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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doing a Diary, and the Flu~~~Random Thoughts

Diary Dated March 10, 2009 11:00 a.m.

Well Sweet things, I have come down not with a cold but the Flu. And I do want to Blog, but the best thing is to save my remarks onto my flash drive and then post them bit by bit as I’m feeling up to it. It will be sort of a diary. So please look at the “Diary Dates”

When I think back on it I never did get my Flu Shot which I am usually very punctual about, Mmmmm I think it must have slipped my mind, and all I can say Sweet things is that I was very busy trying to calm clients and make sure that their assets were in a good place and position, which judging from the “thank you” letters and cards I’ve received I must have been successful. Granted their income has been reduced but not to the point that they have to go out and seek a second job, for which I thank a “higher power” and I pointed out to them that given the economic twists and turns, over time their income will increase.

I also advised them that when there is extra to set it aside into a standard savings account for those “rainy days”. And there is one extra thing that I do, I ask them to send me letters or e-mails to let me know how they are doing, it’s a lot of work, but I put those letters and e-mails into each of my clients’ files and then I look them over at home to see what would be the best next move for each of them.

I can afford to, I do not have children or husband or any life long commitments except to my Family even if the relationship is strained. It is a life style choice that I made sometime ago, oh granted Sweet things, I have had ‘relationships’ of the romantic kind, but I’ve found that I am happiest when I am free, and I slowly change those relationships to friendships, it’s much better, friends last longer.

My elderly neighbor Lillian is have the greatest fun of ‘nursing’ me, she comes over with Chicken Won Ton Soup or War Won Ton Soup, she believes in the Chicken soup theory of getting better. I think it’s because it’s easier to digest. The sweet dear has even done my laundry, which I was feebly furious with her, but she said someone had to do it and I was in no condition. ***sigh*** I can’t argue with her. I am her “cause” right now and I should surrender. And she has so much energy, I feel sorry for the man who tries to keep up with her.

And there are times one does need “a Mommy”. (pitiful mew, feebly waving a paw)

Yoshi called me and said not to worry about my clients, that it is covered and to get better, she’ll be coming over with updates for me so I can stay current.

And to a certain Web Log Friend, kisses wonderfully accepted, gratefully appreciated, and I promise to update you on my latest acquisition. I won’t be able to pick it up until the end of the week if I’m up to driving by then. I’ll let you know all about it. And I have a ‘certain date’ marked on my Calendar. (slight chuckle)

To ChicGeek, I’m glad your daughter is using the Internet in a very positive way, I know that for many young people, the Internet is the ‘future wave’ of linking up in a national and international world, and because of that I know that they can make many positive changes and I can understand why you feel differently on certain aspects of my last post, not having a child of my own I can only go by what I’ve read and by the experiences of other parents. Everyone views things differently and that is what makes the world and life interesting.

And you are right, the major problem of the internet is that people can pose as one person and be something or someone entirely else. I thank you for adding me to your Blog list, I hope you will continue to find my postings and musings interesting to read.

Forgive me. My head is just so loggy that I can’t even think straight or on what to comment on in the news, I’m so ill that I even fall asleep during the news. Now is that bad or is the news boring?

I’ve been looking out the windows of my bed room and when I’m up to it from my couch in my living room. The sun is shinning, although there is a chilly wind, the birds come around to the bird feeder that I set up a few months ago, and just an hour ago I saw a couple of humming birds at the humming bird feeder, their ‘bright’ activity is more fun to watch than monotonous soap operas, Maury Pouvich’s paternity shows or Jerry Springer’s Red Neck marathons of “who dun who wrong”.

When I’m up to it I will post about my adventures with Frank, Lillian and I at the Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Sale, that was Fun, and just before I came down ill too. ***sigh*** Lillian is still gloating over her finds, I can understand how she use to be at the Department Store Sales back in her prime---Did I tell you that she’s ninety three years old and doesn’t look at day over 65 and has more energy than a 40 year old, and as she puts it “I’m one tough Broad”. I think that’s why I like her.

But now I’ve got to get back to bed, my head is beginning to ache again, more later Sweet things.

P.S. Right now I wish I could look in bed just as graceful as Ava.

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Fram said...

Yes, Ava does look pretty good. Sure that's not you?

You seem to be doing fine in the hands of Nurse Lillian. I had a bout with the flu (hate needles; never get the shot) about a week after I started my blog, and consumed plenty of chicken soup.

I think you once mentioned you had a book of Ambrose Bierce stories. If my memory is correct here, trying reading a few of them.

Get well and stay that way, OK?