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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Even with Spring-like weather sometime one can get sad news, but at least the sun shine tries to make things less sad.

But on the news this evening, word came out that the San Francisco Chronicle was letting go more than 100 employees, some of the top notch reporters were taking a buy-out. The Editor of the Chronicle said that even with the squeeze of the Internet and with people blogging, it cannot replace the hard work that occurs in the newsroom. But I wonder how will news reporting continue, the Chronicle will still have an on line presence, but how will this develop.

I Love My Newspaper!

I despair at the loss of the newspaper print media, for me there is nothing more enjoyable than to stretch out and read the newspaper while sipping my coffee or tea, scanning and reading articles, many which would have bearing on my work, and some just for the general informational value, it is our way of “gossiping over the fence” but within the comfort of one’s own living room or kitchen table.

But even our own locally printed hometown newspapers do not cover everything, there is so much more going on than “all the news fit to print” and I’ve found in our little portion of the world that we still rely on “word of mouth”, not reliable but better than nothing. Now the Internet is taking over electronically bringing to you the news without the loss of any trees, but you lose something in the process.

When I had to briefly suspend my newspaper subscription because of major work being done to my home, I found that without the newspaper I lost a daily ritual, I found that I hated the 30 second to 2 minute sound bite of the Television, with their cutesy weather person, and glib comments from the sportscaster (sorry sports fans). I wanted the news, and given the timing of most news reports it was impossible to cram all the news needed into nothing more than a half hour show. I didn’t want my hard news that way, its fine for last minute updates and general overviews but I want details, DETAILS!

I want the crackle, crumple of the printed newspaper; I want to see the immediate picture taken by the photographer. I want to circle and clip those articles to refer to when I need it. You lose that with the electronic media, and the burning eye strain from looking at a computer monitor doesn’t help either.

Even then there is still no saving of trees, if the article in question is important I will still print it out—more paper, more trees lost, not a saving.

But inch by inch we are slowly moving to the Internet media of the future, I wonder though how much of it will be correct, and how often will they print a correction or retraction, I’m also fed up with the inane comments left by readers that dwindle down to just word fights, and leave or offer nothing constructive. It only convinces me that the intelligence level of some Internet readers are just a few points above moron. Not all Internet readers but a few.

Alright my Web Log Friends, I know that I’m being harsh and that the world is comprised of people of varying educational, intelligence and life experience levels and I should be forgiving. There are very bright and intelligent people out there I know, and I have met them and interacted with them here on the Internet and they have given me much food for thought for which I am very thankful for and I've read them that have sent in letters to the Editor that are very worthwhile, but sometimes---sometimes... (Gerrrrr)

But----I love my newspaper!!! ***sigh***

Emily Bingham wrote in the April 6, 2009 issue of Newsweek, “Digital Dad Versus the Dinosaurs”. Her father ran The Courier Journal of Louisville, Ky. from 1971 to 1986, her great-grandfather bought the paper during World War I. But it was her father, Barry Bingham Jr. that predicted in 1981 that within 25 years “most of what we read will be transmitted into our homes or offices electronically,” in the face of the nay-sayers, and as one can see if you are reading this post, that it has come true.

Bingham ‘believed that newspapers could save themselves from extinction---but only if they adapted early and intelligently to new technology.’

And as one can see he was right. But---I like reading the newspaper in the comfort of my easy chair with feet raised, listening to music, and taking my time, and avoiding straining my eyes against the glare of the computer monitor.

I became a “news junkie” at an early age, the adage “Knowledge is Power” I found to be very true.

When I wrote my papers for college I had a habit of finishing my papers with the symbol -30- at bottom under my final reference index. I was lucky that my teachers seemed to understand this and was never demerited for it.

Alright where did I learn this? In High School I was desperate to get into a class that was interesting, there was a journalism class to put out the High School Paper so I leaped at that. I was mostly a correspondent writing reviews of books for students to read, or special events that occurred, interviewing students and teachers if the student won an award or an up coming dance, I never did “hard news”, mostly fluff stuff, even though I always asked my teacher Mr. Lewis, to take on a “hard news” story. Sports were left to the boys, which was fine with me (Again, sorry sports fans).

But Mr. Lewis kept me to fluff stuff; I think if I had done stories of greater significance, instead of going into finance I would have gone into journalism. I also think it was a ‘personal prejudice’ on my teacher’s part, or maybe he was afraid of his female students getting hurt, I could forgive him if that was his thinking, but now I’ll never know.

But I, as well as the others always signed -30- at the end. One day I asked him why -30- and he said that "-30-" has been used to signify "the end" or "over and out" since the Civil War when telegraphers tapped "XXX" to end transmissions. "XXX" is the Roman numeral for 30.

He wasn't sure how and when "XXX" transformed into "-30-" in modern printing usage.
But he said that it helped when a journalist typed -30- or ### or XXX at the end of their story since articles were printed out in columns, the -30- needed to be there so the person laying out the pages knew where to cut.

According to ‘Wikipedia’ this notation is still used to indicate the end of a press release and can frequently be found in formal corporate documents posted on websites and delivered electronically or via print.

Jack Webb of “Dragnet” fame did a movie called “30” that came out in 1959. Although of improbable plot it did convey a sense of drama of what it takes to get a newspaper out, and would even make a person smile. There are others like Bogart’s “Deadline U.S.A.” or total comedy fluff like “His Gal Friday”, even Clark Gable’s “Teacher’s Pet”.

But then you see films that deal with “Watergate” or “The Zodiac Killer”, Paul Newman in “Absence of Malice” again you wonder about Hollywood’s presentation of the news media.

So where is this all leading to?

I’m not sure.

I do know that in my personal dealings in person, on the Internet, and when I write my posts, I am always subconsciously aware of the basics---the who, what, where, when and why.

Mr. Lewis drilled that into us “The 5 W’s” but another thing he drilled is “Be sure of your facts, present them in a non-biased way, let the reader make their own decisions, and don’t let the story drop, if new information comes forward to correct or augment any previous conditions (he preferred the word ‘conditions’) follow up on that, and don’t be afraid to discover you’re wrong.”

One other thing he stressed is that “when it’s your own personal opinion, to own up to that and be generous enough to hear the other persons’ side. Don’t believe you’re always right, but don’t believe that the other person is also always right, you can both be wrong. Be a better person to admit your mistakes. But get to the “Truth”’

One day I asked him what is “Truth”? and he said “Truth lies at the bottom of a well, you’ve got to dig down into the muck, sludge, grime and slime to bring it up, clean it off and let it shine its light in the dark. And that still doesn’t get you off of making typos!”

I can still remember him, thin, stooped, grey thinning hair, he was a journalist for a long time before he started teaching, he smoked a lot, drank too, never married, one day he was at class drunk and instead of working on the paper he just started talking about his life, the ups and downs of it. We sat and listened, we knew he was drunk; one of the boys eventually went to get the vice-principal who was sympathetic. For 2 days Mr. Lewis wasn’t there, we had a substitute who really let us do the paper. When Mr. Lewis returned, he walked to the front of the class, apologized for his behavior and said that should be a lesson to all of us; he admitted he was an alcoholic and that he was going into treatment during the summer in the next month.

But he said that there was one thing that he noticed, we had things prepared, but didn’t go forward until his final approval. He asked us why. One of the students said “You’re the Editor; we couldn’t put the paper to bed until you signed off on it.”

He looked at us, stood straighter, took his jacket off and said “Alright let’s look everything over” We went over everything, that day he made us think and make decisions, then we put the paper to bed.

He didn’t stand stooped over after that, he didn’t drink, and we noticed his eyes weren’t so red. The next school year I saw him, he appeared in better health. I graduated at the end of that year, 5 years later I heard that he retired.

I just found out that Mr. Lewis passed away in his sleep a few years ago, I often think of him when I read the newspaper, I don’t know what he would have made of this new electronic media, not knowing what ‘devils’ drove him; maybe he would have been glad to not see this happening, or maybe he would have embraced it in some way and taught his students what evils to watch for using the electronic media.

One thing I do know, whether it’s print or electronic, remember the 5 W’s and get your facts right.

-30- Mr. Lewis

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you~~~

Dear Sweet Things,

Thank you all for your positive comments and support.

Dear Fram thank you for your post in memory of the 4 fallen officers, you I know understand being a Marine, I believe one of the fallen officers was a Marine as well.

Chic Geek Thank you for your positive comments, love and prayers, it’s good to know even over long distances no one is ever alone.

Mean Kitty, Livinlavida, and others thank you as well for your support and prayers.

It means a lot to my friends and to me.

I am still trying to process this grief; I knew one of the officers through my friend Joe and I thank Lillian for being supportive and very wise for me and our friends. I knew she had a vested interest in this situation; her late husband was a retired Oakland Cop. He worked in the homicide division for 15 years before he retired after 35 years of duty.

Lillian knew exactly what to do, although I couldn’t understand the 3 Bozo bopping clowns, but later I did.

The memorial service had nearly 30,000 people attending, traffic stopped, I made sure that my television was set to record the services that were broadcasted on KTVU for replay later. Officers from all over California, the 50 states and police officers from foreign countries attended, there was fly overs of 20 helicopters from various police departments, Coast Guard and Fire Rescue. The motorcycles of the two slain police officers were on display in the Arena, I understood that the cycles were going to be retired and placed on permanent display somewhere. Bagpipes, speeches, flowers, Flags, tears, too much to describe.

After the major service at Oracle arena, each officer’s funeral went to 4 different locations, Tracy, Danville, Hayward and Oakland. It became a question of whom did each of us know best, so Lillian went with several officers to one and I went with Joe and Frank and several others to another, it was a good thing I was driving. Afterwards, some of them had to go back on duty, but I told them that it was open house at my place for them to process anything and everything. As I drove back to my place Joe put in a CD that I had burned ages ago and kept in my car. With Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” blaring out of the car, Joe and Frank with Tom started singing it at the top of their lungs.

I had a strange feeling what the evening was going to be like.

It was a good thing and thanks to Lillian, several of our neighbors and strangely warm beautiful weather we could hold the open house outside, with a fire pit burning, food, beer, wine (no mix drinks), coffee, tea, soda, chips, buffalo wings, pizza, chicken chow mien, ribs, chili, sensible things like salads and Jell-O things like jigglers, I even loaded up on Peeps and Bunnies, those strange marshmallow concoctions that some men like. Since one of our grocery stores is open 24/7 it wasn’t hard to get more food.

They’d come by men and women, talk, eat, drink, cry, hit the Bozo clowns, watch the Dirty Harry/Lethal Weapon movie marathon on one T.V., the service on another, talk to a grief counselor that came by at Joe’s request, and they’d stare into the fire pit. I fielded calls, told them they were welcomed, the gathering would swelled and ebb as people came and left, Lillian listening to them she dispensed her wisdom, I made sure that there was plenty of food and plenty of chairs, our local gendarmes came by because some people complained about the noise, but once they knew who and what it was they even joined for at least coffee or soda and informed the complainers what it was all about. No complaints after that.

In the end early in the A.M. there were about 5 men including Frank and Joe who were ‘afraid’ to go home and face the loneliness, they didn’t have anyone waiting for them but they were loath to break up, it seemed as if the beer had no effect on them as we sat around the still burning portable fire pit. They were angry; angry because of Dellums- an ineffectual anti-police Mayor; Diane Feinstein- who has a CCW permit and carries one but would deny anyone else from obtaining one; Schwarzenegger -who is a fool; Barbara Boxer- who talks out of both sides of her mouth and is also anti police and protection, and Kurta who refuses to prosecute any felon who attacks and kills police officers. Every one of them was there, using the officers’ deaths as a political platform.

I would quickly remove any empty bottles, and put the beer into plastic cups, I could understand the anger.

Finally one of them said “How many were there at the Arena?” and I replied nearly 30,000 people. Frank staring into the fire pit asked “Who are we?” there was silence. Then I felt moved to speak, it had been running through my mind all day and finally I said “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.”

They looked at me, and given how my mind remembers things in a strange way I started reciting but instead I some how re-arranged and substituted other words and the names of the officers and to the best of my memory I recited my version of the “Henry V” speech:

“This day is called the feast of Crispian:
He that outlives this day, and comes home safe,
Will stand up high when this day is named,
And rouse himself at the name of Crispian.

He that shall see this day and live to old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbors,
And say 'To-morrow is Saint Crispin's Day:'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars.
And say 'These wounds I had on Crispin's day.'

Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But we’ll remember with advantages
What feats were done that day.

Then shall those names,
Familiar in our mouths as household words,

Hedge and Dunakin,
Sakai and Romans

Be in our flowing cups freshly remember'd.

This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But they in it shall be remember'd.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he that sheds his blood with me today
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so base!

And gentlemen in America now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here!

And hold their manhoods cheap! whiles any speaks!
That fought {and died} with us upon Saint Crispin's day!”

They looked at me with mouths agape, and then after a bit one of them said “Yeah, ‘we band of brothers’”

Lillian and I didn’t want them to drive in their inebriated condition, so between our two homes we had them crash out on the living rooms rugs and sleep it off. Getting up early, and with my two coffee pots perking, they all gathered again, headachy and a bit hung over but better, I could see the dark circles under Lillian’s eyes, but she was smiling.

We fed them and saw them off each to go on duty in the late afternoon, after they helped me and Lillian clean things up, dishwasher going overtime, dumpster full (thank goodness pick up is Monday). Cans crushed and ready to go to the re-cyclers, bottles sorted and bagged. So using Lillian’s’ SUV we took the re-cycables in and got cash, the money going to go to the officers memorial fund for their children.

But I confessed I was feeling very down, Lillian understood and was my counselor in how I was feeling. She had gone through this time and time again with her late husband and knew the feelings and knew what to do. She gave me advice as well, and I will call Frank and Joe and make sure they continue any grief counseling they may still need.

For me the best thing that I need is my work and then seeing family when I go down to see them during the Easter Period, it might do me some good, a change of scene and perspective.

Neither of us wanted to be alone so I slept overnight at Lillian’s on an extra camp cot in her bedroom, comforted by her snoring, and she can snore.

Today, Sunday, shone brightly with a breeze, and we did not want to be home, so we went out for breakfast, my treat, and went to the opening of the new Kohl’s store, mundane and banal, we came out and saw black smoke drifting from the west end to the east. Lillian ever the “fire horse” encouraged me to try and find out what it was, so, like news hounds we did, and found the old abandoned military hospital annex burned, two of the three stories partially collapsed, with gawkers looking on. Lillian didn’t waste any time and cornered some official people to get information about what had happened.

I found myself smiling at her insistence in getting into the middle of things, at her age she refuses to slow down.

I took her home, but she insisted that I eat dinner with her and watch television and she talked further to me, telling me to get myself back together and even if I need to go into my cave to heal a bit I should, but to maintain contact with people around me; she is right.

She said something else that made me think. She said “God forces us to move forward, God puts things and events in our path so we have to think, we have to move forward. That fire today had our interest and it was God’s way of waking us up.” And again she is right.

So Sweet things if I do not post for a while, I know you all will understand. For it is the Feast of Crispian

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Major Tragedy~~~~

Dear Friends,

Sweet Things I may not be posting for a little while; here in my end of the world we’ve had a tragedy of serious proportions.

4 police officers were killed in the line of duty and a 5th one was injured in pursuit of a suspect, a felony rapist named Lovelle Mixon.

How this happened is too long to relate here, but I’m including a link to some of the news stories that can explain this.

Right now I’ve offered my home to my friends Frank and Joe so they and several of their friends from the police force can get together and process this situation, they’ve also invited a grief counselor to help them. Joe asked me since my place would be a neutral location for them. I don’t mind especially since Joe had helped me on several occasions.

The funeral will be this Friday and I’ve been invited, since I knew one of the officers that was killed.

So if I do not post for a while I want all of you to know that I’m not missing in action, just taking a mental sabbatical.

And Fram I hope you’re feeling better from that cold. I noticed on one of your posts that you said you were not feeling well, so I hope you’re feeling better, whiskey with lemon and honey helps.

The link to the news stories is then type in the search area 'Oakland Police Officers Killed' and it will bring up news stories starting from March 21, 2009. I believe they will keep the stories on line for 30 days.

Thank you all My Friends, and please say prayers for the 4 Officers killed in action, Motorcycle Officers Off. John Hege, Sgt. Mark Dunakin, SWAT Team Officers Sgts. Ervin Romans and Daniel Sakai and their families.

I’ll be back soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Could this be?~~~~

Hmmmm while I was out celebrating my Birthday yesterday (with my friends), there was a gentleman who 'saved me' from a dangerous situation.

Could this have been Fram?
There was something in the jaw line that made me think it could have been the Legendary Fram.

But then he was there and then gone, so fleeting was the brief encounter, and so romantic.

And now I am contemplating who was that man with the strong jaw line, who looked at me in frank regard, and with gentle grace said "adiu", was that the Fram of Legend?
I shall never know, for now I have a mystery to ponder upon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Puzzlement and Birthday Thoughts~~~~

Well Sweet things, I survived my first day back to work after getting over the flu, but not without some consequences.

I’m still plagued with the dry hack cough, so I must be sure to carry cough drops if water is not available, and I was so tired at work that I took a short nap on my lunch hour, I came home and instead of dinner fell asleep, finally woke up two hours later, a bit of low seasoned chicken stew, and now am trying to get back to sleep to face work tomorrow. (pitiful mew)

I finally have been checking things and I have a puzzlement, dear Fram and several other of my web log friends have asked why I didn’t post any comments to my post from this last Friday, the reason is I didn’t receive any, which has me puzzled. This has happened once before, but I’m not sure if it’s some sort of glitch or if for some reason the monitoring section didn’t allow the comment to reach me. (quizzical face)

If any of you did post a comment for Friday the 13th of March, please try again and I’ll see if it registers. Otherwise I just don’t have any idea what happened. Although I did have a problem logging on to Blogspot that day just to check things, for two hours I kept getting that it was not available. Did anyone else have that problem?


I’ve been trying to think what, really are birthdays. I mean considering that there are what? 2 or 3 billion people on this planet and there are only 365 days in a calendar year, so obviously we must share birthdays with a lot of other people that we don’t know about. But birthdays are special, in fact for many people, especially children they are very special. Why??

Because it’s YOUR Day, you may share it with several million other people but no matter what it’s YOUR Day, to be acknowledged by family and close friends, that this day has a special meaning to you.

At a certain point in the Universe you appeared on this planet, to grow, learn, affect, create an effect upon others, to interact, make a contribution, to save, or prevent actions from happening and to create actions to happen. But each one of us, even though we share this particular day with several million other people, is unique.

Yes, unique----now if we want to take into account astrology and the alignment of the sun, moon, planets and stars and allow that they in some indefinable way affect us and our eventual adult personalities, then the very year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second starts to make us unique, if you include location, then that defines you even more.

But no matter what, we are unique and depending upon the culture and familial outlook upon birthdays, we somehow celebrate it.

Children look upon birthdays as being a time that is special to them, that it cannot be taken away from them, that they are recognized as an individual within the group, of course it’s more difficult if you are twins, triplets or heaven forbid, Octopulets, then it makes it hard to be recognized as an individual. But let’s put that thought aside and concentrate on just you.

For the individual child it’s celebration, cake, ice cream, a party and presents, whether it’s a Barbie Party, a Disney Princess Party or a Hanna Montana Party. I guess for boys it would be Spiderman, Dinosaurs, Racing Cars or the X-men.

Then as one gets older birthdays become milestones, turning 13 when you’re not a child nor an adult but someone between or a teenager, for Jewish children especially boys it’s a Bar Mitzvah, for girls a Bat Mitzvah it means that you have greater responsibilities for you are being admitted into the community as a growing adult.

For Catholic children when you turn 13 or sometime during your teen years if you are a serious dedicated religious youth you receive confirmation into the faith and become a “solider for God”. I understand that in the last 20 years they’ve changed the timing of that sacrament.

Among Latina girls the Quencilla (I’m not sure how’s that spelled) I do know that it means you’ve turned 15 which is a religious ceremony and it’s like a coming out party “I’m on my way to adulthood”. The Latina girl who is being celebrated wears a dress and veil much like a wedding dress and if the family can afford it a very big celebration.

But there are birthday ceremonies that celebrate milestones that are non-religious for many girls it’s a Sweet 16 party, also like a “coming out party”.

I’m not sure what it is for boys maybe it’s when they get their driver’s license sometime soon after their birthday in their later teens.

Then another milestone is when one turns 18, you can vote, and in some states legally drink alcohol.

The next is when you turn 21, and then you are considered to be fully an adult although there are some parents who might debate that.

But after that it becomes all down hill, you hit 30, 40, you’re considered over the hill at 50, and at 60 it’s considered a miracle that you made it.

But then something happens you hit 70, 80, 90 and more importantly 100 and are still going strong, people start doing some serious celebrating again, especially if you hit 100.

But no matter what Birthdays are special, even if you go through the “7 ages of man”( or woman hood) as Shakespeare refers to it, you start “mewing” and you end “mewing”, but for some people they say it’s O.K. and perfectly alright to enjoy your second childhood of birthdays because you earned it!

So what are Birthdays??? Well as one acquaintance of mine refers to it, “Birthdays come after you reach a certain number of years---and you celebrate them because you SURVIVED that many.”

And when she told me that, I sat down with a ‘wump’, you celebrate your birthday because you manage to survive that year of ups and downs and that is a very good reason to celebrate.

Well my birthday is coming up in a few days, and I am going to celebrate, oh nothing outrageous or fancy, but with a few good friends, and to just be happy.

Now there is someone I know who had (because I’m posting this so late) a birthday and I’ve someone to wish Fram Happy Birthday (sorry it’s a little late) and I hope you like who has a birthday cake for you and who is going to blow out the candle for you. Be sure to make a wish. That’s important too. Happy Birthday!!
Until later, enjoy, and stay healthy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Rise from the Ashes~~~~

Well Sweet things, the 'Fabulous Diva' is back, arisen from the ashes of my sick bed, oh I'm not fully recovered, I do have a bit of a cough, and sniffles, but I can feel the energy now beginning to pulse and throb within my veins. (Growl***cough*cough**)Oh well it does take a little time to get the "engine" tuned back up.

I had hoped to be able to go outside yesterday and today and enjoy some sunshine, but Mother Nature has decided in her 'wisdom' to bring more rain and clouds to the area, which in reality we still do need.

Lillian came by for morning coffee and she brought Heavenly fresh baked croissants, we had fun chatting and then she was off to visit friends and I was reading various web logs that I had missed reading.

My web log friend Fram has posted some observations that I am going to have to 'muse' over and comment later on my mine.

Even I have noticed changes in my Blog, it's more about what I'm going through, instead of commenting on the state of my area (which is even more of a mess).

The little city that I live in is considering consolidating the positions of Chief of Police and Fire Chief under one title as "Public Safety Manger" since the city council consider these as more administrative managerial as oppose to being actively involved with fires, and homicides.

Of course the rank and file of both departments are not happy about that, which I can understand because they would be dealing with "bean counters/hatchet men" not real people who understand what staff in the rank and file have to go through.

But the Chief of Police receives an annual salary of $165,000 a year plus benefits and the Fire Chief receives an annual salary of $199,000 a year plus benefits, so by consolidating the city could save as much as $200,000 dollars a year.

What is next? Consolidating the Public Library with the Park and Recreation Dept. ? I can just see them playing basketball in the fiction section.

The frightening aspect of this is that it has happened in other nearby cities, not many but a few.
The major question is---what is the down side of consolidating the two positions?

Among the rank and file it is a worry that the new administrator might be leaning either more towards police or towards fire and neglecting the needs of the opposite side, and that they won't have a real voice in city dealings.

Understandable but considering that in this little community that encompasses 26 square miles, the police and fire departments entails 70% of the city's budget. And every department needs something.

I've been reading that the Golf course is no longer going to be city run but turned over to a private concern, considering that Golf is an expensive game there are not too many people that I know in these tight economic times that play that game, although historically many deals have been solidified on a golf course. I have to laugh, because where the current city golf course is, is built upon an old garbage dump site.

And for me, although I know this is going to make many golf lovers very angry, so I apologize now, but for me Golf is garbage.

But I'd rather see more open space than too many houses crammed into one tiny area.

And now for something completely different~~~~

Lillian has mentioned to me (now that I no longer have the headaches) that I should consider buying some property away from the congested Bay Area, a place that I can retreat to and enjoy. Considering the financial situation she maybe right, she recommended that I consider areas here in California for now that are "above the fog, but below the snow" hold on to them because eventually values will go up.

Well I am aware of that, but taking into account how busy I was at work, and the flu I didn't think much upon it, but now it makes very good sense. And I have a good idea where I'd like it to be. So as soon as I am able I'm going to be using the weekends to go investigating for my weekend retreat.

As much as I love the ocean, the prices for ocean front property, even now, are outrageous, unless I consider going North, but I have take into account utilities. Hmmmm more food for thought.

I will mull upon this later, for now I have to get myself organized if I want to face the upcoming work week.

Until later sweet things, stay well and be healthy

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Diary continues---recovery just around the corner

Hello my Sweet yummy things, I am getting better, I feel better, still a little weak but much better. (little purr)

My appetite is slowly coming back but I don’t want to push it, the fever has broke (Thank Goodness), so now it’s just getting back up to par.

And as you said Fram, guns first, one of the first things I’m going to do when I have the first bit of free time, is practice with my new ‘baby’ get the feel of her, but for now I’ve had to call the dealer and tell him that I won’t be able to pick it up for a week, he understood, his wife’s been ill too. I can understand the preference for automatics, but it seems I’m being drawn towards revolvers at this time, maybe it’s the hidden cowgirl in me. I have no idea who the fellow is next to me, does anyone have an idea?

I watched one of Lillian’s DVD’s that she loaned me “Pale Rider” with Clint Eastwood, (I can’t seem to get away from that man) I was very interested in his Remington and how he changed the cylinders as he approached the villain John Russell who I understand was a member of the NRA. Have you seen that movie?

Lillian has been so sweet to me, I owe her a lot, I think she enjoys fussing over me, her children have all grown and have moved away where their jobs take them, but there is something about her that I trust. And I’m going to be watching her as well, especially for her children’s sake.

Yes I agree, it is always good to have friends to help out and I enjoy helping them as well. I have been blessed and I cherish each friendship. It is one of the treasures that all Divas should guard carefully.

And yes, I do love my pink fuzzy-wuzzy slippers, thank you Chic Geek, they may not be glamorous but there is something so comfy about them. (as I wiggle my toes in them)

I’m going to have to go back to work on Monday, fortunately Yoshi and Dan have been watching my clients for me and all is well. I am a bit surprised to read that the stock market is making a little climb and hearing that the housing market in, of all places, San Francisco is going on the upswing.

I am incline to be very cautious on the optimism, too many people are out of work and there are not enough jobs. I had an interesting comment sent to me from “Mean Kitty”. Her husband is disabled because of congestive heart failure and so he needs to be on Medi-care and Medi-cal, since her HMO won’t take him even if he is a family member because of what they call a preexisting medical condition (which I think that HMO is being ridiculous). But it was her observations while she was at the Social Services agency that I found interesting, so I suggested that she post it on her blog.

But I feel that it does point out what we are really facing. We are in a depression; there is no way to explain this economic situation but that we Are in a depression. Of course I cannot tell my clients that, but I do have the feeling that there is going to be a turn around, but what I always caution my clients are to be prepared for the long haul.

I keep thinking of this image that I’ve seen of a crowd of men in heavy overcoats and hats almost all except one is facing in the same direction except for this one old man, holding a metal cup or something and his face has this look of “How did this happen?”

I’ve seen it on a number of people, the ones I feel very sorry for are the one’s who were swindled by the Maldoff-Ponzi con and Maldoff pleads guilty, takes the fall and that way the FBI cannot investigate his family, they get off free. No, there should be some sort of recompense to the investors, at least what they initially invested, no one should get away with what they’ve done, that also includes banks that have done fraudulent loans to people who could barely afford them.

And now Capital One and Chase with their credit cards are putting the squeeze on their customers by raising the rates, no, No, NO!! Not a good thing, if anyone has seen the news it’s because in 2010 bank credit cards will not be able to do things like that so they are raising the rates now to extract as much profit from their customer base, what it will do is force people to close their credit cards at the old rates, and then if they are smart they will look for means to pay off those cards and instead create debit cards to hold the money needed for transactions, just put the money into those debit cards and forget about it only use it when you need that extra bit.

As you can see I am getting better but now my eyes are beginning to burn, and I’m getting tired again. So it’s best I rest.

I need get out for a bit tomorrow if the weather is warm as it has been this last week, right now I have the late afternoon sun flooding my living room and bedroom, just making it naturally warm but once again I am getting sleepy.

I’m sorry Fram, I tried to read Ambrose Bierce, especially “Incident at Owl Creek” but I kept falling asleep, maybe when my mind is more alert, but the book is safely on my bookshelf for another day. I won’t give up on him, and I have a two volume set of the complete works of Mark Twain, and the complete stories of Sherlock Holmes, but my eyes just won’t stay on the words, even typing becomes hard.

At least the headaches are gone, now I just have a bit of a dry cough. Lillian has threatened me with hot toddy’s made with Jack Daniels, honey, lemon and hot water. She swears by Jack Daniels, maybe that is why she made it to 93. (chuckle)

With all the warmth I’m going to take another nap on my couch, sleep keeps demanding my attention.

Stay well and healthy Sweet Things. More Later

The Diary continues---slowly getting better

March 12, 2009 10 p.m.

Dear Sweet Fram, Chic Geek, Mean Kitty and others, I know that you are right. It’s possible that my Father has had an epiphany or wake up call. For him to sit down with Mother and baby sis and listen, really listen to what they had to say, to work with them and do compromises is a major concession on his part. Baby sis sounded so happy and not guarded either, that was a revelation.

But as several of you have said it would be best for me to ‘go slow’ when I visit them during Easter, just take it a moment at a time that would be wise.

Well Sweet Things, I spent all of Wednesday and most of Thursday in bed, sleeping, sweating, and only getting up for food and liquids, Lillian has been so good making sure I have something to eat.

Joe called me Wednesday night to ask what I would need food wise and Lillian took the call, so the two of them put together a grocery list, while I just feebly nodded yes or no and explained some of my preferences, it was so hard to concentrate with that awful headache.

Today (Thursday) he and Frank came by and Lillian was fiercely guarding the door, trying to prevent them from coming in but I asked Lillian to give way and they saw me at my worst, red nose, red eyes and no makeup, I’m thankful that I managed to get into the shower this morning and at least make myself presentable in a velour workout suit, (not that I work out in it, its just nice and comfortable on cold evenings around the house), of course they teased me about my pink fuzzy-wuzzy slippers. Well even Divas have to have something fuzzy-wuzzy.

Fortunately they could see I was not much for long visits but they took Lillian grocery shopping for her and for me. And once again my shelves are stocked. They stayed for just a little while and said they were going to the practice range in South San Francisco, a special fund raising competition was coming up and they needed to practice, even in my feeble state I could sense a friendly rivalry.

I told them about my purchase of a hammerless Smith and Weston .38 special “air light” they knew right away I was buying it for my eventual CCW permit. Frank told me that some of the detectives sometimes use it as a back up weapon, mixed opinions on it. I’d told them I’d let them know my opinion on it when I’m up and feeling better. I found myself getting drowsy and Lillian shooed them out, but with promises to call.

I hate getting sick, it’s a miserable feeling, the headaches, the runny nose, the chills, then the feverish sweats, the achy body, the lack of appetite and if you do eat something it decides to not stay down, earlier this evening the fever finally broke, and I found myself just drenched, but it was a good thing, and so far the fever has not come back and I felt like more soup, now my body is pulling me to either sleep or stay awake. Sleep is best.

Lillian managed to get a friend of hers to take her to see “Singing in the Rain” with Gene Kelly, I had never seen that film in its entirety, only that segment of Kelly dancing in the rain, I’ll have to rent it. But before Lillian left to go to the movies, she reminded me that I have to get better because the Art Deco Society of San Francisco is having their vintage show in two weeks and she’s hinted that she wants to go, (chuckle) I was planning to go anyway but it will be nice to go with someone.

And now my bed with fresh clean sheets is giving the siren call of sleeeeep, sleeeeep and I cannot resist.

So all of you Sweet Things stay well and be healthy, more later.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Diary continues---shocks and changes

March 10, 2009 6:30 p.m.

Lillian came by earlier and brought in my mail and newspaper, I had given her a key to my house, so she can come and go without having to get me out of bed, more Chicken Soup but also some fresh baked, sweet French bread, “Just heat it a little in the oven” she said, but it was so fresh and the smell is so wonderful, it made me think of quaint side walk Bistros in Paris.

She couldn’t stay, one of her friends was coming by to pick her up and they are going ---are you ready for this?---Bowling---she’s on this Senior Bowling Team and she plans to help beat this other team in some sort of Bowling competition---more power to her.

Resting has helped and it seems that a fever is trying to break, I keep sweating on and off, drink hot Chamomile tea and take plenty of fluids is always the best. Yoshi will be coming over later with some more cold meds and Kleenex as well as the updates I need.

Frank called to see how I was doing and to offer any help, and so did Joe, he told me that Frank called him to let him know. I owe each and everyone one of them for their help, I am in their debt.

Yoshi has arrived and we will review things, at least she got her Flu shot and she says I most likely was contagious the few days before I developed the symptoms. I hope she’s right I’d hate for her to come down ill.

March 10, 2009 8 p.m.

Yoshi has left to go home, she’s taking Wednesday off and said that Dan will cover my clients until she goes back on Thursday. I was going to go back to bed but I got another call this time from baby sis, she said she wasn’t coming up for Spring Break and that plans had been changed.

What she told me has my mind reeling. Ever since last Christmas, she said, there have been changes and that she and Mother wondered if Father is the same person.

When she told me what happened I asked her if something hit him in the head to cause this change, and she said to me “You are what hit him in the head, at least verbally”

After I left to go home but before New Years, Father sat Mother and baby sis down at the dinning room table and started to ask questions. All kinds of questions, their desires and goals what they liked and disliked, and then he told them what he liked and disliked. Then he asked them what they wanted that would make things easier and more comfortable..

Baby sis said that Father listened to them very carefully and it was one of the longest evenings they had, they wrote things out and formulated a plan, there had to be compromises, but it was all workable.

Baby sis said that Geek-wanna-be boyfriend is out of the picture, he had been told by Father to not come by the house that since she (baby sis) was not interested in getting married but focusing on getting a degree and a career that he should not pin any marriage hopes on her. Father told Geek-wanna-be that he (Father) wants baby sis to discover life and find out what she wants in life and that maybe marriage, especially at a young age would create greater dissatisfaction as baby sis got older

Next, Father bought and had installed for Mother a dish washer, one that is just right for the household, and he bought a brand new refrigerator that looks old fashion like the old Frigidaire's but is frost free---now that was not cheap, I know how much they cost because I bought one for my house--- Alright sweet things, I love old things, but I want modern conveniences too. Both of these items have saved Mother a lot of extra work and are more efficient.

And, shocks of shocks, he bought a combination radio/phonograph/ tape player-recorder and CD player----but it looks old fashioned, right out of the 1930’s but its modern, it even has a table that matches the style of the old phonographs of that period. Baby sis said it blends right in with the old furniture. But there are some restrictions, the PBS radio stations are permitted and classical music and there is a news radio program that he likes, but it is not to be turned on at dinner time.

While she is telling me these things I’m thinking that I am having a delusional dream but no, it’s real. I asked her where did Father get the money and she said that Father “Opened the wallet and let the moths fly out”, he had been saving and saving not only in his retirement fund, and in the regular savings account but also in a savings account that Mother was not aware of.

This was my Father??? I asked her again “Are you sure Father didn’t slip and fall somewhere and hit his head?” Baby sis said no, but she remembered what I had written to her about in a long letter that I sent to her via Ms. Lambe.

So she told Father that many people were looking for old things but didn’t want to lose the modern conveniences, but what they do to conceal them. And she gave him a lot of examples. Baby sis told me that Father said that there were many changes that he was not happy with, and didn’t feel comfortable and felt that a number of them didn’t belong in their house, but that some things could be acceptable. And he was willing to work with them, Mother and baby sis were willing to work with these compromises, currently no television or Internet, but they could use the Internet connections at the Library.

Baby sis said that if she could figure out a way to bring the Internet into the house without it feeling like a threat to Father she was going to work on that and for me to think of ideas---Me!! Think of ideas?? When I’m trying to absorb all this new information on top of the Flu???!!!

They’ve taken Father to a few antique shops, but the biggest revelation to Father is when they took him to a Vintage antique show sponsored by an Art Deco Society.

“You should have seen Father’s eyes pop out” said baby sis, “And Mother was in Heaven” it seems that since Mother sews her own clothes some people have asked if she could sew up a few dresses for them. Father made the very big commitment for Mother to purchase modern patterns that are reproductions of vintage styles in different sizes. But, and this was a very big revelation, “There was a group of people who were selling CD’s of music they recorded. Songs from the 20 through the 40’s, Father heard them and he liked it, so he bought a couple of the CD’s!”

At the Vintage Art Deco Show, baby sis met a young man that she likes that goes to the same college she does and is in a couple of her classes, so she introduced him to our Parents. It seems he loves Art Deco and old fashioned things but his personality is totally different friendly, outgoing, balanced, and he’s been to the house a couple of times for dinner and all 4 of them have long talks over coffee about the world and likes and dislikes. So far Father seems to like him.

I almost fainted when baby sis told me that.

Baby sis said that Mother added some bright colored pillows to the couch and chair, and some pretty crocheted dollies, she even picked up some nice vases at the thrift store and put those silk flowers in them and they’ve brightened up the rooms, it’s so much more cozy, comfortable and inviting.

So Mother is making extra money sewing, and is planning to take classes in hat making.

And there is more, but ---and here is where even I had to take a deep breath----baby sis asked if I could come down and stay a few days over the Easter period in April. I’ve never gone to visit them at Easter, but baby sis was insistent. “Don’t drive, come down by train, we’ll pick you up” it seems that it was Father’s idea.

Baby sis says that I have to see what is happening, and she implied that maybe it might be a good thing for Father and I to be on ‘speaking terms’ again, to see the changes. I have agreed to go down, but I told her I had to make some arrangements as Easter time is always difficult to get any vacation time, and I would up date her as soon as I was able.

I knew that since that Christmas when I send letters to Mother she reads them and then gives them to Father to read, but instead of him destroying it like he did with the others he just gives it back to her, but, says baby sis, now Father is saying little things like “I’m glad our daughter is doing well” ‘Our Daughter’???!!! That is a change, I thought, what has happened? Plus it’s alright for baby sis to call me long distance, provided it’s evening or night rates, unless it’s an emergency, and she can receive letters from me at the house.

So here I am, sick and feeling weak, I’m hearing things that are making me think that I’m hallucinating, but no they are real, I played back my answering machine and I hear baby sis’s voice just as I picked up. And now all this.

I know it is impossible for such sudden changes to happen in a man who has been inflexible for so many years, the only thing I could think of is that he is ill, perhaps with cancer and is trying to make up for things before he dies.

Before I hung up I asked baby sis to try and find out if Father is well and what to watch for, but she says that he hasn’t shown any of those symptoms, and is not planning on taking a retirement either, as a matter of fact even though there has been some reductions in the company that he’s working at, through attrition and a hiring freeze, they’ve asked him to stay on and not take a retirement because he knows so much of the workings of the company.

I knew that the company that he works for is in good financial shape (although not great) and should be able to weather things, so for him to retire would really be at his convenience, but for him to say he’d stay on told me that maybe he wasn’t ill. So now I have a sort of mystery on my hands, but I won’t have any answers until I travel down.

For now I’ll put it to one side, and focus on getting better from this Flu, my fingers are tired and slipping.

Until later Sweet things, stay well and be healthy.

P.S. Would that I currently look as beautiful as Ava, but right now I'm with a red nose, red eyes, flannel P.J's and Robe, fuzzy wuzzy slippers, an achey body and head, and carrying my box of Kleenex (Oh pooh --aaachoo!) Not so very glamoures. But determined to get better.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doing a Diary, and the Flu~~~Random Thoughts

Diary Dated March 10, 2009 11:00 a.m.

Well Sweet things, I have come down not with a cold but the Flu. And I do want to Blog, but the best thing is to save my remarks onto my flash drive and then post them bit by bit as I’m feeling up to it. It will be sort of a diary. So please look at the “Diary Dates”

When I think back on it I never did get my Flu Shot which I am usually very punctual about, Mmmmm I think it must have slipped my mind, and all I can say Sweet things is that I was very busy trying to calm clients and make sure that their assets were in a good place and position, which judging from the “thank you” letters and cards I’ve received I must have been successful. Granted their income has been reduced but not to the point that they have to go out and seek a second job, for which I thank a “higher power” and I pointed out to them that given the economic twists and turns, over time their income will increase.

I also advised them that when there is extra to set it aside into a standard savings account for those “rainy days”. And there is one extra thing that I do, I ask them to send me letters or e-mails to let me know how they are doing, it’s a lot of work, but I put those letters and e-mails into each of my clients’ files and then I look them over at home to see what would be the best next move for each of them.

I can afford to, I do not have children or husband or any life long commitments except to my Family even if the relationship is strained. It is a life style choice that I made sometime ago, oh granted Sweet things, I have had ‘relationships’ of the romantic kind, but I’ve found that I am happiest when I am free, and I slowly change those relationships to friendships, it’s much better, friends last longer.

My elderly neighbor Lillian is have the greatest fun of ‘nursing’ me, she comes over with Chicken Won Ton Soup or War Won Ton Soup, she believes in the Chicken soup theory of getting better. I think it’s because it’s easier to digest. The sweet dear has even done my laundry, which I was feebly furious with her, but she said someone had to do it and I was in no condition. ***sigh*** I can’t argue with her. I am her “cause” right now and I should surrender. And she has so much energy, I feel sorry for the man who tries to keep up with her.

And there are times one does need “a Mommy”. (pitiful mew, feebly waving a paw)

Yoshi called me and said not to worry about my clients, that it is covered and to get better, she’ll be coming over with updates for me so I can stay current.

And to a certain Web Log Friend, kisses wonderfully accepted, gratefully appreciated, and I promise to update you on my latest acquisition. I won’t be able to pick it up until the end of the week if I’m up to driving by then. I’ll let you know all about it. And I have a ‘certain date’ marked on my Calendar. (slight chuckle)

To ChicGeek, I’m glad your daughter is using the Internet in a very positive way, I know that for many young people, the Internet is the ‘future wave’ of linking up in a national and international world, and because of that I know that they can make many positive changes and I can understand why you feel differently on certain aspects of my last post, not having a child of my own I can only go by what I’ve read and by the experiences of other parents. Everyone views things differently and that is what makes the world and life interesting.

And you are right, the major problem of the internet is that people can pose as one person and be something or someone entirely else. I thank you for adding me to your Blog list, I hope you will continue to find my postings and musings interesting to read.

Forgive me. My head is just so loggy that I can’t even think straight or on what to comment on in the news, I’m so ill that I even fall asleep during the news. Now is that bad or is the news boring?

I’ve been looking out the windows of my bed room and when I’m up to it from my couch in my living room. The sun is shinning, although there is a chilly wind, the birds come around to the bird feeder that I set up a few months ago, and just an hour ago I saw a couple of humming birds at the humming bird feeder, their ‘bright’ activity is more fun to watch than monotonous soap operas, Maury Pouvich’s paternity shows or Jerry Springer’s Red Neck marathons of “who dun who wrong”.

When I’m up to it I will post about my adventures with Frank, Lillian and I at the Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Sale, that was Fun, and just before I came down ill too. ***sigh*** Lillian is still gloating over her finds, I can understand how she use to be at the Department Store Sales back in her prime---Did I tell you that she’s ninety three years old and doesn’t look at day over 65 and has more energy than a 40 year old, and as she puts it “I’m one tough Broad”. I think that’s why I like her.

But now I’ve got to get back to bed, my head is beginning to ache again, more later Sweet things.

P.S. Right now I wish I could look in bed just as graceful as Ava.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Misunderstandings, Age & The Internet~~~~an Editorial~~~

Sweet Things I've come to post an explanation and a Post script to the Editorial that I have posted below.

When I wrote it it was in response to comments made by a "Web Log" friend that may have been taken out of context and in my response with this Editorial I have made the same error, and for that I apologize.

If anything this should be taken as a learning lesson.

The basis for my Editorial still stands, for I am afraid for many young people, teens and pre-teens who are trying to be accepted by their peers and are still developing their Social interactions and skills.

Unfortunately the Internet creates "fast friendships" that develop like short news sound bites, much like the "Three Month Romance", and when the bloom is off "Pow" feelings are hurt, there is accusations and recriminations flying.

I do not want to see a "Thought Police" environment created, but I feel the need that Schools should teach to young people, besides the basic "3 R's" social etiquette and Netiquette and offer resources to those young people who feel they are being 'hurt' or pursued by their peers.

For young people do not have the skills or the strength to learn to "stand alone" and think independently, so great is this need to 'fit in'. The Internet among young people, can destroy independent thinking and the Internet does not teach young people that what they write is out there for all the world to see.

I and other adults have skills to protect ourselves, we can learn to protect ourselves and be independent and there are still on the Internet mature people who will take the time to try and understand what one is saying, who will go past the hurt and anger and ask questions and offer the "Peace Pipe" of wisdom and understanding.

I am glad that I have those "Web Log" friends and if I have mistakenly hurt them, I do apologize.

Sweet things, I’ve discovered again and again and again something about the Internet.

Without personal interaction, personal direct human touch interaction, it is too easy to mis-interpret things, also with the workings of each individual section of it, what one would think is a ‘private’ response is not. Especially if a setting is set to not be monitored, which is something I prefer to do because I like to respect privacy even for other people.

It’s like talking on an “old fashion party line”, if that monitoring is not set and what would be said in a friendly way but without the sense or idea of how it is said, can easily be taken or misinterpreted the wrong way.

That is the one aspect the Internet takes away from developing any sort of ‘friendship’. One does not see a face or hear a voice or the tone of the voice or the demeanor of the person.

Because of that sweet things, the Internet creates a lack of understanding between people, a true lack of interaction. It also develops and creates poor social skills; Emily Post is completely out the window.

I pity the generation that is totally engrossed in basing anything including relationships or friendships, on the Internet. I can understand how young teenagers, dealing with such web sites as Face book and my space or even allowing comments on a Blog web site, can be so seriously affected as to have their lives totally destroyed, and even in one case, commit suicide.

In the “old days” when people would write real letters, or type them, they would express themselves but ‘friends’, if they didn’t understand fully what was being said would write back and ask “What is it that you are trying to say? I don’t understand, can you clarify this for me?” By asking those questions they would really be working to understand what a person is saying without prejudging.

And that is the greatest mistake with the Internet. People are too quick to pre-judge. Because of that it adds shallowness to their personality.

Perhaps I am also pre-judging, but I've had this happen several times before and I made the mistake of trying to "fix it" and only received contempt in return.

There is a saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" but I tried for a third time---I must be a glutton for punishment, but now no more.

I’ve found that I have had the best interaction, an honest give and take, when I’m talking to real people, face to face. But because of the Internet it has destroyed that ability among many people, especially young people.

I’ve seen too many teenagers behave in a manner that would infuriate the patience of a saint. I am no saint, but even I am infuriated.

And what is even worse is that this developing manner has also infected the older generations, the 20, 30, 40 and even some 50 year olds.

And speaking of age, one can be old when they are 20 or remain immature even into their 50’s; it depends upon personal life experiences, circumstances, and even “raw deals”.

One wants to retain the zest of youth, but one has to grow up and face responsibilities and the demands of life, as well as the affects of aging, bad knees, fading eye sight, high blood pressure, ulcers, diabetes, crippling arthritis, heart disease and other ailments that age is heir to.

Wisdom only comes with life experience, and learning from mistakes. But the Internet and its lack of personal interaction denies people any true understanding of one another and it denies wisdom or learning or life experience.

Instead, “Internet people” are quick to turn upon one another at the slightest mis-interpretation. And that keeps them immature at any age because the Internet is also immature. Why? Because the Internet takes away the “human touch” which can never be re-created.

I had hoped for something better, instead once again I have been disappointed. I will again disappear into the shrouding mist of the San Francisco fog. I may emerge again someday, maybe.

On March 21st, on my 32nd birthday, this Web Log will be deleted.

I will not expose myself to anyone on the Internet like this ever again.


Post Script:

Although I say in my Editorial that I will delete this Web Log, I have changed my mind and will keep it up. I have received many positive comments from "Web Log" Friends who enjoy what I have to say and what I have experienced.

But now I need to take a hiatus, I've come down with a very nasty cold and need to get well---that may have been part of the reason why I reacted the way I did, instead of thinking things carefully, again another lesson learned.

Fram, ChickGeek, Mean Kitty and everyone---Thank you for taking the time to hold out the hand of Friendship and Understanding, it gladdens my heart.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Of Cowboys, Canoes, Romance & Poets~~~~~

Mmmmm well sweet, yummy things, this post is in response to an inquiry and an opinion by my sweet, blogging friend Fram.

But first a little update, my elderly neighbor Lillian called me at work Thursday and demanded in her sweet engaging way that I come to her house as soon as I got off of work, fortunately I knew I would be leaving work early but I had to ask her why?

And this is where it’s delicious, she wanted me to take her to the movies and not just any movie, it seems our local town film theatre is having a classic movie series and Thursday night she wanted to see “The Magnificent Seven” with Yul Brenner and a young Steven McQueen. (Purrrr Rowllll)

I’ve seen the film on DVD but never on the big screen, of course Lillian said “My treat!” now sweet things how could I resist, and it had been a while since I’ve gone to the movies, life being so hectic of late. Well it was more than her treat, we had a fantastic burger at the Burgermeister with mango French fries, (**sigh** back to the gym for me), since I was driving no alcohol for me, but Lillian enjoyed her Heineken.

The beauty about the Burgermeister is that’s its right next door to the theatre, and packed, but the movie---ahhhh the movie, the theatre managed to get a very good copy and some how improved the sound, and I was able to see details that one misses even on a good quality DVD, the humor jumps out at you more, the scene with Brenner and McQueen driving the hearse up to boot hill, and Elmer Bernstein’s music, more than one person was on the edge of their theatre seat and even tapping their feet to the music.(Merrouul)

And at the end everyone applauded. And I had a better appreciation for the movie, Lillian said “O.K. now we’ve got to come back and see ‘Casablanca’’ again how could I say no to this little ball of fire for all her years. She appreciated my taking her to the theatre and I appreciated her company.

Mmmmm but I do have to say I did admire Yul Brenner’s Buscadero Rig, the belt very simple and plain but the holster having a simple flower or rose design. I wasn’t sure what make of gun he was using, I’ll have to research it.

But the scenery was magnificent, that feeling of openness and the gritty feel of the town and the village. James Colburn as the gunfighter with the knife, his style was spare and yet it conveyed the essence of his character, as a matter of fact, it seemed that you had an idea of each of the characters backgrounds with few words. Now I need to compare it with the movie that it was based on “The Seven Samurai”

Even now fragments of the music are floating in my head, even the soft romantic pieces.

This brings me to my next comments---

I’d like those of you who are reading this Web Log to go to Frams web site and look for
his postings on March 4 and 5, 2009 the titles are “Following Ancestors & Versing the Runes” and “London, Courtly Love & Another Pair”

He’s written his experiences and feelings in what he refers to as column or columnar style, but I’d have to say that it’s essence is poetry but without rhyming, sort of an extended haiku, distilling the experience down to the fewest possible words but conveying the feeling and the experience into its basic essence.

In where he talks about his “canoe trip and tipping into the River” you can feel the experience, envision it, but without all the hyperbole, you get an idea of his companion, with little description. In fact you can picture them any way you want.

It’s like Bill Cosby’s comic routine in the Dentist chair you know it because you’ve experienced it, but if you’ve never experienced tipping a canoe and going into the cold river water, you still have the feel of it---Extended Haiku.

Another way of expressing it is like Cowboy poetry, for many this can be an external experience, but if you read “Magical Girl” this is reflection on changes, this is internal as oppose to external but again with few words, for some feelings cannot be expressed with words, but the thoughts are there, unrhymed but with a Robert Frost quality.

Maybe I should write that way, but I can’t. There is too much to explain to delve into.

Fram my sweet, yummy thing your column writing is like the movie “The Magnificent Seven” spare yet expressive, whereas I write like Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” down to the nth detail. And both I feel are right for each person.

Continue to practice and work with your column writing, I think you have something wonderful going there. (purr)

I enjoy Fram’s descriptions of his “ancestor” Fram the first, the poor dear meeting his possible end on the Ides of March, can this be the end of Fram the First???? I think not, I think the ‘old boy’ has a lot of adventures in him yet to still be discovered.

Upon the changes seen in Magic Girl---we all change, life’s winds buffet us that way, but if we are wise we will learn from them, and yet keep the gusto of our youth.

Do you know I still enjoy getting a bottle of the magic bubble mixture (with the little wand) and blowing bubbles, I delight in seeing how big I can get one, how far it will float, the beautiful iridescent of it, and its fragility, at work yesterday I took my lunch at my desk and someone had given me a tiny bottle of bubbles with a little cap shaped like a heart for Valentines Day, it was just a simple little gift that was handed out to other members of my area, but I took it out and a tiny perverse imp encouraged me to start blowing bubbles. (Merool)

I laughed when one of them popped on top of one of my male co-workers head, Yoshi had one and she joined in, and between the two of us we had the work area laughing. Such a simple thing.
And on a beautiful sunny day like today seeing the children enjoying it, their laughter is infectious, their parents also enjoying the sight and loving the joy in their children’s faces and the smiles on the elderly as they see a bubble floating past them and they remember their childhood; amazing what joy a 99 cent bottle of bubbles can bring, to young and old alike.

Adults forget the simple joys of childhood, and I am having fun discovering what I’ve missed.

But now I must finish getting ready, a touch of lipstick, a few things into my purse, my ‘new’ friend Frank (Mr. Daly City policeman) is coming by and we are going out, an early dinner and then off to this place called “The Saddle Rack”, I believe the format is Country-Western Music. He says he’s going to ‘teach me’ line dancing. Well I do have my dancing shoes on, a nice pair of jeans, nothing fancy just simple, and that is nice. (purrrr)

Sweet dreams my sweet yummy things.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

News Links and Gun Shows~~~

Mmmmm my sweet yummy things I've made a few tiny changes here.

I have to admit, I'm a "news junkie". I think it's because my mind simply buzzes with demands for information, (slight shrug of shoulders) and also it's part of my job to be on top of things.

So what I've done is separate the News Links from Links I Like, so all you sweet, yummy things can get a glimpse of the news from my end of the world. (meruoo---deep throaty purr).

I attended the Gun Show and did take an informal look at the attendees, predominately White with lots of families thrown in, followed closely by Hispanic, mostly fathers with sons in tow, many Asian couples (husband wives, or boyfriend/girlfriend) and all very, very serious, but of the African-American group, I could count the couples and singles on one hand.

I asked Mr. "Sweet" Daly City Policeman (when he was taking a break for a cup of coffee---sorry sweet things, not a donut to be seen---and I really wanted to get my teeth into an 'old-fashion')
why the low turn out from the African American group and he replied---"too many of them have some sort of criminal record and are unable to purchase guns and the one's that are here we watch them for "straw purchases", watch two or three of them, they are looking at knives. Big knives. Of course our Licenced Fire Arms dealers watch for straw purchases too, if there is anyone making too many purchases from different dealers within the same month that's a red flag for us.

He did point out to me one African American man, and said "Now him I know, he's a bounty hunter, works for several bail companies, but he tries to work with our police department and he does tip us off from time to time on possible drug activities. He works with disguises, makes himself look different, he's good, he use to be a cop, put in 20 years, retired, then went independent---he's not like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" all flash and show, this guy is very steady."

I looked at this man, older, unassuming, you'd think he would be working on his car or growing roses or playing street football, it's the unassuming ones you have to watch for.

Then what happened is he came up to me, sat down, smiled at me but said "Hey Frank, how's it going?" All the while looking at me--and Frank replied not looking at him and hiding his mouth behind his coffee cup "Doin' good, you working?" and the man replied "Yeah," then to me " I hope you don't mind if it looks like I'm talking to you?" and I said no, it was fine "The guy is here, on the far side, I can see him he's with some hommies---I'll e-mail you" then he hands me his card and says "Now please stand up miss and make like I said something real nice and then as I leave watch me leave like your interested" (Purr)

Which we did, so as I sat down, keeping my back to Frank I heard him say "That was nice of you, you played that good" then I turned sideways on the bench seat, not looking at him and said "Why not, the man is working and it's dangerous work" and my new friend Frank said "Yeah, his wife worries about him but she's good, very supportive" I smiled at Frank and told him about my friend Joe with the S.F. police dept. seems they are acquainted---Frank is divorced, one child in college studying forensics "I guess it runs in the family, the ex and I are still friends"

So we exchanged cards and maybe we'll have coffee sometime, Daly City isn't that far for me.

Hmmmm but I must go for now sweet things, it's time for our meeting---(pooh) and it can be such a bore.(small growl)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Santa Cruz~~~ A spiritual Place?

Hello my sweet, yummy things,

I've been asked if I am from Santa Cruz since I've referred to it several times, Mmmmm no my darlings, I never lived in Santa Cruz, but there is something about it that makes me wish I could live there or have a place on the beach near there.

It just draws me, if there is a need to get away for a few days, and the timing is right, I will go there. A mixture of old fashioned, glitz, earth, sea, sand, Beach Boys, spirit, just something that feels right about it.

But then I think would it be viable to live there? Considering the horrendousness of driving Hyway 17 although Hyway 9 is good but only on good days, not in the rain or fog.

I found my Smith and Wesson at the Gun Show, .38 special. So now I have to wait 10 Looong days before it will be mine all mine.

But I need to go for now, I promised Lillian to drop over for a late dinner, it's just a short walk, I think she's feeling a little lonely tonight. I must cheer her up.

I'll talk more about the Gun Show later---sooooo much fun!

Until later my sweet things

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am one~~~

Dear sweet Fram,

Yes I am one and the same person, I've never wasted a minute, there was so much to catch up to. I thank you for the compliment (purr), I write as I think, some people say. When there is so much going on I pick something and write it out, save it and then place it here. There is so much to write about, comment on, be happy or angry about, or to laugh at. I am 'greedy' that way.

I grew up in a house that had no television, no radio, it was banished from our house so I read, I read a lot growing up. There were no distractions, except that which I could see around me. If I was puzzled about something I'd ask questions, look for answers. That was a slight benefit of not having television as a distraction, and a cultural deficient.

I asked a lot of questions, Ms. Lambe told me there are no stupid questions, only the one's never asked, so I asked a lot of questions. One of the few newer investments my Father ever made was a complete encyclopedia, I read that too, even the dictionary. My mind would not stop buzzing and inquiring.

Yes I do come close to looking like La Ava. And I am one person, I am woman, I am softer to the touch as it's said in that song. I've learned to develop claws for protection, but I only use them when needed.

I've found that the world is both a wonderful and frightening place, and I have taken measures as well to protect myself, physically and financially. I've had emotional pain, so I also protect my heart too. In some ways it has made me cautious. Because of that I can seem like different people but I am only one but like a diamond with many facets, each giving a different reflection.

About the 'little one', what you suggest is very possible, it makes returning her to her tribal family more poignant, more important, and I feel that the memorial that the neighbors did that much more special.

But now I must go, there is a Gun Show calling my name, and the rain is now coming down hard, so I must be careful in this element.

Until later, stay warm, be safe, sweet, yummy thing. (Purr)

"The Road Less Traveled~~~"


Ohhh my sweet, yummy things, this has been a very loooong and hectic work week for Moi. I won’t go into what happened at work, none the less it was a “putting out fires” type of week, and I hoped that the mid-week news would act better than a fire hose.

It seems that Mr. Obama’s talk to congress on the stimulus program has worked a little magic in calming some people, but I am glad that I had recommended my clients to look to long term, and they are holding fairly well. And yes my sweet, yummy things, I am doing just fine as well, even though some of my investments have decreased in income, I’ve always stayed well within my means, so I am not hurting.

But frankly sweet things, I felt that Mr. Obama’s speech was all talk to make people feel good. The fact that he had stated about new regulations seems to give some people hope to prevent, the wild spending as seen on the news by certain corporate peoples. It was his way of putting out or at least damping some fires. (a cat-like snort)

But I read somewhere by someone “Credit does not drive the economy, it’s the economy that drives credit” and that makes a great deal of sense, for if the economic situation is good, then credit will be extended, but there is always the flip side. Some of my friends are thinking that maybe going back to the gold standard instead of the credit or fiat standard would be a good thing, put everything in real perspective, it might be good, but there is a very real economic danger to that.

There is another “Diva” who talked about this in one of her postings, now sweet things if you think I’m ‘windy’ you should see her blog. On and on and on, but I do enjoy it.
If I can find her web log I’ll post the link for you to read. I am concerned though she hasn’t posted for a while. She does admit to being older, I just hope she’s alright.

No, what is happening now is that people are holding on to their wallets, and watching their spending, which is something which should have been done ages and ages ago.

I was taught (which is one of the few good things that happened in my childhood) to make do, carefully consider your purchases, and apply the rule of 10 to it----Ooohhh now what is the rule of 10? You say. It is a rule that is very good to apply, if you’re angry, walk away and take 10 minutes to calm down and think things calmly; wait for at least 10 hours before replying or responding, by that time you may have more information. If it’s something that you desire, walk away to take 10 minutes to think, will it be useful/in style, etc., in 10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years? I find that it always works.

I’m not sure if this has appeared in your areas on the news but it seems that certain businesses are finding their businesses increasing not slowing, auto mechanics, seamstresses/tailors, shoe repair, bicycle repair, they may not be building homes but if you are a good contractor/carpenter you will get work, because houses need repairs, even the farmers markets, yard sales, give away exchanges, bartering---all these things are not necessarily recession proof, more like recession-resistant.

I have always use of repair people, make a pair of shoes last longer, your car keeps going, fixing the refrigerator, repairing the washing machine, it’s cheaper in the long run, until it just can’t go any further.

Now more people are thinking very, very carefully, and I even encourage it, it does save having to be a “Fireman”.

And speaking of fires, in our City by the Bay, there is someone who has an “I-Hate-Porta-Potties” vendetta against the said items. So far this fire-bug has rendered down into mis-shapened globs of industrial plastic 27 of these blue or green portable necessities of dubious ‘odor’ but of needed use.

Of course the big joke is “why porta-potties”? Does someone feel that they are a blot on the scenic landscape of this fair city? Or is it someone with an abnormal fetish and instead of burning buildings (and endangering life) has chosen these plastic necessities as their abnormal target thereby achieving a ‘thrill’ without harm to life and limb. (Growl claws out)

The problem is that some of them were close to buildings and if it hadn’t been for some alert people it could have escalated into something worse. (Snarl)

Now contractors have to be creative and hide the “necessity” as well as placing it where it will not endanger other buildings. But part of the problem is that there maybe a ‘copy-cat’ porta-pottie arsonist, or as my police friend Joe would say “Double Groan”. (Poor sweet thing)

To add a bit of icing to the “insanity cake” one of our legislators wants California to legalize selling “pot” and tax the heck out of it. Could make a billion dollars a year---Hmmmmm---there is good and there is very bad in this idea. (Mewrol?)

I’ve had a few of my sweet “secret” followers ask me “What ever happened to those bones found in Alameda?”

Well darlings, it seems that the bones were of a child but---and here is where I’m sure Fram would appreciate this---but the bones were more than 800 years old. Yes sweet things, the little child was an ancient Native American of the Olone tribe of California.

It seems that there was a burial mound some several hundred feet over from where the little one’s body was found, but he or she (too young to tell) was for some reason not buried in the mound. Some of the forensic archeologists believe that a new mound was going to be started but instead the location was placed in a different area. There was no way to tell how the little one died, it could have been an illness, and there was no trauma to the body.

So the little one’s body (bones really) have been given to the closest living relations of the tribe for proper re-burial. But some of the people living right were the body was found put a little memorial with flowers and burned candles for the little one’s spirit. I think that was very touching.(Meruw)

I stayed last night in the City, again at the wooonderful St. Francis Hotel, they are getting to know me quiet well there, and they treated me very well. (Purr)

And the reason for me staying? Well sweet things, it seems that several hundred protesters were protesting Oscar Grant’s death on the day of his birthday, at several BART stations, of course the news people say it was a “peaceful” demonstration, but what the news doesn’t tell you is that it disrupted service on and off during the evening and night and that there were several shootings as well at BART stations that didn’t have the demonstrations---Hmmmm why do I feel that it was planned----take most of the police man-power away and have them focus at certain stations making it difficult to respond to emergencies at the other stations.

And why about Oscar Grant? (Snarl) The person was at the beginning of his criminal career, but oh no, they talk about him as if he was a ‘saint’---Sorry Sweet Things, he wasn’t, no matter how they try to re-write his biography, he was in and out of prison 5 times by the time he was 20, AND he just got out less than 3 months before. (SNARL)

But they are putting him up for sainthood just like they’ve put Obama’s picture on a glass candle that usually depicts Martin De Pours, as if Obama has come down off the mountain with the 10 commandments. (The priest from the local Catholic Church is not exactly happy about that)

And when I watch the news if it’s about something from the White House they have this image of the American Flag behind an image of him looking so determined with the words “The Obama Presidency”

They never did that with Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Ford, Carter, Regan et al. But they are doing it with Obama—is it because he’s, dare I say it, ‘Black’?---that is why I am so disgusted with Television news reporting, biased, biased, biased! (Roar)

For the last few days we’ve been having lovely sunny weather, I’ve been enjoying my neighbors cherry and plum trees blooming, the little sparrows going quickly over them looking for something to eat, and even better, I’ve see a dozen bees, pollinating the flowers, there has been fear that the honey bee population is collapsing which could seriously affect our ability to produce crops, but seeing these little creatures doing what they are doing makes me feel happy and gives a sense of hope. I know sweet things, that is a strange thing to say, but even the smallest of creatures affects our lives.

Tomorrow I’m going to the gun show at the Cow Palace, I was planning to go today, but because of the protests, that changed things as well as getting called back this morning for an emergency (work, work, work—Growl I need a serious vacation!).

I enjoy going to gun shows, I never know what I will come across or who I will meet, but I am going to see if there is a difference in demographics in the attendees at the Cow Palace. I am curious.

Fram has put to me a question about what is adventure in my life but according to his definition, I cannot give a ready answer because I really need to review things that I’ve done, and why I did them.

I know, it sounds silly, but I’ve found that within an adventure there are challenges, and within a challenge there is adventure.

For example, some years ago when I first visited Santa Cruz I saw people surfing, I’d never learned to swim, never saw the Ocean until I was an adult, sad in a way, but I wanted to ride those waves. Now in comparison to many other places those waves would seem tame, but for me I had to do it, I had to see what it was like.

First things first, I had to learn to swim; I found that I loved swimming, the feel of gliding through the water, in an element other than air, was just wonderful almost silken. Next was getting use to swimming in the Ocean, totally different, it was an alive element that has it’s own rules, I learned to “body surf” just catching it right and riding it in but staying on top of it, oh it left me exhausted but feeling so alive.

Then learning how to surf on the board, getting the feel of balancing on something, I can’t tell you how many times I fell off just trying to pop up at the right time floating on the water, but I learned, it was a good thing I had it leashed. And I used a wet suit, I didn’t want to get a sand rash, and at times I couldn’t be sure about the temperature of the water. Again exhausting but fun, I would catch baby waves just for practice, my friend who taught me thought it would be good, then I was finally able to read the waves and catching and riding the really good waves, everything totally attuned to the feel of the wave under me, I felt like I was riding a horse, it’s foaming mane arching before me, trying to buck me off, riding that first really good wave successfully I couldn’t stop smiling.

Of course to the ‘old timers’ , well some of them could understand my feelings, but there were some who acted like “a nice goin’ kid” but to them you are a kid, nothing like Freddie Aikau, Rell Sunn, Fred Van Dyke or Greg Noll. I didn’t care it was just exhilarating just doing it.

Those that can do, those that can’t become critics, my friend would always say.

I did it for almost three years and got pretty good at it (Meuw). And then one day I caught a wave that changed everything. It looked like a really good wave and my friend had just paddled back from an earlier one, I was just floating catching my breath and I wanted to catch one really great wave before finishing the day and there it was, so my friend said “Go for it” and I did, but it was different.

You’ve heard of rogue waves, well what they don’t tell you is that they can come in all sizes, I caught it but I was so focused on riding it that I didn’t see that a number of other surfers quickly shook it off, I was riding it having the ride of my life, all right it wasn’t Waimea Bay but it was the wave for me and I was riding it “home”; then it “bucked me off”, I found myself fighting to get out of the wet powerful massive hand that was threaten to pull me under forever, my lungs fighting for air, me fighting the fear that I might drown and then a pain that drove that fear out of me, I don’t really remember what happened next except I had the strange sensation that the wave was gently carrying me to shore, and gently depositing me on the sand.

When I finally woke up and had an idea of where I was, I realized I was in a hospital bed, my left leg broken in two places, the tendons around my left knee damaged, and a couple of broken ribs and a concussion, it seems my board hit my head and knocked me out, my friend saw I was in trouble and quickly followed me in, he was afraid I had drowned until he saw the wave putting me on the shore. He’d never seen a wave like that, the others had quit it but I was riding it, came close too.

My board was finished and I was laid up for a while, I went back to work as soon as I could but on crutches, my co-workers made arrangements to transport me, the leg and ribs healed, but the tendons around my knee was never the same, but I was glad that a lung wasn’t punctured.

A year later, I tried to surf again borrowing a used board from my friend, I could paddle, and I could pop up but the strain on my legs and that knee was too much, it swelled up again and I was limping, but I managed to catch one good wave and ride it home.

I looked at the Ocean and said “O.K. at least you brought me home”, my friend said that some of the local surfers who are really good didn’t want that wave that I caught and rode until I wiped out, I discovered how alive the sea could be and how unforgiving, but on that day it was kind to me, it had given me a gift and I gave it a lot of respect.

My doctor told me that surfing, skiing, ice skating was not good for that knee, even running, but I never gave up swimming, hiking, bicycling or even ball room dancing, I enjoy swing, the waltz, but there is something so passionate about the tango, not too many men can do a good tango, but I’ve encountered a few that could do it reasonably well, and strangely enough always older men.

So if adventure is doing something that has a certain amount of risk and feeling exhilarated at its completion, then I’ve done it to a certain extent. I’ve done whitewater rafting as well with friends and a few very good guides, watching the next boulders and heavy waters coming up, paddling like mad to prevent crashing, bumping and bouncing, and getting very wet, then gliding along the quiet stretches seeing the scenery and even wild life, then camping along the shore, taking just a few steps away from the fire to see the night sky, people in the city really don’t know how full the night sky is with stars, just lying there in your sleeping bag and feeling the immensity of the Universe, and you wonder just really how important are you? Here under the night sky, someone is showing to you a magnificent greatness, larger than one can possibly imagine and you feel your heart slowing and almost stopping in wonder, that you want to be a part of it.

Then the tiredness from all that paddling begins to overtake you, and you find yourself being lulled by something so heavenly, that you don’t realize you are
falling asleep to the night sounds, then waking up to the smell of coffee boiling over a camp fire in the morning, and hearing the sound of “Skreeeee” high up from the eagles that claim the sky as their dominion.

Other times and other places you hear Coyotes barking and baying at the moon in the desert in the late spring, taking shelter as thunder and lighting make their demands, and watching from a safe place seeing lighting ‘skipping’ on the water of a lake, walking along a trail and coming upon a rattlesnake and waiting very carefully for him to be long gone, every turn of the trail, every bend of the river every curve of the wave was and is an adventure.

But within that adventure is a challenge, the question is meeting that challenge with an understanding of the elements and knowing that you are just a little thing in Nature’s grasp.

So for me Adventure and Challenge are intertwined. And they can come in all sizes, all situations, I really don’t feel the need to climb Half Dome or El Capitan at Yosemite, but there are hiking trails that make demands on you and the reward at the end is wonderful. And yes I have paddled a canoe along the Russian River with a friend and enjoyed seeing the river life, herons, egrets, ducks, snapping turtles, sometimes the water is murky if it’s churned too much but I’ve seen it so clear to see fish swimming near the canoe, unafraid as if they know we do not carry fishing poles, but a picnic basket.

I’ve wanted to learn how to shot a gun, so I learned and took classes, I find it gives a certain satisfaction firing it and being accurate. I’ve also taken classes in self defense street fighting; forget the karate and judo, if you are going to fight, fight dirty. I’ve only had to use those skills only once, and I’m glad to say ‘he’ got the worst of it and gave up trying to steal my purse.

But for the past few years my adventures and challenges has been in the canyons and hills of San Francisco, work makes that many demands, my swimming has been in a pool, during the winter indoor. My exercise has been at the gym, the self defense classes or the rifle range, with some dance classes to keep my skills up. But recently one of my co-workers had asked for a few extra days off, seems he and his wife had to go to a Cowboy re-enactment and competition shooting. I asked him about it and he told me about SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society, or Cowboy Action competition shooting. I have their web site posted as a link, I’ve been to several of their competitions, I find it very interesting, taking my desire of shooting to a different level. (Purr)

Hmmmmm maybe I can dress like Jane Russell in that movie “Son of Paleface”, I think I’ll sleep on it. Who knows?

There are times when I think of that other Frost poem~~~

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Sleep well my sweet, yummy things, sleep well.