Beware, or I'll eat you alive.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is Here....

Hello Sweet Things,

Did all of you see that fabulous moon in the Autumn sky and on the Autumn Equinox too, I could feel an energy that was almost primeval, I even felt like howling at the moon like a wolf.

I received so many postings inquiring as to how I am doing, I could not ignore them.

I won't be posting as much, life has become so busy for me, that to take a little time to breathe is precious.

I'm still with the same company, an upgrade in position, plus a raise and I have an assistant, very nice young lady whom I'm going to mentor.

Joe and I are still doing fabulously, we get together as often as we can, given our crazy schedules. And when they don't quiet mesh he works on his jeep. I warned him about not getting grease on my carpet.

Lillian took a fall, the good thing no broken bones, thank God for thick carpeting, but she insists on living independently yet. Her sons have looked into those alarm things you wear for just in case. A very good idea.

This last Thursday evening I took her to see "The Man who shot Liberty Valance" on classic film night at the theatre. There is something about seeing a film on the big screen that one is familiar with, you discover subtle nuances that the director is trying to get across. That in the end, I wondered --- Did the John Wayne character really shoot Valance as he said he did, or did he just say that so the Jimmy Stewart character could go and do the good that he could do? We only have just the one man's word.

Joe says I'm thinking too much like a forensic detective. I don't think that's a bad thing.

I did talk to Lillian about her situation, but she is determined to have her own way, I can't argue with her, just do my best to keep an eye on her.

My family is doing just fine, had a chance to visit them in August, and go to my country house during the 4th of July weekend. I feel a little sad because I can't visit it as often as I would like, but my caretakers are taking very good care of it and Buddy the dog, patrols the grounds and rounds up the goats.

The funny thing is when I'm there and going over paperwork in my "office" he curls up at my feet. We think he's guarding me.

There has been a few weddings there which helps bring in a nice income to offset taxes and maintenance. The historical society still prefers to hold their smaller meetings at my house, I don't mind, keeps it in use.

Right now I'm planning a nearly week long trip into the wine country, I'm thinking of re-stocking my 'cellar' with some special wines, and just enjoying the fall season.

It seems like every 4 weeks or so I need to get out of town, just to decompress and to make sure I'm not missing out on life, just living, just being alive!

I find that more and more I enjoy the changes of the seasons, and all the little things it brings, this morning I woke up early, and enjoyed the play of the changes of colors in the morning sky, of the blues, pinks and golds, the promise of the heat that the sun will bring, the play of the light on the Bay waters, the feel of the slight breeze on my skin. And a indefinable scent that tells me it's Autumn, I wish there was a way to bottle that scent and uncork it when needed.

The demands of work has me putting in longer hours, but I have an excellent team and I try to think of any possible problems. The higher ups did get upset with me because I took a little longer on making a decision but I told them that I felt I didn't have all the facts at hand and I was right, saved us a lot of money.

Lillian said I should get a housekeeper or maid, to ease my work load at home, I told her that I wasn't sure if I could find one who would understand the living arrangement that I have with Joe, bold woman that Lillian is she said that she had one in mind who doesn't blush at anything.

Her name is Esperanza, she comes to Lillian's house and does cleaning, laundry etc. and some cooking for her, I talked to her and we've worked out an arrangement, since Lillian is right next door, so I won't have to be concerned with cleaning house and doing some errands like picking up dry cleaning and such. Nothing heavy just to keep me ahead of things. Esperanza is happy because she needed another 'client' and this works perfectly. We talked about all the business arrangements, since she is self -employed she takes care of her own business needs. So I don't have to worry about that.

So many changes have been happening to me, to my family and friends. I'm doing well, just so very busy. But I have noticed a lot of changes here where I live and where I work, many not good, stores closing, more homelessness, people driving their cars in a way that is unsafe and a rudeness among young people and those who have a false sense of entitlement, who seem to be drifting and a demand to protect their own space.

But at the same time I've also noticed especially among the professionals and service people, more courtesy and consideration, a trying to understand another's problems.

Joe says that although some crimes are down, there are others that are rising that is not being reported out there.

I have a feeling or sense of desperateness, greater anger, and disregard for people and property, I would guess the best way to describe it is an evil selfishness----yes, evil selfishness---that is what I'm feeling, but I refuse to allow it impact me in a negative way. I still enjoy my city, for all its grittiness, it manages to capture one's imagination.

I'll still walk it's fog swept damp streets, the haziness of it's neon signs, as I wrap my trench coat tighter around me to keep out the Bay cold, as fog horns sound in the night. It's time to prowl again, perhaps not as often, taking in it's ghosts, it's memories of mysterious nights, fog enshoulded buildings that seem to appear and disappear, as if moments of time overlay the areas, and once again hunt for "the black bird, Mr. Spade."

But now I must go, things to do, places to go.

Kisses sweet things and to you too Sweet Fram.