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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well Sweet Things,

My Assistant and I got to work early, I'm taking a short break right now.

If you want to know what's been happening go to, they have pictures and stories,  but it was horrible, the vandalism, the willful destruction of property that are owned and operated by the hardworking people, NOT the 1% is more than enough to say that "Occupy" is nothing but a reason for hoodlums to gather and have the opportunity to do damage.

They destroyed a Channel 5 news van, burned a police car, vandalized private businesses and private cars,  my Joe has bruises that he showed me via video phone that are so black and blue it will be ages before they go, he may even have cracked ribs.  He is in a lot of pain right now and he's seen other officers get it worse, bottles and paint thrown at them, hit with crowbars and metal objects,  it's a job that he took on years ago, but it hurts him in other ways, people that need help that need the police.

One protester an Amanda Young said that (and I'm paraphrasing) this is not what Occupy is about, but that it does turn the people against them.   Oh Really??? And what gave you that protest can be peaceful, and this is not Syria or Egypt, if you want to do a peaceful non-violent, non-vandalizing protest you can here in the U.S.A with out fear of being shot at---if it's peaceful, Syria and Egypt are totally different situations they are held by dictators.

But turn those vandals, those criminals in,  show real solidarity that your message is peaceful.  Show that"Occupy" has zero tolerance to such acts.   Since you're not then "Occupy" has no validity, it is nothing but a criminal element.

Heather could not get to school via the normal routes, our neighbor drove her to classes by different route, she was even thinking of staying late until someone could come and get her or the buses were running normally again.

Since my Assistant and I have put in extra time by coming in early we are going to go home early via the Ferry which is running again----if this was an earthquake disaster they would not have shut down.  

And the cost in insurance, the rates will go up because of this  "Occupy" what have you done---anything positive???  I think not.   I am totally disgusted with "Occupy's" motives for they have none, I now view them as criminals, lazy good for nothings that want handouts without having to work for it. 

I paid my way through college, working part time jobs, fighting for grants, if I didn't have enough money for a full class load I got what I could afford.  I didn't have health insurance, going to clinics and dental schools for my medical needs, buying cloths at thrift shops, eating more Mac and cheese and raman noodles than I care to think about,  sleeping on floors in well-meaning friends apartments, trading baby-sitting for a place to sleep,  collecting bottles and cans to get money for foods or transportation, or walking everywhere, getting so thin that I looked like a refugee from WWII.

When my Father hears what I went through because of his stubbornness those years ago, he cries and asks forgiveness, which I give him, I can't hate him anymore, because he hates himself for what he did and now trys to make it up to Baby Sis and wants to make it up to me.   He has in his own way,  our healing our relationship has been like a soothing balm.  

But it has taught me that hand outs only make people lazy, unless it is done in a way that is positive.  You have to work for everything, save for everything, it cannot be handed on a silver platter, we want what our folks had???  They saved and scrimped and sacrificed for it, and so will you, think back to the 1930s' that is the only way.

Now I have to go,  the rest of the staff is finally showing up after all the delays, so a meeting in 15.

Later Sweet Things.  Kisses

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Up date on Protests

Well Sweet Things

 the Trashing has begun, as a matter of fact it started last night when a so called “Black Bloc” of the Occupy S.F. left the Delores Park Event and started Trashing the Mission Business District including the Police station, with smashing windows of businesses, and cars, throwing paint all over everything and generally being A%$ holes---sorry if my language is not lady like but I am seriously pissed.

My assistant and I have done the right thing in staying at the hotel near our job, just a very short walk to it, and we started early this morning, we picked up “care packages” to see us through the day so we won’t have to look for lunch.  

I am just disgusted with what they are doing.  Here are a couple of news articles that I’ve posted for your “reading pleasure”:

  Occupy Oakland's May Day protests under way

Jill Tucker, Demian Bulwa, Will Kane

*(05-01) 11:11 PDT OAKLAND* -- Protesters tried to dodge police Tuesday
morning as they marched through downtown Oakland, banging on the windows
of banks and other businesses in the opening act of Occupy activists'
May Day general strike.

A few hundred protesters, some of them toting metal shields and gas
masks, were playing a game of cat and mouse with officers, trying to
storm into a business before police could block the entrance.

At one point, protesters surrounded a Bank of America branch on Lakeside
Drive, pounded on windows and chanted, "Oakland is the people's town,
strike occupy, shut it down."

"We are here today because capitalism has destroyed basic human need,"
said a 20-year-old protester who only identified himself as Connor.

"I am sort of into the libertarian/communist thing myself," he said. "I
am an advocate of human need, not monetary need.

The group then marched to a nearby Wells Fargo branch, where one
protester was detained by police after writing "Love" and "Money" in
chalk on the bank's outside wall. After speaking with the bank manager,
police released the man.

The protest was the most militant of several gatherings in the downtown
area aimed at calling attention to economic inequality and other Occupy
grievances. Another group gathered in the Uptown neighborhood north of
City Hall, where protesters took issue with the gentrification of some
of the city's neighborhoods.

"The city of Oakland has pushed lower-income folks out of this area,"
said William Hastings, 23, a college student. "The city is spending
money trying to enrich this area, whereas people in these other
neighborhoods can't get basic things fixed, like potholes."

That group marched to Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe on 18th Street, where
activists tried to march into the locally owned restaurant. Servers
pushed the protesters out of the cafe while diners looked on in shock.

One patron, Kristin Nicholas, told protesters they were disrupting
classes at the Oakland School for the Arts across the street, which her
children attend.

"How dare they hijack my kids' education?" she said. "They work(meaning her children) really hard to get here."

The group then set off to a nearby Starbucks before meeting up with the
larger protest group.

Protesters are planning noon and 6 p.m. rallies outside City Hall and a
3 p.m. march from the Fruitvale BART station.

Jill Tucker, Demian Bulwa and Will Kane are San Francisco Chronicle
staff writers. , ,


10:20 AM on May 1, 2012  "I am sort of into the libertarian/communist thing myself," he said. "I  am an advocate of human need, not monetary need."

Umm, because you are TWENTY and your mom pays your bills?


Oohhhhhh, so the morning starts at 10 for Occupy?


10:18 AM on May 1, 2012

And another news article:

Protesters trash Mission District businesses, cars

Vivian Ho

San Francisco Chronicle May 1, 2012 06:46 AM Copyright San Francisco

Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

Pedestrians walk by Weston Wear on Valencia after vandals with the
Occupy march vandalized shops, cars and the police station on the
street. Police and merchants were hit by vandals along Valencia Street
in San Francisco, Calif., on Monday, April 30. 2012.


*(05-01) 06:46 PDT SAN FRANCISCO* -- Broken glass littered several
streets in San Francisco's Mission District after protesters vandalized
cars and buildings Monday night,
including a police station.

The vandals were in a group that marched from Dolores Park shortly after
9 p.m., following a rally in advance of Tuesday's planned Occupy general
strike, police said. Traveling down 18th Street and onto Valencia
Street, the black-clad, masked protesters smashed windows with crowbars
and signs, threw paint on buildings and spray-painted anarchy symbols on
the hoods of parked cars.

"All I heard was, 'bang, bang, bang,' and some dude had the valet sign,
trying to break our window," said Adam Koskoff, manager of the Locanda
restaurant on Valencia. "I didn't even see the crowd, and I ran outside
and got egged."

The vandals threw paint and eggs and smashed windows at more than 30
businesses, including Tartine Bakery at 18th and Guerrero streets and
clothing store Weston Wear on Valencia.

Both luxury and everyday vehicles along Valencia and Guerrero streets
were damaged. An Aston Martin had its windshield shattered, and brown
paint covered the hood.

Pink and yellow paint marred the barricaded, cracked glass doors of the
Mission police station at 17th and Valencia streets.

"It was like the station was under siege," said an officer, who asked
not to be named.

One person had been arrested as of 11 p.m., but details were not available.

About 15 officers in riot gear stood guard in front of the police
station, as other officers moved up and down the street, documenting the
damage, leaving cards on defaced cars and speaking to business owners.

Jeremy Tooker, owner of Four Barrel Coffee, was wiping paint off his
store's windows as broken glass crunched beneath pedestrians' feet. He
said a friend had alerted him of the damage after stopping a protester
from smashing the glass storefront with a crowbar - and taking a hit to
his arm.

"This just seems like they're frustrated with their impotency at this
point," Tooker said. "It's like, 'Look at me, I'm still here, I'm still
occupying.' "

As Koskoff smoked a cigarette by the damaged Aston Martin, he said he
didn't understand protesters' motives.

"They're coming through the Mission, where there aren't any
corporations, just a lot of small businesses, which is what they're all
about," he said. "It doesn't make sense."

Although the march sprang from a rally for an Occupy action, other
Occupy protesters shunned its participants as outliers. Some business
people, however, said Occupy bore responsibility for the damage.

"Occupy is saying it's not them, but we wouldn't be here if it wasn't
for Occupy, now would we?" Michelle Horneff-Cohen, a real estate
 broker, said as she shivered next to
the broken window of her workplace, Property Management Systems.

She said she had been dragged out of bed to deal with the damage.
Although her company has insurance, she said, it will have to pay for
much of the cost of repairs.

"I think it's bulls--," Horneff-Cohen said. "We are the 99 percent, and
this is bulls--."

Vivian Ho is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

6:53 AM on May 1, 2012
Occupy is completely off track - Horneff-Cohen is right - it's total
Bull shXX.


6:52 AM on May 1, 2012



6:48 AM on May 1, 2012
Was it the Occupy protesters again? They are not going to gain respect
for their cause if they are vandalizing and trying to hinder economic

And another comment that describes how most of the general population feels:

Chris · Unitek College-----If I were in a position of power I would have a few fire trucks filled with pepper spray on standby, just for these pricks. When ever they acted out violently, or broke a law, I would dispatch fire and swat teams to clear the streets. I have been to Occupy Oakland, and saw exactly how pathetic these people are. One guy said that he had borrowed 50 grand for become an arts major, and now the banks want more money than he has....have you ever heard of a starving artist you idiot? Why would you borrow 50 grand for something like that.... There are community colleges, Pell Grants (just about any one who makes under 45 grand can get). If you don't want to be in debt stop spending money you don't have and live within your means! The banks are not the problem, they are a business just like any other. The government inflated the mortgage bubble and then dropped the bottom out. If you want to protest something, protest lobbyists, they are the real problem. They are the ones that allow those with money(individuals, companies, and unions) to influence government. As far as medical debt is concerned the problem is the insurance companies and what they will or will not cover. You can put money into insurance all your life, and have coverage but have an emergency and get stuck with a huge deductible, or have them tell you that its not covered.

It’s me again Sweet Things----this is just a sample locally of what is happening, Ferry’s didn’t run, cops were protecting the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent “Occupy” from blocking it and if they did it would be a Federal Offense,  Bus transportation was disrupted and delayed,   I had people trying to get to work here via BART and they were having problems but they made it.

Granted on some of the Labor negotiations everyone has to work together, and we’ve had nurses strike before, but that puts lives in danger.  Especially in Emergency situations, a heart attack does not wait because someone is protesting; a child hit by a car can’t wait because of someone protesting, a fire doesn’t stop because someone is protesting.

About 90 percent of the comments on the news articles have been against Occupy.

It’s not getting better----

Here’s another comment from these event’s:

Protests on May Day turned violent in the noon hour.
By Christie Smith, Jodi Hernandez and Joe Rosatto Jr.
|  Tuesday, May 1, 2012  |  Updated 2:01 PM PDT
‘In San Francisco, the protests began on Monday night, where at least one person was arrested after cars, businesses and a police substation in the Mission was vandalized.

"It was unbelievable, I sort of went into shock," said Eric Koehler, owner of the Art Zone gallery, where a giant window was broken.

“For my mind it’s why us?” said Koehler. “We’re a local business, local art gallery, we show local artists’ work -- why are we a target for that kind of violence?”

Other shops that were vandalized include the nearby Therapy, Pica Pica restaurant and Chez Tartine.’

With actions like this it is no wonder that many people are so against the “Occupy” movement.

In Cleveland the group there cancelled their events because of 5 anarchists who planned to blow up a bridge, according to news articles these 5 wanted to cause violent, destructive action against private property---Excuse me blowing up a bridge that is used by the general public to go to work is considered ‘private property’???  And with that causing a major amount of death??  It’s a good thing the FBI infiltrated that Occupy group to capture those potential murderers.

The Cleveland Occupy group want to distance themselves from the 5 potential bomber but what spawned their getting together and creating the scenario for their deadly deed?---The Occupy protests---so what is Occupy doing?  Creating Chaos, nothing concrete, nothing built,  mostly young people 20 something, their parents may have paid the bills, and aging activists that want to think that their lives have some meaning….when it offers so little.

Give me Mother Teresa any day! 

So my Assistant and I will spend one more night here at our hotel; we’ve treated ourselves to massages and mani-pedicures, WHY??  Because we’ve WORKED FOR IT!!

We got up early, started our day early, worked like hell and now we are going to relax and be pampered

We don’t pamper ourselves very often but there are times when it is a treat deserved after great stress.

I don’t mind paying for it, we managed to get a lot done today, and we’ll get a lot done tomorrow.  She is a trouper and she loves her Grandparents, called them to let them know we are safe and everything is all right.

Tomorrow night we’ll go home to sleep in our beds, my Joe is nursing some bruises and aches, but I hope to make him feel better tomorrow evening.

Now we are going to relax and refresh ourselves.

Later Sweet Things, Kisses.