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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

News Links and Gun Shows~~~

Mmmmm my sweet yummy things I've made a few tiny changes here.

I have to admit, I'm a "news junkie". I think it's because my mind simply buzzes with demands for information, (slight shrug of shoulders) and also it's part of my job to be on top of things.

So what I've done is separate the News Links from Links I Like, so all you sweet, yummy things can get a glimpse of the news from my end of the world. (meruoo---deep throaty purr).

I attended the Gun Show and did take an informal look at the attendees, predominately White with lots of families thrown in, followed closely by Hispanic, mostly fathers with sons in tow, many Asian couples (husband wives, or boyfriend/girlfriend) and all very, very serious, but of the African-American group, I could count the couples and singles on one hand.

I asked Mr. "Sweet" Daly City Policeman (when he was taking a break for a cup of coffee---sorry sweet things, not a donut to be seen---and I really wanted to get my teeth into an 'old-fashion')
why the low turn out from the African American group and he replied---"too many of them have some sort of criminal record and are unable to purchase guns and the one's that are here we watch them for "straw purchases", watch two or three of them, they are looking at knives. Big knives. Of course our Licenced Fire Arms dealers watch for straw purchases too, if there is anyone making too many purchases from different dealers within the same month that's a red flag for us.

He did point out to me one African American man, and said "Now him I know, he's a bounty hunter, works for several bail companies, but he tries to work with our police department and he does tip us off from time to time on possible drug activities. He works with disguises, makes himself look different, he's good, he use to be a cop, put in 20 years, retired, then went independent---he's not like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" all flash and show, this guy is very steady."

I looked at this man, older, unassuming, you'd think he would be working on his car or growing roses or playing street football, it's the unassuming ones you have to watch for.

Then what happened is he came up to me, sat down, smiled at me but said "Hey Frank, how's it going?" All the while looking at me--and Frank replied not looking at him and hiding his mouth behind his coffee cup "Doin' good, you working?" and the man replied "Yeah," then to me " I hope you don't mind if it looks like I'm talking to you?" and I said no, it was fine "The guy is here, on the far side, I can see him he's with some hommies---I'll e-mail you" then he hands me his card and says "Now please stand up miss and make like I said something real nice and then as I leave watch me leave like your interested" (Purr)

Which we did, so as I sat down, keeping my back to Frank I heard him say "That was nice of you, you played that good" then I turned sideways on the bench seat, not looking at him and said "Why not, the man is working and it's dangerous work" and my new friend Frank said "Yeah, his wife worries about him but she's good, very supportive" I smiled at Frank and told him about my friend Joe with the S.F. police dept. seems they are acquainted---Frank is divorced, one child in college studying forensics "I guess it runs in the family, the ex and I are still friends"

So we exchanged cards and maybe we'll have coffee sometime, Daly City isn't that far for me.

Hmmmm but I must go for now sweet things, it's time for our meeting---(pooh) and it can be such a bore.(small growl)

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Fram said...

I posted two "stories in columns" rather than in paragraphs a while ago. I am curious to know your honest thoughts about them. (Actually, posted three since your last visit.)