Beware, or I'll eat you alive.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coyote howls and Sea and Sand~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Just a short post, I'm on a borrowed computer, and the owner is kind enough for me to use his wi fi.

Joe had enough of the insanity happening in Oakland with all the marching and protesting.   His company was able to provide more video footage of those alleged protesters that were doing serious damage to the local businesses.

I'm not going to get into the Martin/Zimmerman thing, but all I can say is it was a mistake by both parties involved, and then to discover on Piers Morgan that the girl that Martin was talking to was egging him on to confront Zimmerman because he might be a rapists???   Well with that interview I knew who really got the fight going.  Young and over active testosteron vs. older and over zealous and both stupid.

All all this protesting??? What is it going to solve??? Nothing, because parents are not parenting the young people, Bill Cosby in an interesting observation remarked what was wrong.  But then there are those that chose to ignore it.

So Joe loaded the Jeep with camping gear, tent etc.  and we went to the Santa Cruz mountians and are now camping for the extended weekend.  

I have to say it was nice to be away from the T.V. and just read, hike, nap, read some more, nap some more and of course eat.

But last night got a bit chilling, at least for me.  I had packed the food into the lock box in the jeep for safety, don't want ravenous squirrels attacking the Bisquit mix.  When around 1 a.m. I woke up to hear a pack of Coyoties running, yipping, howling, now sometimes we'll hear them in the morning, but from the sound of it they were coming closer and we didn't have a nearby neighbor in another tent, they got closer and closer and Joe even woke up.

Finally they were running back and forth in front of and behind the tent, we could see their shadows thrown on the tent walls from some ambient light, and yipping and howling, I felt so frightened, Joe sat up and grabed the base ball bat, and I grabed a crowbar that was under my cot. 

But the minute I felt that cold Iron in my hand I suddenly felt this energy coming up from the ground and I yelled in my deepest voice "Get out of here you curs, Get! Get!! Get!!!  Get Going!!!  Get out of here!!!"   and they retreated and ran away still yipping and howling but going North of us. 

Joe looked at me and said "Now where did that come from?"  and I said "The Coyoties?"  and he said "No, your voice and energy."  and I said "I haven't a clue."   dropped the crowbar and fell back to sleep.

This morning Joe made a good size pot of coffee and said he'd cook breakfast while I went and took a shower, I took the base ball bat with me, never know if you need to beat down a good size spider.

He put the coffee into an insulated thermos so we'd have coffee for an hour or so with out it getting burned, and talked about the Coyote event, some people who were also camping came by and we offered our coffee which they were happy to have.  The man a little younger than Joe said that those Coyote's were feeling their oats last night, must have been some young one's and we talked more about it.  The woman said if that person had not yelled at them they weren't sure what would have happened and did we know who it was that yelled at the pack, Joe and I looked at each other and said "No" and left it at that.

Because of our interupted sleep we thought we'd stay around the area instead and took a hike on the Redwood loop trail, we went over to Roaring Camp and bought tickets for the Beach train for tomorrow, then drove over to the Store to buy more ice.  Joe is grilling some nice small steaks and we are going to try Bubba Ray's Bar-B-Que sauce,  and a nice bottle of red wine.  We may turn in early tonight and hope for a good nights sleep, unless the Coyote pups come back.

Kisses Sweet Things

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The possible return of "little latin lupe lu"

Well Sweet Things,

I went into work early this morning, and a good thing to, clearing away the muck of a back load,   right now my former Boss, whom I'm doing contract free lance work for is glad I'm here.

With staff taking vacations here and there, before their children go back to school, my filling in is a big help.

Yoshi came by to pick me up since she was going to see an aunt on the East Bay side of the waters, she called me earlier and I leaped at the offer,  I still take the Ferry,  Joe drops me off and I grab the bus when I return to come home, but I told him to not worry Yoshi was bringing me home.

The weather has been cool in S.F. with fog rolling over the hills and on occasion hiding the Golden Gate Bridge, but the minute we hit the Bay Bridge it starts getting warmer, even though it still is on the cool side.

While we were driving over, Yoshi said she was involved in a fund raiser for Cancer, once again a pool competition, with the proceeds to go the charity and an award to the winner as well as one year free pool table use.   I looked at her slightly rolling my eyes and said "Are we ladies going to have to wear high heels again?"  Yoshi giggled and said "yes, an impromtu dance contest for the ladies to raise more money"  and she looked at me and asked "Have you been going to the gym?"  Well of course I have, even on vacation I excersised.   But she said that it would be good to take some free style dance classes.   "Just to improve the moves and make sure all the muscels are streched".  

Oh Lord, deep knee bends or plies in high heels??!!!  Oh the thought of my aching inner thighs!!!  And then I thought....Hmmmm well they do need some toning, and it's for a good cause.  Then I thought how would Joe react to this?? And said so to Yoshi.   She replied "Well tell him about it and that its for a fund raiser and you need a body guard."   A Body Guard??!!   Well for an older man Joe has been working out and lookin' pretty good if I might say so. 

So I told him that I needed  Burt Lancaster and he looked at me and went into his Burt Lancaster impersenation, he's almost as good as Frank Gorshin, "And why, pray tell do you need Burt Lancaster?" and I carefully explained it to him.  So in the next few minutes we are going to the gym, him to tone up better, and me to make sure I will not get a leg cramp, it's a good thing to do anyway and it will be for a good cause.

Kisses Sweet Things

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A tragedy at S.F.O airport~~~

Dear Sweet Things,

First to Roger Dodger,  Yes Joe and I plan to travel as much as we can as time and finances permit,  I've listed places we want to see and places we'd like to go back and see more in depth.  Already I have a photo album (yes I know old fashioned) with post cards and pictures.  It helps when we find a place like a Walgreens that does one hour photo developing, that way we have it on CD and in print with negatives.  Just another way to bore guests of our travels  (LOL). 

What I would do on our trip in the evening is put the post cards and pictures into the Album and label them, then do a brief diary of what we saw.  Again much more fun than watching Television in a Motel room.  And it is quickly organized.  Joe has looked at some of the photos and has remarked "I don't remember that, it was there?"   So there are places we will visit again.

But we did have something happen yesterday which I'm sure has been on all the news channels,  we went to the San Fracisco Airport to pick up a friend of Joe who had just flown back from the East Coast,  I was at an observation area watching the places come in, while Joe went to meet his friend Hank at a pre-arranged meeting spot.   And I saw it.

The cry and then stunned silence in my area was terrible and then people started talking, some crying, I even heard one lady praying.   It was strange because I thought something was wrong with the plane when it came in and then it looked like it wanted to climb again, I thought it had lost power then regained it, and then the back end clipped the ground, and it did a horrible slide on the landing strip, already we could see emergency crews heading towards the plane, then terrible black smoke rising, billowing to the sky, it seems like ages before the smoke turned white.   I was frozen to the ground just staring at what I saw, much like Tippi Hedren in "The Birds".

Joe and Hank came up to me, I didn't have to tell them anything, Joe pulled me away and said "Let's go, those Souls are in good hands right now".    He was right, I felt helpless but I am not a professional emergency staffer, all we could do was pray.

Hank is staying with us for a few days so he can make arrangements to go to Los Angeles, he and Joe will visit and talk but Hank said he's going to take the Train to L.A.  I in the mean time will go back to work.

Last night we ordered Chinese but hardly ate, we were glued to the Television it was a miracle, there were 309 people on board, only 2 died, 180 injured only 12 or 16 critically,  the 2 who died were Chinese Nationals but their bodies were found outside the plane which has us puzzeled, it is possible that when the tail section broke off they were flung outside the plane.   It was a Boeing 777, Hank said that they are tough planes, there was only one other 777 crash at Heathrow he thought and he thought everyone survived.

The fact that only 2 died is sad but that 307 survived is a miracle.  I looked at Joe and said "Unless its an emergency when we travel we are taking the Train"  Joe said that considering how many people are moved around by airplanes the rate of death and injuries is small, but then he looked at me and said "But Train travel is more relaxing and we can see the sights"

It will take a while for the "after image" to fade from my mind, but gently fade it will, to be a memory of a horrible event.   Now Joe is bringing me to the here and now and we have things to take care of while the Morning is cool.

Kisses Sweet Things

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!!!~~~~

Hello Sweet Things, Hello!!!

And a Happy 4th of July to all of you!

Right now Joe is preparing the bar-b-que and friends will be over for an evening Bar-Be-Que, pot luck and all.   Wether we go and watch fireworks or not is of no importance only to just simply enjoy everyone's company.

But I have just time to do a quick post.

Joe and I had a wonderful one month honeymoon, and we Love our vintage airstream trailer,  its not a very big one, just perfect for two people and although Joe knows how to tow trailers even this little baby was a learning lesson.

Although we did spend our wedding night (really two nights) in a fabulous hotel before we set out on our adventure and it does help to know which roads are really good for trailers and which are not.

The wedding was simple and perfect, Dad gave me away, my sister was maid of honor, Frank was Joe's best man and we all dressed vintage,  I thought we were going to have the dinner at my Parents house but Dad surprised us with a fabulous dinner at this place that looks like a speakeasy and they had a dance band that played the real oldies, Joe and I had fun cutting a rug as they say.

Then back very late to my parents house where the car was rigged with the "Just Married" decorations, thanks to Ted and then well a good nights sleep, well it was 3 in the morning when we got to bed Sweet Things.  But seeing the happy tears in Dad's and Mom's eyes, after all those previous years of agony, to come to such a wonderful point in all our lives, that is a memory I will have and cherish forever.

I think Mom and Dad were concerned that I would never get married and even I thought that for a long time as well, but it is amazing how things can change,  of taking that leap of faith.   I still am in wonder about it.

As Baby Sis caught the bouqet.  ;)

After two nights to recover and relax we rounded up the truck and trailer and we were off,   we traveled North to the Aveue of the Giants taking in all the Kitchy tourists traps once we settled the trailer and took a tour of historic Eureka,  and other historic sights, then we traveled South through the wine country again bought some wonderful vintages, continuing along 101 we even stopped at a number of historic Missions,  I started a charm bracelet, at every place we stopped I bought a charm and added it to the bracelet, how it jingles!

We stopped at Alivia Beach for several nights, then further down and Yes Sweet Things, we hit Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studio's.  I even bought two BATES Motel Towel sets for the Bathroom just for Halloween.  We took in Hearst Castle and Morro Bay,  then back tracking we went to Lake Tahoe,  Joe suprised me by becoming a member of KOA so we'd be able to book RV reservations, he didn't tell me he did that, but considering that June is the Honeymoon month and also the kids are out of school making those reservations in advance paid off.

A couple of times we stayed at a better chain motel so we'd have a chance to properly clean out the trailer and check it.   It and the truck really went through a work out.   It was a good thing he had a really large cooling system installed for the engine and transmission.

But we did get hit with the heat wave on the way home,  it was a good thing we got back when we did.

Next week Joe is going to have the brake system on the trailer completely checked out and the truck as well.

I had a chance to call my parents during the trip to let them know where we were going and when we got there,  and post cards oh did I buy, write and mail post cards,  good thing I bought a lot of stamps.   I know Post Cards are so old fashion but its the personal touch that really touches people.  Not once did I and Joe go near a Wi Fi and we didn't miss any television, we read newspapers, listened to the radio but it felt wonderful to be cut off from all the stress and simplify our lives.

Now we are planning a week long trip in the fall, I'm saving the destination for now.  

But I do have to make several weekend trips to my house in the country,  my caregivers told me that it has been very popular for weddings this year and there is one couple that want to plan a wedding in Novemeber in the large parlor, they want to do it Victorian Period, so I need to see how that would be feasible, depending upon the number of guests.   Any funds that come in from the weddings goes to maintaining the house, ultilities, taxes and upkeep of the property, my caregivers do not receive any pay since they are getting a pension and are living free on the premises, so it's not for profit for me, I just love the old place and that strong feeling of saving it from developers was very strong with me, I and a quite a number of people are glad that I saved it.

And we had a group of ghost hunters ask my caregivers if they could investigate the property, I think I'll need to talk to them and find out what kind of liablity might be involved.

But right now Joe and I face a delimma,  with my car, the truck, Joe's jeep, his car, the 2 vintage cars and the trailer we have no space to store them at my place.  The two vintage cars are in the garage with Joe's jeep parked out in the driveway along with my car,  Joe's car is parked on the street and since he moves it a lot we don't have a problem but the truck and Trailer are in a storage lot that stores Boats and some trailers near by.

And Joe is talking about a small R.V.  to go to places were towing a trailer would not be feasible.   I said we are going to have to sell something.  We can afford the insurance and licences and the storage fees, and the only thing that needs smogging is the truck, and our two cars, the Jeep and the 2 vintage cars are fine and if we get an RV we'll need to deal with that as well.   Joe suggested that we go and talk to my insurance agent, who is also Joe's agent as well, since we're now married we maybe able to "bundle everything" into a much cheaper rate, plus the two houses.   I think we can do it, but we'll know better by next week.

And I'll be telecommuniting for the time being because of the BART strike although I'm hoping by next week it will be settled.

But for now we are happy, and working together to work out any situation that we will face.  Now I must go our guests will be here any minute.

Have a Happy 4th of July Sweet Things and be safe.