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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holidays and toxic parents

Well My Sweet Things,

"Gothic Rose Antiques" is everything my friend and I had hoped it would be, we've made several trips up there, the cost of gasoline not withstanding.

But after all what is money? The place would make the Adams Family very happy.

I found a gorgeous fireplace front to put in my place, not have I have a fire place but this was too morbid to pass up, and I can burn candles in it.

So Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is coming, I had a few kids show up the weather was a bit unpredictable by 8:30 it had stopped. Plenty of time to go to a friends house for their party, by the time Midnight rolled around we were in a seance mood, so we tried to contact the spirit of Houdini.

Oh that was a laugh, but I have to say we did contact something, it freaked some of our wanna be's half to death, but then I've always taken spiritual precautions.

I told some of my friends that Houdini wouldn't show up out of spite because he finally found out that there is an after life and they can get in touch with us.

One of my friends is looking into this type of recording thing that can get instant answers from our dead friends---and considering how many I know who died from drugs and what not, I'm sure I have more than plenty to talk to .

Work is such a bore, I could do it in my sleep, but it's what pays the bills.

Some of us went to the Vampire's Ball, fun but juvenile, but I and a few others have bought a season pass to the Dickens's Fair, I love the things they offer. Dark Carnival is my favorite place to shop.

My parents want me to come and visit for Christmas, as if I would go near such a toxic bunch of insanity. But my younger sister called me pleading that I come, well I have to use up some of my vacation time and I can drive there, so I'll go down on the 23 and leave on the 26 or 27.

Baby sister wants to visit me to see about moving near me, I told her she's NOT moving in with me, she can get her own place----but it seems she wants to get away from them too, I don't blame her, sanctimonious pricks----I gave up their religion.

But not all religion---there is something about going into a Gothic style Catholic church, especially if they are doing a Latin mass, feeling the chill of the place, smelling the incenses, it takes you out of yourself----but I'll be damned if I go for that "peace be with you" crap! Taking a strangers hand and saying that, you don't know what germs they're spreading. And I've heard enough sneezing for a life time.

That's why I go to church dressed all in black, including black gloves, it's a gloved hand they get and only a bare smile and nod, unless its a little kid, then I'll make it a bigger smile and say "peace"---don't want to scare the kiddies.

So this Christmas it will be at my parents church, a colder, friendless place I've ever been, people looking down at you, always saying you're a sinner. No gift giving, and I know Dad will read some horrible piece from his King James Bible, old testament, most likely about Jezebel just before dinner is served. Well I'm no longer under my parents rule, I have my car, my job, my own money and my own place, I can leave any time I want. But Baby Sister wants out.

So the hard part will be to keep my mouth shut---I'm going to talk to this lady I know---she's always given good advice, she'll know what to do.

A girl friend of mine wants to go to the Art Deco show in San Francisco, a two day event she wants to go both days---why not---you never know what you'll find and I love all those Sultry styles and the queens there, they love my Ava Gardner looks.

Then after the holidays paying down those credit cards---well I can afford it, thanks to Grandma's inheritance---which she did to piss my parents and uncles and aunts off---You go Old Lady.

Well I've got to do errands, and see who I can seduce today.

I'll be posting later, my sweet things.