater and Happy Valentines Day

Hello Sweet Things,

I am so wonderfully tired right now, I've been up early today, I may even go to bed early maybe.

We were watching the news last night about that L.A. cop killer that was hiding in a remote cabin, Joe became so angry at this monster, saying that he took the easy way out by committing suicide, he would have preferred that the man burn to death.

Joe's anger almost frightened me but I could understand why he feels that way, this person was removed from his job for excellent reasons, and then instead of finding a way to re-build his life kills the officer who defended him and the daughter and her fiance of another officer and then during the shoot out kills another officer. 

From what was known it seems he took on a vendetta of grievances and was planning to kill all police officers he could find including those officers who he felt had conspired against him.  

I turned to Joe and said "I'm glad you're out of the force"  and told him my reasons.   That calmed him down, he said he's been reflecting on his leaving and has no regrets that it was the best move considering what what happening in the force.   And although he is busy and puts in some long hours he is more relaxed and is not tense like he use to be.

I am tired, it's been a very personal busy day, last night Joe decided to do a load of laundry and walked into the laundry room to be greeted with a puddle of water.  The old hot water heater sprung a leak.  Between Joe shutting off the water to it, turning off the burner, getting a hose so he could drain the tank and my mopping the floor with a mop and old towels it was a mess.   I called a plumber who came over that evening, said we did the right things and checked everything further, we talked about what needed to be done, and he quoted me a price,  and it was better than my guesstimate.   Said he could do the work early this afternoon and he did and was so neat about it.

Of course I had to deal with not being able to take a shower this morning, but once the water heated up I was in there yelling like Meg Ryan in that movie whatever its name, and was crying out "yes, Yes, YES!!!"  Joe came into the bathroom and asked if I needed any help----well he needed a shower too.   ;)  and you know where that could lead to.    So why am I on the computer?  Joe got dressed and is out getting dinner and a bottle of wine, so since my Valentine's present is a day early I just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

Kisses Sweet Things

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It will never rain on my parade~~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

The entire Film Noir Festival was marvelous fun, Joe had a chance to come with me a few times to see a few of the films, even though he's retired from the police force his new work keeps him busy, so when he can't come I'd ask Yoshie or Janet they love Noir films as well.   Yoshie of course likes the one's where the setting takes place in San Francisco's China Town although those are rare.  

She has slimed down so much ever since she started her health program with her doctor and she has so much energy, that I had to ask her if she was taking anything, "Nope" she said "Just vitamins and Iron, nothing to over stimulate my heart"   she looked so good in a Chinese Dress that you'd expect the Dragon Lady from "Terry and the Pirates" to wear and her Mother helped her with her hair so she'd looked right out of a '40's noir film all deadly and fantastic.

Joe enjoyed looking like Alan Ladd from "This Gun For Hire"  and me?  Well who do you think?

We missed the Gun Show at the Cow Palace but we hope to hit it in April, I am looking forward to it.   And the Vintage Fashion Show in March at the Concours, but for now both Yoshi and I are looking forward to the Chinese New Years Festival and Parade and this time her husband can come, she is so happy that he doesn't have to do all that traveling overseas for a while.  So it will be a real family affair.

The year of the Snake, I wonder what it will bring?

I'm planning to also go and see my country home tomorrow for the weekend, it will be nice to go during the week instead of making plans for a weekend, Hal and Josie have been keeping the place up real well and with the Agricultural School there has been a few new animals added to the barn, Josie said that the place is more alive now than it has been in a long time and already some bookings have come in for weddings, so those times are now blocked out.  But one of the prospective couples want to spend their first night in one of the bedrooms, Josie told them that the house is not a bed and breakfast but they said that it didn't matter, they just knew they'd be too tired to drive especially on the roads since the roads are twisty and most of the wedding party was going to be staying in the nearby hotel.   So I'm going to be meeting them this weekend to discuss this and make it clear that it is an exception and not the rule.  Although I do understand their precautions.

And when I get back it will be time for me to put my tax papers together what a bore, but it needs be done.
Just a few hours ago I met some volunteers who are working to have people attend a City Council meeting in my town to discuss what will be done with the new open space, it use to be a rail line and yard but now it will be turned into open space, what a wonderful idea considering that it seems that every bit of open space is being crowded with McMansions, with tiny or no yards.   I'm not going to be able to attend but there is an on line link to the city for input or suggestions.   I'm certainly going to give my 2 cents worth.

The weather seems to want to warm up slightly, but not much in the way of rain, I've already seen birds that only come when they are migrating,  it's too early for a hummingbird feeder, but maybe I should put one out.

Oh this Diva is becoming such a home body, but there I times I go out on my balcony and look across the bay to my City, and I feel an almost throaty growl within me, I made it my energy says, I made it, I'm in a position to call the shots, I have an independent income, I have my own work schedule and am my own person.  I can walk the City Streets and know I was not defeated by it, not by anything, I made my choices and I feel good, what good I could and can do I have and will do, what pleasure I find with family, friends, lover, I find and feel happy,  there have been ups and downs, but somehow I sense that all is not done yet, there is still something around the corner.  What it is I don't know, but I am going to meet it with eyes wide open and see what there is to see.   And that feeling is Wonderful.

Kisses Sweet Things