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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekends and Historical thoughts~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Yes I have been away from my Blog; I have to admit work, work, work.

And the insanity of some of my co-workers commitments to their children’s graduations parties and events, but I can understand the “fuss” of it all. In a way I missed the “fuss” of my graduation from college, even high school. Something which Dad and Mom regret in the last phone conversation I had with them.

But I told them to plan on a “Big To-do” for Baby Sis when it’s her time. I don’t want regrets, I want to build on what we are working on right now and that is a graduation of sorts.

If all we think about are regrets then all we will have is “missed yesterdays” and I do not want that, I want to think forward and build on the opportunities to come. I feel that is better in many ways.

Well again our weather here is doing its insanity again, first we have a record breaking (for the S.F. Bay Area) heat wave and then next we plunge into chilly temperatures, I don’t know whether to get out the summer clothes or keep wearing sweaters.

This last heat wave made me feel very “goofy”. I think because it was so sudden and overwhelming. But we did have fun with our “ice cream social”. And it was back to the gym for me.

I took the opportunity to go to one of my properties this last Memorial weekend and just get away from things; at least the weather inland was comfortable. I went to my Victorian house, taking up spare clothing and such to settle into my room. I had the opportunity to talk to my tenants in regards to some repairs on the front porch, nothing major, just a few steps and a banister to be replaced.

It also gave me a chance to look over the property again at greater length, they (the former owners now my tenants) have taken good care of the property and know all the local repair people, we talked about things to do in the future.

It is my intention to make sure that the house and land reflect the historical look of the area. And I think with the aid of the local historical society we may be able to do that, we had a get together to talk things over and they were very happy about my buying the property and my intention to preserve it. I have to say that my now tenants younger cousin was not happy, but that’s his problem.

Real Estate developers need not apply. (Not that the market would support it right now)

The Historical Society is in the process of buying the surrounding land around my property with the idea of working with the local community college and their agricultural classes. The idea is to show how farming and life was done at the turn of the last century, and also to acquaint students with the idea of “slow farming” using old methods that are less destructive to the land.

It’s still in the concept process, but obtaining the land now must be done and that is moving forward. There are a couple of people who do not have any heirs and are more than willing to leave their land and property to the historical society as a “Trust” which will help. I made a suggestion that it might be wise to place it in a “Trust” now and allow the people to continue to live on their property as “caretakers without pay” for as long as they wish or are able, with physical aid from volunteers and students to help maintain the properties.

Everyone including the current owners appeared to like the idea and with fundraisers to help maintain everything it would be viable. Fortunately there are a couple of lawyers on the Historical Society Board and they can look into all the legalities, but they felt it could be done.

I like the idea, although I believe that there will be times where I’m going to have to “share” my property for special events, but there is something about the concept that appeals to me.

But I am going to look into the legal side with a good lawyer from my point of view as well, I’m not going to just jump in without understand what legal problems I might be incurring.

I’m going to do it with this property, but with my own home and the other property I’m going to keep that in a separate trust for baby sis and what children she may have in the future.

But it was all fun too, the fire department had a “pancake breakfast” Sunday morning, there was a crafts street fair, music (great fiddling), a “old fashioned Snake Oil Salesman”, a couple of gunfight re-enactments, petting zoo of farm animals and a stage coach ride complete with hold-ups.

My tenants introduced me to a number of people in the community, and made some very good contacts with the leaders in the community. I now know where to get the best fruit and vegetables, freshest bread, a good doctor and dentist for emergencies, a (according to everyone) fantastic auto mechanic and where the best fishing is in the area.

I know that I’m the “newbie” in town, and as with everything it’s always wise to proceed slowly, according to what I’m hearing, they want to keep the “small town feel” but within it encourage good businesses that will help the community. They want to avoid development that would destroy the feeling of the place, so many things, buildings, locations, land and such have been placed on a historic register, made historic landmarks with plaques and signs, nothing can be done without a full public review.

A number of people told me they were worried about the property that I bought because of the former situation. But when they heard what I had done and suggested they felt more comfortable.

I could easily retire here, someday I might. But right now I have to make ‘money’.

Another gun show is coming up this weekend, and I have to make plans for the 4th of July weekend as well, I’m thinking of driving down to my parents home during that time, Lillian will be fine up here she has her two sons and their families coming to visit so she will be busy.

Joe said he would be happy to “House sit” for me, since he’s renting and his landlord is planning to do some work on his apartment building, anything to avoid the noise.

But it’s early yet, I’ll have to see how my plans develop. Thank goodness the weather right now is mild, so back to work.

More later Sweet Things.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Those Drums~~~those incessant jungle drums!"~~~

Dear Sweet Things,

It is now the crazy season here in my end of the world, prom nights, seniors thinking they are going to be free, special events, getting ready for graduation---"Gaudiamous Egiture" or something like that.

No my baby sister is not graduating, she has another year---and I am going to be there for that!

No, what it is, is that a number of our staff are taking vacation time for their children's graduation events, be it 5th grade, 8th grade or high school or in one case Kindergarten. So everyone else, myself included have to take up the slack.

Long days and nights---I don't feel like traveling back and forth between my home and the city, so I've book a few days a week at my favorite hotel, so much easier on me. And the traffic has been horrendous coupled with this heat wave, and they say it's going to be a record breaker all week.

And my poor little air conditioner has died. First the sliding glass door window now the air conditioner. Well at least the glass door has been fixed and I've got several fans going full blast,
the heat is so bad that nothing is moving, nothing sane that is.

There is someone who has either a t.v. program or a cd playing and all I can hear is drums, nothing but drums---I am NOT Tondalayo.

I think it's one of my neighbors who has a back yard done in Polynesian style and not a Tiki Bar to be seen. Oops It has to be them they've switched to Martin Denny's "Quiet Village" with all the bird songs. Mai Tai anyone?

Well it is better than the drums. Lillian is coming over with Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream and root beer, cream soda and coca cola.

She said "we are going to make Cows" What is a Cow you ask?

Well for some of you who can remember it's a type of ice cream float---a brown cow is Root Beer with Vanilla ice cream, a white cow is vanilla with cream soda and a black cow is chocolate ice cream in coca cola---O.K. maybe the last doesn't sound P.C. but if it's cold and wet, I'm all for it.

And what is with the Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream----well Lillian says put it with cream soda and you have a Juan Valdez. But I didn't say that.

Don't worry we're not going to eat it all by ourselves, I have friends coming over, so it's going to be an "ice cream social" but some of them are bringing beer as well.

So if I'm not posting for a while---well that is why---it's the crazy graduation season.

Take care my Sweet Things, the ice cream is now at my door.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts on our Easter Reunion~~~~

Sweet Things,

I'm waiting for Lillian to call me so while I have a chance I'd like to share my personal thoughts being down there with the Family.

Some of you have asked me about that and some are happy with what has happened.

All I can say, is this, I was concerned when I first got off the train about how I would be greeted, but what made this different is Smiles, and Grins and Laughter and a certain feeling of relaxness and comfort and warmth.

This was something I never experienced before the other times I went down, it was as if Sunlight had finally come to the land, warmed it and generated happiness.

In talking to Dad the next day, Trixie was the ice breaker, this little dog simply refused to let anyone be unhappy, and in revealing his feelings to me and mine to him it was emotionally intense.

Not a bad intenseness, a good cathardic one, all the emotional poison was drained and healing had begun.

Dad had made Easter, in fact the entire family had made Easter a true time of renewal in our relationship to one another and healing.

My sister now calls me a couple of times a week, if I'm not home she leaves a message and I call back, and it's always positive news, of course Mom and Dad get on the phone to talk to me as well, Dad learned how to use the speaker phone divice so we can all hear everyone.

I'm feeling closer to them, I know it's not going to be perfect, but I'm not going to rush things. I still have to respect his feelings and opinions on things but it's now give and take, he respects my feelings and opinions as well.

The fact that we are both on the same track in terms of finacial dealings, did not escape me, that is when I realized that I am more like my Dad than I thought, at least in finance.

When I write about what has happened it looks like I'm only relating events, but each event is a positive experience and the event itself is one more step to healing the riff.

Lillian has called, I'm going to pick her up and we are going to have Brunch and then there is a art showing she wants to go to with wine and cheese, then an early dinner for us, later this evening I'm going to call Mom and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. And from what I understand from baby sis it is going to be a very happy one.

More later, Sweet Things

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More about family at Easter~~~

Well Sweet Things, I've been to the Range and "Baby" worked beautifully, I now haver her waiting to be cleaned, which I will do this evening, but I'm going to go to the Claremont for a breakfast treat and a spa treatment, then tonight I willl get into "zen mode" while I'm taking care of "Baby".

Baby sis called me last night and told me what the plans were for Sunday with Mom, so I'll call her tomorrow evening to wish her "Happy Mom's Day", but tomorrow I'm treating Lillian to Lunch, her children all live out of state so she has been receiving cards and some will call tomorrow evening to talk to her, so it's my treat for her.

Some of you have asked me to post more on what happened with the family while I was down there for Easter.

Thank goodness for flashdrives for saving my memories because a lot happened. What I'm posting is what occured on Thursday the day after I arrived and a lot was revealed to me about Dad's (yes, Dad) tranformation, it was really a long process in happening but sometimes a jolt is what one needs to make it happen.


I slept soundly Wednesday night and woke up the next day to music, classical music. Baby sis was up and dressed already, and pointed out the clock radio, “You like it?” she asked, and I did. I quickly showered, dressed and joined everyone for breakfast.

Mother and baby sis dashed off to do errands. Father and I took our time slipping our 2nd cups of coffee, I saw the new refrigerator, just like the old one but as I opened it up to put back the cream, and I could see the difference. I also saw the new dish washer with a front that blended into the style of the kitchen.

Trixie waited patiently and once in a while got a bit of toast dipped in coffee from Father. He looked at me guiltily saying “I don’t know if it’s good for her but…” I said I would check into it for him.

Father finished his coffee, stood up, grabbed Trixie’s leash and asked “Want to walk with me?” so I joined him. We walked slowly around the block while he pointed out this house or that building and told me what was happening, how the neighborhood was improving and getting better.

My Parents house stands on a corner on a deep lot. Traffic can sometimes be busy even though the streets at tree lined and look residential, it’s one short block off of a busy commercial area, which in many ways is good, it’s only a one block walk to the connecting bus lines, a chain pharmacy, grocery store, dry cleaners, shoe repair and other businesses that are essential to a community.

But one has to strain a bit to see the back side of the businesses, the trees from the rear of the old Victorian houses hides much of it so that one forgets that there’s a business area so close, but I noticed as we returned to the house that three of the old Victorians that use to be apartments now contained light businesses, a couple of lawyer offices, dentist and such, things that wouldn’t make much traffic.

Dad sat down on one of the wicker chairs on the porch; even they were a new addition.

Keeping Trixie on her leash, he calmed the little dog down when she saw a cat, “She’d chase every cat she saw if she could, can’t let her out the front of the house without a leash”. Father and I talked about this and that, he asked me about my work and I asked him about his, then I said that I hadn’t really noticed before that the Victorians were now businesses, Father looked at them and said “Yes, each apartment was converted over into business offices as each tenant left, it at least preserves the buildings. It’s been happening the last 20 years.” Then he looked at me and said “I own them”.

He saw the surprise on my face and motioned to me to come with him into the house, “Let me explain in the den and then you can help me with some decisions.”

I was still digesting this bit of information as he took Trixie off the leash and walked into the den, with Trixie close on his heels.

He sat at his desk and I sat next to him, he brought out a large file, in it he showed me all his holdings, “There’s a photocopy place and we can make copies of this for your own information, I’ve also included my account numbers and passwords” he continued to inform me that Mother and baby sis knew about this file and how important it is, he also showed me his copy of his trust directives.

Then he told me how he got started in this, he bought the first old Victorian just before baby sis was born, but plowed all the income from it towards paying it off quickly, then when it was paid off, saved some cash and bought the next, then the next one and other investments. Father was a wealthy man; even with the difficult economy he had made his purchases when they were financially feasible.

His income was such that making all the changes and improvements on the buildings and now in the house were not a hardship, he had so much set aside and a very sufficient income besides his salary from his job.

He designed his trust so Mother would be well off financially if he predeceased her and then after, when Mother passed away things divided between baby sis and myself, she would get the family home and one of the three Victorians and I would get the other two with everything else divided equally between us, but I asked him to change that and said to give her the two Victorians plus the family home and I just get one, and we can divide everything else evenly as he listed.

Father wondered why I would prefer that and I said that it’s possible she will get married and have children, that raising children is not cheap, especially with college and everything.

Father looked at me and asked “You’re not planning to get married?” and I said no, and explained to him my thoughts on things, I had gone so long without the idea of marriage and the fact I had not come across the right man, even though I’m dating, that I felt that it was not essential for me to be married, that I had become what is known as a ‘careerist’. I also told him about my two recent income purchases. After hearing how I had made the purchases he approved my choices and my reasons behind it.

Then I asked him point blank “Father are you ill? Is that one reason why you’ve been doing all these things?” He looked at me for a long time and finally said “Not in body or health, but I was for a long time sick in mind and soul, only I hadn’t realize it until these last 2 years. What you said at church and then to me last Christmas, finally convinced me that I was in danger of losing you, your sister, even your Mother.”

He revealed to me what had influenced him at a young age and what was slowly bringing about a change in him which culminated last Christmas.

The story is long and really deals with him trying to please his father and his grandfather, and not being true to that which is inside of you. After his father had died he kept doing what he was doing out of a sense of duty, but after I left for college he questioned more and more if what his father and grandfather had taught him was right; because of this he became more and more afraid of change, it twisted him and pulled him until he became bitter.

I said that it couldn’t have been just what I said, and he said that it was the jolt he needed, that he felt such a tremendous dis-satisfaction with everything, he even accidentally over heard some of the staff referring to him as a tyrant and a happiness killer, this bothered him internally.

Over 2 years ago a new person started working at his office, the son of one of his church’s parishioners; this man, Andrew, had left my Father’s church a number of years before and Andrews’ father said, when asked, that his son was dead.

Father asked Andrew, to join him for lunch one day, and brought up what Andrew’s father had said. Andrew was very honest with my Father and told him about his spiritual revelation about God, he left the church of his father and joined the Episcopal Church, and it was there he met his future wife. Andrew said he continues to check in on his father, even though his father barely acknowledges him, but does it out of a sense of duty and to make sure that his father is taken care of. Andrew said he could never turn his back on him, it wasn’t right.

Father has been meeting Andrew for lunch once a week to talk about things, and Father began to realize what had happened to himself, but wasn’t sure how to make a change, and then when I stood up in church and shocked everyone, he realized that he was losing everything that really mattered. He realized that he was a mental abuser. It was his epiphany.

But he wasn’t sure how to go about beginning over, the confrontation that we had last December made him fear my anger at him and what he had done over the years had destroyed everything, even any hope of reconciliation.

He was angry at himself; he realized that he had this vanity of pride, of demanding respect, when subconsciously he knew respect is earned not demanded.

He told me that the day before New Years just after I had left to return home, he had come home from work early and found Mother sitting at the kitchen table crying. Water was everywhere, the front of Mother’s house dress was soaked, she had been defrosting the old refrigerator and the water and ice spilled all over her onto the floor, she was so tired that she hadn’t started dinner, that it was the final straw.

Father he put his arms around her and kissed her for the first time in years that it startled her, he said to her to go up stairs, change into dry clothes and he would clean things up, which he did. When she came down again he said for her to forget defrosting the refrigerator that it was going to be replaced with a newer model.

He told her to forget dinner, when baby sis came home he took them out to dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant that was nearby. And that evening when they got home, they sat down at the dinning room table he got out a tablet of paper and a pen and asked them what it would take to make improvements in everything.

He had more than enough money to make the changes, and he saw how in a few weeks everything was brighter, happier and how Mother and baby sis were happy finding things to improve the house, even he found himself being carried along, the changes were happening fast it made him a bit dizzy, but they always sat down at the dinning room table to discuss purchases and the next steps with him, he liked that, it gave him the feeling that he was still respected but he didn’t have to be a tyrant of the family.

“I even told your mother to go to the beauty parlor, of course she went with a old fashion hair style but it suits her, even had her do a make up course, she looks as beautiful as the day I first met her, and I know she’s happier, so is your sister especially when I sent that other young man away, and I like Ted, he’s like I wish I could have been when I was younger and has a good head on his shoulders.”

He found out indirectly that even his staff are beginning to like him, make sure of their well-being, seeing how the work is progressing, having an open door, everything a good manager should be.

So it wasn’t his health, he recently had a complete physical, and is in good shape for his age, walking the dog has helped in many ways “Got to know our neighbors better, Trixie is a great ice breaker” he said. Mother had also seen a doctor and is also doing well.

This was a great relief for me. But the greatest revelation was that he had started leaving his father’s church and started attending the Catholic church that Mother use to go to before she married Father, he even had Mother contact her sisters and brothers again, much to their surprise.

He told me that there are some things he is resistant to, he refused to replace the rotary phone in the living room, but did get a touch tone phone for the den, “It’s the only way I can do banking with checking the accounts, all that ‘push this and push that’, I have to concede there.” He still writes checks but accepts the debt card, he has only one credit card for everything “I don’t like credit cards---it’s really being in debt but some times it’s a necessary evil.”

No television, at least not yet, “There is nothing new on television, I don’t like having it invade the house, but I have accepted the radio and that CD-phonograph thing, but none of that music the gives you a head-ache” I had to smile at his remark.

He did accept the microwave, “It does save time heating leftovers”, he bought Mother a brand-new dryer, “now she doesn’t have to dry things in the garage during the winter, but she said she still likes to line dry things during the warm months.” And eventually he said he may have to accept the concept of the cell phone, “For road side emergencies, that I can see,” he said.

But he can’t accept the way young people dress, “No sense of class, or decorum, it’s alright to dress casually depending upon the situation, like going to the beach or working on the house or car, or just visiting friends or neighbors, bar-b-quing, I don’t mind the jeans or pants that women wear, especially in relation to what they are doing, but those baggy jeans men wear or bare mid-drifts and facial and body piercing it discusses me, but I guess it’s a ‘tribal’ thing, ladies earrings I can understand but this other stuff…” and he’d shake his head.

But what he was willing to do was amazing. I asked him what the neighbors think, and he said “It doesn’t matter; they can think that we’re eccentric and that’s fine” He told me that not too long ago, baby sis and Ted took Father and Mother to a Art Deco Antique Show, Father said it was heaven, so much to look at and so many people appreciating the old things. “That’s where your sister bought the tie, now I’m hooked, we picked up a number of business cards for shops, but I’m quite content. I think and hope your Mother is.”

Then he took me out to the back yard, and I noticed that besides of grass and the clothes line, there was a vegetable garden, herbs and flowers, the clothes line was now a umbrella device, instead of the a long line, but I also noticed that the back of the garage was different, there was a long concrete pad with a heavy duty portable covered garage over it, and under it was an old car from the late 30’s in a state of being worked on, “Ted’s working on it, asked if he could work on it here, paid to install the pad and look at the back of the garage.”

Instead of a wall there was a set of double doors newly installed, Father took me through and there were side by side a mid-50’s Buick and a late 40’s Ford, the doors were off of the Ford, and the Buick had body work done waiting to be painted. “The Buick runs beautifully, but we are having a hard time choosing a new color, it had been painted over a number of times. Ted had all three cars stored but it was hard for him to work on it, I opened my mouth and said store and work on them here. Your sister is happy about that.” And I saw that he had a smile on his face and he winked at me. Ho, Ho I thought.

We walked back through the house and sat on the front porch, Trixie on her leash to not run after cats, and Father and I talked and talked and talked, everything was so revealing of what was in his soul, that he just poured himself out, so many things caused such a tsunami of events, my outburst at church, Mother covered in water, then finding Trixie on the porch. Father said “When I found that little dog, I felt that God was saying that there was hope for a second chance.” I reached over and held his hand, it was the first time that I could remember volunteering to touch him, and I said “It’s never too late, Dad.”

We both burst into tears and hugged one another, I have no idea how long we were there, but then we heard a car pull up, it was Mother and baby sis. I told Father, now Dad, “Lets tell them we were laughing so hard that we cried over a joke that will explain why our eyes are so red” Dad agreed that it was much easier to explain.

I helped Mother and baby sis putting things away, while Dad took Trixie for her afternoon walk, baby sis had to go to the library to get some research materials but said she would walk, so that left Mother and I alone.

Well she got it out of me why Dad and I were crying, but she was happy for us and happy that Dad was not ill and now I can call her Mom.

We put together lunch and she told me that in the afternoon we all were going with Ted to an Vintage antique show and sale, that would have an evening dance. A Dance!! It was too much, but still it was a wonderful Easter Surprise.

So much more happened that day that it’s left me breathless, I’ll have to continue it in another post.


And that Sweet Things is what happened so far, when I have a chance I'll post more, many things happened that were funny and then on the Monday after Easter something happened that I could not have imagined years ago.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Addendum to Meg Whitman~~~~

A "Girl" can always re-think things too, Sweet Things.

I had a chance---before my headache takes over---to find Meg Whitman's stance on Gun Rights---she is pro-2nd amendment, but for the Assault Weapons Ban and a restriction on handguns, and this is from an article that appeared in SFGate's article in February of this year.

I am going to research this further, but I have a feeling that she is willing to listen to any reasonable argument and I think she may follow President Obama's lead in letting the renewal on the AWB go and focus on current laws.

I know she does not want businesses to die or leave California.

So this is a campaign that I am going to watch very, very closely and see what further comments she may make on gun rights.

I still am for her at this time, because there is a much bigger issue here.

So we shall see----

Must go Sweet Things, I need an aspirin.

On Politics and Meg Whitman~~~my thoughts~~

Sweet Fram, my weblog friend, has put to me a question.

What are my thoughts on Meg Whitman who is running for the Governor's seat for California?

A short answer---"You Go Girl!"

The long (very long) answer, I am comfortable with her position on a number of hot button issues----as a woman she is for "choice" I'm not going to use the word "abortion" but "choice".

Now this is interesting since she is also a Republican--and most Republicans are anti-choice, but she is looking at this as a woman's right---which is what it should be, it's a woman's body, it is a woman's choice. We do not know all the ramifications that is confronting a woman when faced with this difficult decision, so this should be between the woman, her body, her own feelings and religious beliefs, her life situation and her doctor.

No one, not a person, a political, religious, economic or medical entity should demand that she be forced into doing something that she may feel is not good for her. This Is HER Choice, no one elses'.

But as a Parent she did believe that underage girls need to have their parents notified if they are considering terminating a pregnancy---I had a chance to look into this view of hers and from what I understand, if the underage girl can show that she may be at risk from parental abuse because of this pregnancy then that is a mitigating circumstance. The reason why she did not vote for that law is that it was poorly written---a view that I can appreciate.

There is a Native American Prayer or saying "Great Spirit, Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked in his moccasins"

And that is how it should be.

She believes that "Marriage" is a religious word and should be a union between a man and a woman, but she also believes in same sex civil unions and that gays and lesbians should have the same rights to adopt children, she also believes that those unions that were conducted before Prop 8 (which she did vote for) should be recognized.

Now I like that----if you take the word "Marriage" out of this whole debate, and make it just a word to use within the religious context, it defeats the entire issue. There is nothing to argue about. And she recognizes that not everyone has the same life style.

She is against Props 1A through 1 E, and her arguments are very sound, it only puts the financial burden upon the people of California, it does not fix the problems that caused it.

She is for 1F which is no politician gets a raise when the state is in a deficit situation, and I think (and I hope this is right) no politician gets paid if the budget is not passed in a timely manner.

She is for bringing business back to California, improve the economy, take the burden off of the Tax Payer.

And that is what many, many California Tax payers are screaming about! But no one at the State Capital is listening.

At every company that she has been at she has improved it, she was even up for Michael Eisner's job at Disney, and she was in the lead, but after one week in the choosing process she backed out and recommended to Disney another person----she RECOMMENDED another rival who would be good for the job.

I would say that is far-seeing, and the mark of an excellent manager.

Which is something that the State of California needs.

She believes in Women in Business, is one of 5 of the most influential women in the Business World.

She is not going to be loved at the State Capital if she gets the job, because she is going to cut out waste, fat, stupidity and run the state as if it were a business which it should be and will work to get California be the Golden State it is meant to be.

And it's going to hurt, like a face lift, and a lot of people are going to be looking for work elsewhere, but no pain, no gain. People and various state entities are going to have to prove themselves, no leaning on a shovel marking time. And that is how it should be.

Now about gun rights---I have not be able to get a handle about that, but she was helping to run the John McCain campaign, so I think that may say something about gun rights (at least I hope so).

I, as a woman, as a woman in business, as a woman tax payer, as a woman who tries to be fair (at least I hope I am fair) and as a gun owner, pro-2nd amendment, I know I will vote for her.

She may have some negative positions, but I feel that her positive positions outweigh any negatives----she is certainly a lot better than what has been running this state into the ground and has tarnished it's golden look.

If anyone disagrees with me, well that is fine, you are entitled to disagree, as I said this is just my thoughts on Meg Whitman, a mother and a business woman and I don't think at this point in time that I will change my opinion on her for Governor.

And I am going to be watching her campaign as the 2010 elections get closer, she is going to have a long hard fight, but I think that since is is pro-choice, pro-same sex civil unions, pro-economy, pro-education, anti- excess tax she maybe the best medicine this state needs.

Now Fram, I know that maybe my answer might be "windy" ;-) and simplistic, but right now I've got a hardwood floor man getting the scratches and gouges out of my living room floor, so it's kinda hard thinking straight, with grinding, banging, skrittching, and other "gosh-awful" sounds.

The skrittching is the hard part---oh ouch!

After this I need a Spa Treatment---Hmmm I think I might spend the weekend at the Clarmont Hotel and Resort, just over the bridge and up the hill from here, after I go to the range with "Baby". Hmmmmm what a de-Lite-ful Thought----the chocolate hand treatment is so decadent.

More Later Sweet Things. Kisses.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Second thoughts and a calmer mood~~~

Now that I'm calmer, in reading Fram's comment, he's right on several levels, just because a family member rightly or wrongly defends a mis-begotten member of the family, I shouldn't "Flame Up".

And I have to agree that when a large number of people in the neighborhood tries to defend such a person, it really is their skewed sense of the world. "The Man" against them, but in this same neighborhood there were 5 times as many people who came together because of this tragedy.

If many more of them would come together and say that they will not tolerant this any more, have faith and courage to drive the criminals into the hands of the law, work to re-educated those with a mis-understanding of life, then they can start putting their lives on a better path.

Easy to say, very hard to do.

Fear by the many that are cowered by the few that bully them is that causes oppression even within their own neighborhood.

I too, hope that the Oakland City Council will over ride Dellums and say "wait a minute here" and not cut their police force.

Bill Cosby, a wonderful comedian (also struck by tragedy in his own life), is now doing talks about what the African-American community needs to do, and what the individual needs to look at, he says that it's no longer "The Man" who is oppressing them, it is themselves.

But his comments hold true for anyone who feels that they can't get anywhere, that other people are holding them back, blame other people for their situation, when they need to look at themselves and what they need to do to turn their lives around, take responsibility for their own actions.

I wish more people would do that, but lately I've seen too many with a skewed sense of entitlement, when they really need to look into the mirror and see not what is on the surface, but what they really are.

Thank you Fram, once in a while a person needs someone to steady them.

And what other gun images I'd like to add to my screen saver? Hmmm I need to think on that a bit. Thank you for the offer.

I'm home early today, having gone to work early this morning, those overseas calls can do a person in. I think a light dinner and to be, maybe, possibly, who knows~~~~

Until Later Sweet Things.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of Trees, Guns and DNA~~~

Well Sweet Things,

I've been a busy little girl.

I lined up a repair person to fix my sliding glass door, and now I can see out instead of a huge board, had to get some inexpensive drapes for privacy. Yoshi, Lillian and I cleaned every inch of the room and still found glass in places that one would not think glass could be found, both the couch and the chair are going to have to be redone.

My neighbor of the errant tree branch came by and I gave him copies of the bills of the work done so far, and so far he seems agreeable to everything. He told me that the tree has to be completely removed, it seems it was diseased, so the good news is that at least the entire tree didn't visit my living room. Of course the bad news is that part of it did.

I'm going to have to post later about the book sale and the gun show, I wish all of you could have seen Lillian at the Gun Show, what a trooper and she took no prisoners either.

Right now I am so angry, the fool idiot of a Mayor of Oakland, Ron Dellums aka Dum, Dum, is proposing of laying off 140 police officers, after having buried 4 of their finest, this is what he is proposing for budget cuts, as if that was a slap in the face.

And another story that ran in the paper, it seems that the monster that murdered those same 4 police officers, Lovell Moxin, was a serial rapist, only 8 hours before he robbed and raped two women and only a few weeks before he killed the officers he raped a 12 year old girl who had been afraid to come forward about it. There is also evidence that he was involved in a strong arm robbery a few months before that which is how he may have gotten the gun and also involved in other rapes, there is more than enough DNA evidence to tie him to those events.

And his sister had the nerve to say on T.V. "He was a good boy, just mis-understood" mis-understood my eye!! At that rate there's a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

And this same sister only a few weeks later was arrested on non-related warrants! So I guess she is mis-understood??!! It makes me want to spit!! And that is very strong language for me to even write.

At least with this DNA evidence it proves once and for all what a monster this person was.

Growl!!! I need to seriously calm down. My friend Yoshi said that since I have to do some serious work in the living room that now maybe a good time to re-decorate and improve the "Fung Shui" energy----I think she maybe right----either that or go to the range on Saturday to vent my anger.

On second thought I'm going to the range, I'll take "Baby" with me---that's my 9mm Beretta Cougar, I think 8 boxes of ammo should do it. Then I can get into Zen mode cleaning her. I'm going to love the smell of cordite in the morning, right after a good cup of coffee.

More later Sweet Things.