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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Of Cowboys, Canoes, Romance & Poets~~~~~

Mmmmm well sweet, yummy things, this post is in response to an inquiry and an opinion by my sweet, blogging friend Fram.

But first a little update, my elderly neighbor Lillian called me at work Thursday and demanded in her sweet engaging way that I come to her house as soon as I got off of work, fortunately I knew I would be leaving work early but I had to ask her why?

And this is where it’s delicious, she wanted me to take her to the movies and not just any movie, it seems our local town film theatre is having a classic movie series and Thursday night she wanted to see “The Magnificent Seven” with Yul Brenner and a young Steven McQueen. (Purrrr Rowllll)

I’ve seen the film on DVD but never on the big screen, of course Lillian said “My treat!” now sweet things how could I resist, and it had been a while since I’ve gone to the movies, life being so hectic of late. Well it was more than her treat, we had a fantastic burger at the Burgermeister with mango French fries, (**sigh** back to the gym for me), since I was driving no alcohol for me, but Lillian enjoyed her Heineken.

The beauty about the Burgermeister is that’s its right next door to the theatre, and packed, but the movie---ahhhh the movie, the theatre managed to get a very good copy and some how improved the sound, and I was able to see details that one misses even on a good quality DVD, the humor jumps out at you more, the scene with Brenner and McQueen driving the hearse up to boot hill, and Elmer Bernstein’s music, more than one person was on the edge of their theatre seat and even tapping their feet to the music.(Merrouul)

And at the end everyone applauded. And I had a better appreciation for the movie, Lillian said “O.K. now we’ve got to come back and see ‘Casablanca’’ again how could I say no to this little ball of fire for all her years. She appreciated my taking her to the theatre and I appreciated her company.

Mmmmm but I do have to say I did admire Yul Brenner’s Buscadero Rig, the belt very simple and plain but the holster having a simple flower or rose design. I wasn’t sure what make of gun he was using, I’ll have to research it.

But the scenery was magnificent, that feeling of openness and the gritty feel of the town and the village. James Colburn as the gunfighter with the knife, his style was spare and yet it conveyed the essence of his character, as a matter of fact, it seemed that you had an idea of each of the characters backgrounds with few words. Now I need to compare it with the movie that it was based on “The Seven Samurai”

Even now fragments of the music are floating in my head, even the soft romantic pieces.

This brings me to my next comments---

I’d like those of you who are reading this Web Log to go to Frams web site and look for
his postings on March 4 and 5, 2009 the titles are “Following Ancestors & Versing the Runes” and “London, Courtly Love & Another Pair”

He’s written his experiences and feelings in what he refers to as column or columnar style, but I’d have to say that it’s essence is poetry but without rhyming, sort of an extended haiku, distilling the experience down to the fewest possible words but conveying the feeling and the experience into its basic essence.

In where he talks about his “canoe trip and tipping into the River” you can feel the experience, envision it, but without all the hyperbole, you get an idea of his companion, with little description. In fact you can picture them any way you want.

It’s like Bill Cosby’s comic routine in the Dentist chair you know it because you’ve experienced it, but if you’ve never experienced tipping a canoe and going into the cold river water, you still have the feel of it---Extended Haiku.

Another way of expressing it is like Cowboy poetry, for many this can be an external experience, but if you read “Magical Girl” this is reflection on changes, this is internal as oppose to external but again with few words, for some feelings cannot be expressed with words, but the thoughts are there, unrhymed but with a Robert Frost quality.

Maybe I should write that way, but I can’t. There is too much to explain to delve into.

Fram my sweet, yummy thing your column writing is like the movie “The Magnificent Seven” spare yet expressive, whereas I write like Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” down to the nth detail. And both I feel are right for each person.

Continue to practice and work with your column writing, I think you have something wonderful going there. (purr)

I enjoy Fram’s descriptions of his “ancestor” Fram the first, the poor dear meeting his possible end on the Ides of March, can this be the end of Fram the First???? I think not, I think the ‘old boy’ has a lot of adventures in him yet to still be discovered.

Upon the changes seen in Magic Girl---we all change, life’s winds buffet us that way, but if we are wise we will learn from them, and yet keep the gusto of our youth.

Do you know I still enjoy getting a bottle of the magic bubble mixture (with the little wand) and blowing bubbles, I delight in seeing how big I can get one, how far it will float, the beautiful iridescent of it, and its fragility, at work yesterday I took my lunch at my desk and someone had given me a tiny bottle of bubbles with a little cap shaped like a heart for Valentines Day, it was just a simple little gift that was handed out to other members of my area, but I took it out and a tiny perverse imp encouraged me to start blowing bubbles. (Merool)

I laughed when one of them popped on top of one of my male co-workers head, Yoshi had one and she joined in, and between the two of us we had the work area laughing. Such a simple thing.
And on a beautiful sunny day like today seeing the children enjoying it, their laughter is infectious, their parents also enjoying the sight and loving the joy in their children’s faces and the smiles on the elderly as they see a bubble floating past them and they remember their childhood; amazing what joy a 99 cent bottle of bubbles can bring, to young and old alike.

Adults forget the simple joys of childhood, and I am having fun discovering what I’ve missed.

But now I must finish getting ready, a touch of lipstick, a few things into my purse, my ‘new’ friend Frank (Mr. Daly City policeman) is coming by and we are going out, an early dinner and then off to this place called “The Saddle Rack”, I believe the format is Country-Western Music. He says he’s going to ‘teach me’ line dancing. Well I do have my dancing shoes on, a nice pair of jeans, nothing fancy just simple, and that is nice. (purrrr)

Sweet dreams my sweet yummy things.

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Fram said...

Well, you really are a sweetie, Diva, and an impressive one. Thank you for reading and for commenting. Writing in meter and rhyme is too difficult for me. I get lost even when trying something like iambic pentameter, one of the simpler forms. For now, I am content to simply play with thought and description.

I looked at a couple of still photos of Yul from The Magnificent Seven, and he appears to be holding a Colt single action with a 7 1/2-inch barrel. They were more often used by the military than among civilians. Long barrel = uncomfortable carry. I wonder what I'd look like if I shaved my head.

Hope you had an enjoyable evening. Do you Tango?