Beware, or I'll eat you alive.

Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallow's Eve~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

First I want to Thank everyone for their kind words of sympathy, especially you, my Dear Sweet Fram. Words of gentleness and understanding can be like a soothing balm, even if one feels helpless, to know that your grief is understood can mean a lot to someone.

Joe will be processing this from some time, he and his Mother were close even though miles apart he would call her frequently or e-mail her with long messages, almost diary entries really. And when he could get a few days free he would throw an overnight bag together and using a commuter flight fly down to see her for a day or two.

I didn't mind as I had things I had to take care of as well. But this will be a long on-going process. I've advise him to continue writing to his Mother, even though she's physically gone, it was a yahoo account so the e-mails will simply build up over time. Perhaps shifted to a file or something. But it will be good therapy for him.

Again Thank You Everyone.

Death is a morbid subject and one I will not deal with tonight, tonight is a night to laugh at Death and let Death know that in spirit we are Deathless. So I will not expound upon it tonight and focus on Hot Chocolate, Apple and pumpkin pie, hot apple cider, the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, those are the scents of life within death.

Tonight is Halloween, Joe is working, heaven only know what is going to be happening...increased patrols to watch for mischief makers who intend more Trick than Treat.

I will be handing out Candy from my house and Heather will be helping her grandma, Lillian handing out candy at Lillian's' her friends had their Halloween party this last weekend since it does fall on a school night and we went last evening to look at all the lighted Halloween decorations. A number of families are going all out. And we had fun going Saturday evening to the Presbyterian Church for their annual "Pipe Screams" Halloween music concert. And enjoying the Teen haunted house down at the shopping center.

Lillian will be controlling the little beast, Baby, to make sure she doesn't run out of the house.

Afterwards a late night nosh at Lillian's'. Just relaxing, talking and eating.

I went to work very early this morning to clear things away and have just returned. A number of our lady staffers have taken a half day to get their children ready for "Trick or Treat", the men will leave early this afternoon, to at least hand out candy.

So much has happened, a lot of it good. Except for the loss of Joe's Mom. So now Sweet Things, I'm going to put out the last of my Halloween decorations and wish you all a Merry All Hallow's Eve.