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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Happy Announcement~~~

Well Sweet Things,

I know you may have been wondering why I haven't posted for a while.  Well I've been making plans, lots of plans, and still more plans to make.

Joe has retired from the force, a good move for him. He is going to be working for a private agency, but we are going to take a bit of time for ourselves.

You see Sweet Things I'm getting Married.

Oh not an elaborate wedding just a simple one, down at my parents home town at the Catholic Church my Mother and Dad attend.  No white dress or anything like that, just a simple evening ceremony with a couple of close friends of ours who could come, my family, and nothing more, my sister will be maid of honor and Frank will be Joe's best man.

I have a nice cream color suit with a wonderful vintage style hat my Mother made, Joe in his best suit and tie.  And everyone in suits and dresses.  We've paid for our friends transportation we're all going by train and we'll pay for their hotel rooms as well. 

Ted my sister's fiance, is arranging rental cars for our friends and they will meet us at the train station in two vans.

So on June 1st I will be a respectable (HAH!!) married lady.  

It was a long time in coming, Joe and I had to have a serious discussion on certain areas, and we've come to a comfortable meeting of the minds. 

And for our honeymoon?  Well Joe made a serious investment, as a matter of fact he paid for the whole thing and I approved.  We have a vintage airstream trailer with a shower/toilet combination, of course the vehcile that is going to pull it is modern and up to the test.  So we are taking the entire month of June to travel and we have places we want to see, all those old wonderful tourist traps. 

So Sweet Things, it is possible that the Fablous Diva will disappear for months on end, but every once in a while she will make an appearance.

Sweet Fram, I hope you have or will find the one who is your soul mate.  Kisses to you My Darling.

Kisses Sweet Things