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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Rise from the Ashes~~~~

Well Sweet things, the 'Fabulous Diva' is back, arisen from the ashes of my sick bed, oh I'm not fully recovered, I do have a bit of a cough, and sniffles, but I can feel the energy now beginning to pulse and throb within my veins. (Growl***cough*cough**)Oh well it does take a little time to get the "engine" tuned back up.

I had hoped to be able to go outside yesterday and today and enjoy some sunshine, but Mother Nature has decided in her 'wisdom' to bring more rain and clouds to the area, which in reality we still do need.

Lillian came by for morning coffee and she brought Heavenly fresh baked croissants, we had fun chatting and then she was off to visit friends and I was reading various web logs that I had missed reading.

My web log friend Fram has posted some observations that I am going to have to 'muse' over and comment later on my mine.

Even I have noticed changes in my Blog, it's more about what I'm going through, instead of commenting on the state of my area (which is even more of a mess).

The little city that I live in is considering consolidating the positions of Chief of Police and Fire Chief under one title as "Public Safety Manger" since the city council consider these as more administrative managerial as oppose to being actively involved with fires, and homicides.

Of course the rank and file of both departments are not happy about that, which I can understand because they would be dealing with "bean counters/hatchet men" not real people who understand what staff in the rank and file have to go through.

But the Chief of Police receives an annual salary of $165,000 a year plus benefits and the Fire Chief receives an annual salary of $199,000 a year plus benefits, so by consolidating the city could save as much as $200,000 dollars a year.

What is next? Consolidating the Public Library with the Park and Recreation Dept. ? I can just see them playing basketball in the fiction section.

The frightening aspect of this is that it has happened in other nearby cities, not many but a few.
The major question is---what is the down side of consolidating the two positions?

Among the rank and file it is a worry that the new administrator might be leaning either more towards police or towards fire and neglecting the needs of the opposite side, and that they won't have a real voice in city dealings.

Understandable but considering that in this little community that encompasses 26 square miles, the police and fire departments entails 70% of the city's budget. And every department needs something.

I've been reading that the Golf course is no longer going to be city run but turned over to a private concern, considering that Golf is an expensive game there are not too many people that I know in these tight economic times that play that game, although historically many deals have been solidified on a golf course. I have to laugh, because where the current city golf course is, is built upon an old garbage dump site.

And for me, although I know this is going to make many golf lovers very angry, so I apologize now, but for me Golf is garbage.

But I'd rather see more open space than too many houses crammed into one tiny area.

And now for something completely different~~~~

Lillian has mentioned to me (now that I no longer have the headaches) that I should consider buying some property away from the congested Bay Area, a place that I can retreat to and enjoy. Considering the financial situation she maybe right, she recommended that I consider areas here in California for now that are "above the fog, but below the snow" hold on to them because eventually values will go up.

Well I am aware of that, but taking into account how busy I was at work, and the flu I didn't think much upon it, but now it makes very good sense. And I have a good idea where I'd like it to be. So as soon as I am able I'm going to be using the weekends to go investigating for my weekend retreat.

As much as I love the ocean, the prices for ocean front property, even now, are outrageous, unless I consider going North, but I have take into account utilities. Hmmmm more food for thought.

I will mull upon this later, for now I have to get myself organized if I want to face the upcoming work week.

Until later sweet things, stay well and be healthy

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Fram said...

Hi, Diva ....

Nice to see you finally appearing from beneath the blankets.

You might know more about this than I do, but "they" say property values largely are driven by inflation. My own feeling is that super inflation is just a year or two down the road, which would make property acquistion a good investment if my "guess" is correct.

Thanks for coming to visit me. I did leave you a note Saturday at your Friday post. I did not notice the new post for an entire day.