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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a Quick Note for Christmas~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Just a quick little note.

Christmas here with the family has been wonderful, I will hate to leave come Tuesday but leave I must if I am to clear things up at work before the New Years.

Baby Sis and Ted have announced their engagement at Ted's Folks house party, I and my parents were there, everyone was so excited, and I've met Ted's family they are very nice, and surprise, surprise love to collect things, Ted's youngest sister is into photography and loves to collect old stereo slides. She's invited me to visit her home to see her collection. She's very much into Victoriana.

Ted's older brother and his wife have a huge Victorian house that they are renovating and restoring, considering they have 3 children and I suspect a 4th on the way, they are going to need all that space.

Ted's younger brother is in college back east and is taking (of all things) the train back home but won't be able to get here until Christmas Eve.

And Ted's folks have this wonderful huge Craftsman bungalow, that they managed to put in matching furniture over the years. It seems that Ted's entire family is in to preserving old things, restoring things, and working with several preservation groups.

I can see why Baby Sis is so much in love with him, they are just in such harmony with each other, even in these trying times.

Ted's folks and my parents are very much in tune with each other as well, his Dad and mine share much of the same opinions but have looked at it from different angles', and Ted's Mother and mine are having so much fun comparing recipes, shopping and sewing. Ted's Mom works part time right now. She was considering working full time, but like Mom wants to have an at home business and is thinking of doing business on line.

So much to go into and I had promised that this would be a short note.

Anyway Ted and Baby Sis explained why they are going to hold off on the wedding and everyone agreed that it was very sensible and good planning. I could see that Mom and Dad were in no hurry to let Baby Sis go just yet, but they know that it will happen.

Dad has privately told me that he's set one of the Apartments in one of the nearby Victorian Houses aside for them when they marry, he's put one of them on a month to month tenancy.

And From Christmas Eve and Christmas Day such fun, and joy, good food, good friends, good laughs, good times.

Now it is Sunday, we went to vigil Mass late yesterday afternoon, Mom thought it best that we have a chance to sleep in a bit Sunday morning. I'm up and dressed, so is Dad, he's taken Trixie out for her walk and we've had a simple breakfast, Mom and Baby Sis are getting dressed, and then---we are charging to the Stores---but there is one place that they want to go to and it is an Antique Mall. So as soon as they come down we'll go to the "fancy mall" and then to the Antique Mall.

Such Fun!

I know it sounds like it's all sweetness and light, and for the most part it is, but there are worry clouds. Ted and Baby Sis know that their tuition fees are going up, but are making arrangements to cover it, Dad of course is not happy about it, because it will put them into more debt, but they know what they have to do and can manage it.

The good thing is that both Ted and Baby Sis have been making money with their e-bay businesses and that helps off set things, and during the warmer months selling things at the outdoor flea markets, so by doing that and being frugal they will get by, fortunately with Ted's folks and ours I know they'll make it.

Mom is making enough funds so that her little business is paying for itself, but she only takes on what she can handle and no more.

My parents health is in good shape, and so is mine.

Dad's company is still doing good, no layoffs but no bonuses either, but from what I've heard, everyone knew that there might not be bonuses this year since about August, but they did pick up eye-care that is to cover the cost of glass prescriptions as another part of their health package.

Dad said not one complaint about that, and that profits are still holding. The company is focusing on controlled growth and is not looking at any further expansion unless seriously warrented.

Baby Sis and Ted are doing fine with their classes and grades (grades how old-fashion) and are progressing nicely towards their degree's.

As for me, job is good, my investments are holding, my properties and tenants are doing well, my house has not been invaded by another tree, all my friends are doing well considering how things are going.

Lillian's health is fine and so is her family's. Joe and Frank are pulling long duty for New Years Eve and considering how far they will have to commute when they get off duty I told them to come and crash at my place when they get off duty, I don't want them hurt.

So I do believe I and all my family and friends will be heading into 2010 in good shape and we can only hope for a better and brighter new year.

Must go Sweet Things, Mom and Sis are at the door saying "Let's Go!"

To all my Blog reader friends you all have a wonderful New Years, be safe, be warm and be happy.

And Sweet Fram, I'm glad you "enjoyed" that Christmas Kiss. Kisses to You.

Until Next Year Sweet Things. Happy New Years!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Well Sweet Things,

This will be my last post for the year, I'll be going down to my Folks house next week, and not back until just before New Years.

I'm giving a little Holiday get together tomorrow night, a sort of open house, not much just some munchie's, a bit of wine, ale (not beer), wasail, and non-alochoic drinks, just talk and eat and laugh.

However I do have to cover up my oil painting that is over the fireplace, well she is semi-nude, I have this huge scarf that has a holiday Thomas Kinkade image on it that will fit just right.

Lillian, Yoshi and her boyfriend will be by, some co-workers, a few of my girl friends, Joe and Frank when he gets off duty, and my neighbors from next door (they of the crashing tree) I told them to bring their daughters, I have board and card games they can play.

Then Sunday a quick clean up and packing. Lillian will watch my house for me while I'm gone and things are set up at work.

But getting back I will be having New Years Plans---There is a New Years Dance I've been invited to on the U.S.S. Hornet here in my little home town, all back to the 40's theme, period clothing (I have a beautiful 1940's evening dress just right for it) big band, dancing, dinner, drinks, dessert, silent auction to raise funds for the Ship. Well I'm all for that.

So Sweet Things, all of you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Years and may 2010 be a wonderful and Great Year for all of you.

Kisses to all of you and a special kiss to my favorite Blogger, you know who you are Sweet Fram.

See you all in 2010.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We need "a Little Christmas"

Hello Sweet Things,

I love flash drives, I can write and save with them and then down load when I have a chance. I love them.

So far the Christmas Season is in all it’s wonderful tinsel and wet glory here in the Bay Area, many people in my neighborhood have put out their Christmas Decorations and are refusing to allow the darkness of the economic situation dim their spirits.


Lillian and I had a marvelous time at the Dickens Fair “meeting” with all the characters from the Dickens’ novels as well as ones from Jules Verne and even Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, saw the queen and her prince consort, Father Christmas, Fagin, Marley’s Ghost, even Mr. Scrooge himself running around in his nightgown and cap wishing everyone “Happy Christmas” and many more characters both fictional and historical, including Mr. Dickens himself giving readings, Mark Twain, dancing at Mr. Fizzewig’s party.

And the smells of fudge, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking of cookies, meat pies, ‘bangers’, roasting chestnuts, bread pudding, mash potatoes and gravy and the calliophie of sounds, even a chimney sweep kissed Lillian’s’ hand and wished her Happy Christmas.

We were very fortunate that we managed to travel to the Cow Palace without any problems with rain, we managed to miss the heavy squalls, although while we were there at the London Dock’s area we heard this heavy thunderous noise, I looked up at the metal roof and realized it was the rain pouring down in heavy gushers, which soon passed.

Both Lillian and I were wearing long skits, but she insisted that we get period hats and get more into the “spirit” of it. How could I possibly refuse her suggestion? So I chose one with Christmas holly on it, just for the season.

The Marines were there in full dress uniforms collecting either toys or donations for Toys for Tots, I even gave a check in addition to the toys I had collected, even though I can’t give as much as I want I wanted to give something to guarantee that a child will have something for Christmas.

I remember the Christmases in which I grew up and there was no Christmas tree, and only just one toy if any. All due to my Father’s mistaken belief of what was the season, but that has changed with him. I have been told by Baby Sis, that this weekend they are going to shop for a tree, already Baby Sis has bought lights and several boxes of ornaments that look old-fashioned and Dad had the outside of the house decorated with lights for Christmas. He had special hooks installed so it would be easy to drape the lights without falling off of a ladder. Something we don’t want to have happen to anyone.

But what Baby Sis is concerned about is Dad going overboard on the gift giving, we both agreed that he didn’t have to make up for those Christmases past, that he has already done that especially with Mother and all the concessions that he has made. We told him this over Thanksgiving, both she and I told him to not give us a present of any kind, but that it was just fine to spoil Mother, what he had done has made up for a lot of sadness, it’s like that song from “Auntie Mamie” called ‘We Need a Little Christmas’.

I had been racking my brain about what to give him, but Sis told me that Dad is interested in old time Detective Stories, I asked if he had any of the Sherlock Holmes and she said no, so I found a complete volume that includes pictures as drawn by Sidney Paget, and for Mother I found an antique pin that had her exact initials on it.

Baby Sis told me to not get anything for her or Ted, they were just happy that I was coming down. Baby Sis and I discussed about Dad’s change and we agreed that if Dad wanted to spoil any future Grandchildren that was fine as long as it didn’t go overboard.

Sis told me that all though Dad had been parsimonious with us, there was some value behind it, it was all a matter of balance, she was concerned that if she had children that they would become too involved in material things and forget the spiritual. I said that it was all a matter of upbringing and schooling and who the child’s friends are. I said that as long as the home was loving and warm, and with the understanding that spiritual wealth is more important than material, it should balance out.

It was important to have enough for food, shelter, clothing, health, insurances, and transportation, but all the fancy extras are just that, fancy extra’s.

Then I asked her what was she getting at. Well, Sis and Ted want to announce their engagement at the Christmas party at Ted’s Family house two days before Christmas and we’re all invited since Ted’s folks know Mom and Dad but they haven’t met Big Sis (Me), and she said they all seem to be expecting something.

Sis told me that the wedding will still be several years off because she wants to get her Master’s degree and Ted is just completing his, and he wants to be sure of his employment and income which right now looks a bit precarious, so waiting and saving is a good idea.

Oh Sweet Things, this is going to be a very Happy Christmas indeed. I’m keeping my Dickens’s hat with the holly for next year and the long skit; I’m looking for a Victorian style blouse to go with it, Lillian has agreed that next year we’ll get a “Fair Ever” pass so we can go back more than once for it’s just a lot to see just one time.

Now I must go, I have a busy day today, I’ve come in early to work and then off to do more shopping, I’ve spotted a music box that I know Lillian will like, I was surprised to discover that she collects music boxes. And Yoshi’s Mother loves a particular make of candy, which she doesn’t have too often, Yoshi said that she just wants gift cards to Nordstrom’s, Thank you Yoshi, for making it easy on me. And I think I’ll look for a copy of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” for myself, there’s this marvelous old book store where I can find a copy.

So until Later, Kisses Sweet Things.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Holiday Update

Hello Sweet Things,

I would have posted sooner but as with everything the holidays have caught up to me and I have just enough time to post this before I'm off again.

Thanksgiving with the family was wonderful, I'll post that more in full later, but it was so good to be with them and their friends. Traveling by train is the only way to go, you just have to add a little more time that's all.

And the season has started, where I work staff is encouraged to put up Christmas decorations, we have one person who also celebrates Kwanzaa and she puts that up as well, and even though we also have several staff who are Jewish they also get into the Christmas festivities as well, for it is a season of celebration and to bring goodness and light into the world.

But we were also hit with a firestorm of illness last week, last Friday several staffers came down ill with high fever and they were vomiting, then more of them total 16 all together, right through Tuesday, even I was hit by whatever it was, I had a temp of 102, fortunately it broke but I didn't go to work until Tuesday. No one was sure if it had been a form of food poisoning or if it was the flu, management had the entire work place sanitized and we did much of our work from home during that day.

I'm fine now and I called my family to see if anyone had come down ill but nothing, fortunately they were able to get their flu shots and I had been unable to get mine, but nothing is being ruled out. Lillian was able to help me but I was frighten that she would come down ill as well, but so far she is just fine.

I had been planning on going to my country place last weekend for some Christmas events but being ill just upset those plans, but I managed to contact my caretakers and my renters at my other house to see how they are doing all is well with them, My caretakers were disappointed that I couldn't come up but they promised to send pictures to me. Next year I am going to get that flu shot early. I'm not missing out on a thing.

But I am going to see how the place looks in January. Get an idea of weather conditions.

So Lillian and I are still getting into the Christmas season, today we are going to the Dickens Fair and tomorrow to Christmas at Dunsmuir House, I've also been enjoying (while I wasn't ill) shopping, and getting gifts for the family, nothing drastic but something special. And Koit Radio has been playing throughout the office with it's Christmas Music, I have to confess I prefer Ertha Kit's version of "Santa Baby" much better than Madonna's. But Mariah Carey's rendition of "Joy to the World" makes one want to get up and shout.

I'm going to be taking the train down to the family again just a few days before Christmas and come back a few days after, Dad and Mom want to go to Midnight Mass and I think that will be wonderful and very special, then returning to the Bay Area so I'll be here for New Years.

I've also been busy getting toys for Toys for Tots and I'm dropping them off at the collection office before we go to the Dickens Fair, Lillian wants me to come and help her out at the Food Kitchen for New Years Day and join her family later for dinner, Frank and Joe will be coming by her place as well. Yoshi is being swarmed by family for the next few weeks, but she and I are planning to see the Chinese New Years Parade next year.

2010 is almost here, where has 2009 gone to? When I look over my blog I have a feeling of what I have been doing for 2009, I'm another year older, and I hope another year wiser. And so far we have been weathering the economic situation better than I had hoped. I just wish it were so with many other people, many of my co-workers think that the current administration is not going about this the right way. Jobs need to be brought back to the United States, people need to learn to live on less, and the prices for houses in California are not in sync with the rest of the nation.

One of my co-workers was saying we should go back on the gold and silver standard and get away from the credit standard, that would make the value of things more in balance and in line with the way the economy should be. I'm not sure, this is something that should be looked into very carefully, because the first nation that would switch to that standard would have very serious adjustments and it could cause either greater recession/depression or inflation, but would it really bring about a balance of things or make them too costly? This would need to be looked at more closely, but not now, this is not the season for it, this is the season for celebrating and helping.

And speaking of weather, there has been snow all the way down to the 500 foot level, snow on Mt Diablo, Mt. Tam and Mt. Hamilton, and cold, cold, cold for the Bay Area. Now it's wet, very wet, but we need the rain and water and snow, I hope that it breaks the drought conditions, of course it will mean floods and mudslides, and other disasters. I love the Bay Area but there are times.....

Well must go, Lillian is here looking like an Eskimo and ready to go.

If I don't post before Christmas, Sweet Things, all of you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other Winter Celebrations.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hello Sweet Things,

I'm blogging from my folks house, took the train down on Tuesday after working over the weekend to make sure things were in place before I left, I'm planning on staying with the Folks through the Weekend and coming back by train on Monday.

My Folks, Baby Sis and her boyfriend met me at the Station, in the rebuilt 1950's Buick, it felt great!

We've spent Wednesday just getting things into place and ready for the dinner, Mom insists on baking home made pies. No store bought, almost everything home made, it can be a chore but with all of us pitching in it's so much easier, now I have to get the receipes.

Dad has invited his co-worker Andrew and his wife to Thanksgiving with us, Andrew's wife is expecting and in her eighth month, Mom insisited that she not be pressured into doing a Thanksgiving dinner, which was good because Andrews' wife's family live up in Washington State and they couldn't visit and Andrew really has no family, being estranged from his father.

So it's going to work out really good. The only down thing is that Ted, Baby sis's boyfriend is going to be with his folks for their Dinner because they have out of town relatives visiting that he hasn't seen in ages, but he will be by for dessert.

And Mom is cooking so much, I can picture the left overs, turkey sandwhiches, turkey casserol, turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini, but with Mom's home made stuffing which you have to make at least a day a head of time because it involves chicken.

And no you don't stuff a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey which I've heard some people do.

Mom is just so excited about this, she's resurrected the old family receipes that she hasn't made in ages, and the smells are just so wonderful.

Dad, of course, has to keep Trixie out of the kitchen because she gets so excited, so he keeps taking her for walks, and more walks just to tire her out. But from the looks of it, it's Dad that's getting tired.

Right now we're taking a little break, everything is almost ready. Andrew and his wife will soon be here. And Mom is planning on giving them a lot of leftovers so she doesn't have to cook for a while. Since Michelle's folks are up in Washington, Mom has offered to help out with anything she may need, and Dad, Ted and Baby Sis have offered to Take her to the hospital in case Andrew is tied up.

But Mom keeps saying that the Baby will come most likely in the middle of the night.

Everything feels so good right now, I just don't want it to end and I have a lot to be Thankful for.

Must go Sweet Things, our guests are here and Trixie is barking up a storm.

Until later.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yoshi, Lillian, Hoppy and Me~~~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Another Sunday morning has come and gone, and a lovely Sunday morning too. I dawned sunny, clear, cold and a bit crisp. Fall is fully upon us.

I have been a bit of a busy bee this whole last week, went in taking Bus and BART on a coldish, drizzly, rainy, Friday morning, at least it was casual Friday. The crowds were back to being their usual self. Worked till 1 p.m.

Met with my friend Yoshi for lunch near Union Square, and with her driving in the crowded Streets of San Francisco on a rainy, drizzly day (an adventure in itself) we went to this Antique/Collectible shop that had been recommended to me.

And it was not a wasted effort, I found a wooden 4 drawer filing cabinet in excellent condition, that matched my desk, however no luck on a 2 drawer cabinet, I was not upset about that. I just have to be on the watch for it.

So I made arrangements to have it delivered to my home Saturday evening, and it now sits in my home office waiting for all the files that I plan to put into it.

After our little excursion, Yoshi and I went to do some Grocery shopping, I decided to hold off on perishable dairy goods, until I got back home. Yoshi asked if I wanted to come over for dinner at her aunts’ house in Oakland, but feeling tired from the day and the week, I had to beg off.

So she dropped me off at my home before going to her aunts’, she, like Lillian, is such a good friend. Friends always need to be cherished, especially when they are there to support you in your time of need.

The Gun Show yesterday was fun, a lot of people, a lot of guns, a lot of collectibles, and a lot of items to buy for security and self defense. The NRA was out in force, outside and inside; out side they were signing up people and having people sign petitions to repeal the ammo limitation sales, as well as signing letters of support to Assemblyman Hager for amending his bill to repeal that idiotic law.

Inside the NRA had an information booth about the current gun law status, who to write to, and information on gun ranges in the greater SFBay Area. People were taking the Gun Safety course and test, and other were taking the conceal weapons carry permit course.

Frank wasn’t working detail for the show but I saw and said “Hi” to some of his friends, they asked about my health, getting better and stronger of course.

The members of the Sunnyvale Cowboy re-enactment group were there, we had a nice chat and they inquired about my previous purchase, I told them I hadn’t gone through the gun yet and cleaned it, nor fired it because of my health problem from earlier and when I was feeling better I didn’t want to do it in front of Mom, although I’m sure she would understand, I just didn’t want to upset her while she was staying with me.

Of course every one of them offered to help, and I know their offer is sincere but the day I can’t clean a gun is a day when it’s time for me to retire. But I’m not foolish, if I see something that I feel requires a gunsmith, I will do that. I never attempt my own repairs, I don’t have that level of expertise.

I did have a chance to see a few 1st and 2nd generation colts, a matched pair of 1st generation colts, with sequential numbers, fully restored by Doug Turnbull, with ivory grips, asking price a mere $7,500 although I think they could go for more. I longed to hold even one of them in my hand, but with ivory grips, I didn’t want my hand oil to do any further discoloration.

After a couple of hours looking and admiring, I felt hungry and at all stadiums, the prices were high for a hot dog and coffee, but an Italian Sausage Dog, worth the price, coffee was Starbucks and very strong, no fancy lattes here, just a lot of dry dairy creamer and sugar (lots of it) I’m sure my calorie intake went off the chart.

I shared a table with several gentlemen from out of town, they were visiting from Seattle, a business weekend for them, I just said I worked as a “secretary”, avoiding what my real job is. One never knows what sort of tidbit of information one can get in a conversational chat. (slight “James Bond” theme here).

I love James Bond movies, even the sexiest Shawn Connery ones.

But I digress, I did get a bit of information from them that I mentally filed away and asked them for their business cards, it always pays to get business cards. We chatted about guns, the laws in California and about the Fort Hood Shooter, everything is now alleged at this time, like he might not have worked alone, that he might have 9/11 connections. We all agreed that we’ll have to see how this plays out.

It turns out that my “Koffee Klatch Friends” are also Cowboy reenactors from up North as well and we talked about that.

But then it was time to move on, and with ‘friendly goodbye’s’ and ‘nice talkin’ to ya’s’ we went our ways.

I never go to one of these shows with any expectations, which is good because one doesn’t get disappointed. But sometimes something shows up which I call a “Gotta Have”, and there it sat, no fanfare, just sitting there. Not a gun either.

It was an original picture of Hopalong Cassidy (portrayed by William Boyd) in an original Hopalong Cassidy picture frame from the time Boyd took the Hopalong movies to T.V. in the 1950’s. It was in very, very good condition only slight wear, in fact I was amazed that it held up this long, the price was a steal.

I looked at it, took out my money, the man came along looked at me, I pointed to the picture, he smiled and said “The guys from the Sunnyvale Cowboy group are going to be upset, a couple of them came looked and said ‘I’ll be back’, one of them said I need to get some cash from the wife, I hate to see their faces”. I grinned as he carefully bagged the photo and frame.

And yes Sweet Things, I had to ‘gloat’. I went over to the group and said “hi’ again and said “Look what I found!” Showed Hoppy, their faces just were priceless, one turned to his wife and said “See!! I told ya!” She could only just shrug her shoulders in that “Oh Well” movement. But I told them that Hoppy would have a good home.

A couple of the police officers that work the show came by and saw what I had purchased, and one said “I just looked at it 20 minutes ago, I shoulda moved on that!”

And now Hoppy has a good home in my home office, I’ve made sure that he’s not in an area where he’ll get faded from the sun, but where I can also see him. I never saw the Hopalong Cassidy show, it ran many years before my time, but at a western film revival they showed some of the films that were filed in historic Jamestown and Columbia back in 1935 before Columbia became a state historic park. And I got hooked and watched first for the Tapes then DVD’s for the films.

Of course I also love Roy and Gene, and the Lone Ranger, but for some reason Hoppy has staying power, his image is still on Producers Milk, which is what my Mother buys even now.

Now after a busy weekend gun shows, finishing grocery shopping, antique shopping, I thought I would stay in on Sunday, but Lillian had a different idea, so off we went to Niles, she has a friend that was showing some of her works at a small art gallery in Town and she wanted to see what her friend had produced. After looking at everything for nearly an hour, Lillian and I came out of the small gallery and as we walked towards Bronco Billy’s Pizza Parlor for coffee and a salad she proclaimed “I can do better.”

I don’t argue with Lillian.

We sat at the only table at the window of the place; I had no idea why she wanted to go there except that one has an excellent view of the street, and both Lillian and I love to people watch. There was a fellow dressed as a cowboy all in black and his wife, she looked a little ill and she was wearing a high plains drifter hat, but wore red cloth gloves and a warm jacket, they were sitting at the counter, drinking coffee and quietly talking, I heard him say “You’re only out of the hospital less that 4 weeks, it takes time to get better from surgery, I don’t want you to push it” she was using a cane to assist in walking.

After a bit they left, the cowboy husband carefully watching his wife and they joined a group of cowboys near this passenger railroad car and they went in. Lillian remarked it must be for some sort of meeting. I was thinking "Why am I running into cowboys?"

I was looking out at the area that the Niles township is working on, the new plaza, with it’s old fashioned passenger and freight railroad depot. Lillian told me that she was trying to get tickets for the Christmas lights train that runs from Sunol to Niles and back, but the dates she wanted were sold out, just at the time her family would be visiting.

I’ve ridden the Niles Canyon Railway several times for fun and have eaten at Bosco’s Bones and Brew in Sunol, I’ll have to plan on riding the Christmas lights train sometime.

I suggested that we go to the Dicken’s Fair on one of the weekends, so we’ll make plans for that.

Before we left Niles, we went through some of the antique shops, and I saw a pair of art Deco type brass and onyx bookends in the shape of Falcons. I thought that they would be perfect to hold my hardcopy address book and my calendar book. The price was right and a 20% discount on top of that. No argument from me. How could one be so lucky in one weekend I thought, but sometimes fate works that way.

We left early, I was feeling tired, Lillian asked if I would drop her off at a Friends house who was expecting her, so while in town as we were driving past this warehouse being renovated I saw it, a very large Falcon, I’d seen him the day before, and there he was again, I have no idea as to what breed of Falcon, I’ll have to look it up. Lillian spotted him too and remarked that she had seen him several times, so there must be a nest or something nearby, it appears to be his territory. How remarkable I thought, and how wonderful.

Now I’m finishing typing my weekend adventures, not much in the grand scheme of things, but fun. I have some wonderful War Won Ton Soup ready to heat, that I purchased yesterday and never had a chance to eat it. Then I’ll spread out the newspapers and catch up on things.

I wonder what is on “Retro Night” on KOFY T.V. something interesting I hope, if not I’ll put on a James Bond movie, or maybe watch William Powell and Myrna Loy exchange banter as they solve a “Thin Man” mystery. And then to Bed…It has been a busy weekend for me.

Until Later Sweet Things, Kisses.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Missing "Cents" symbol~~~~~~

And a Lovely Thursday Morning to all you Sweet Things,

We are finally getting our chilly Fall weather now, clouds appearing, gray and overcast, with the threat of showers---well we do need the rain, we need it very badly.

I’m finally caught up with all the bumps and dips at work, things are rolling with its usual “side-bars” and I do get a bit tired, but sleep is the healer of all things they say.

I even found a "Halloween" picture of the Lovely Ava, that I added to my Halloween post, check it out.

I’m thinking of doing alternating choices in my commute to work, the usual methods, Bus and BART and from time to time taking the Ferry, with either driving myself to the parking lot or Lillian driving me over and picking me up or my catching the bus, and making a second connection, although I did discover that the commuter bus from the Ferry only drops me off a half block from my home. It’s a question of catching it in the morning. But I’m not taking it while it’s raining; I’m not going out on choppy bay waters.

Lillian has taken up water colors, she’s attending classes and I have to say is a very good painter. She likes water colors because she says it’s more immediate, she doesn’t have to wait for the acrylics to set. It’s done.

I told her that there is that painter who seems to do a painting in an hour’s time on T.V. why not try that? I should remember that Lillian’s verbal tongue lashings can strip off skin.

I am looking forward towards the Gun Show this weekend, who knows what I may find.

But this evening is balancing the check book and bill paying---sigh---I know one should do bill paying on line, but I have to confess, Dad ages ago got me into the habit of doing checks and paying by mail.

At work we’ve been talking about how could one protect their personal and financial information, one good electronic pulse and that’s it---everything is gone. And people are getting more and more enamored with electronic bill paying----a very dangerous thing.

I’ve always believed in Hardcopy, and since I can access my information on line, I do a print out every two days from home. It may seem excessive, but it works, Gloria “The Diva” at Ladivalocafabulous (it’s another blog spot site) suggested it to me, and to keep one years worth for hardcopy back up. Along of course, with my bank statements.

I’m not saying that one should be a Ludite, but hard copy is always good.

And my Dear Sweet Fram, yes, I do think buying property in Canada might be a good option to persue, the way things are going.

I’m going to be taking a half day off on Friday (casual Friday) going in early and getting off at after the close of the N.Y. exchanges, I can check on things locally from home. But there’s a couple of antique stores that I know that deal with period office furniture from the 20’s to the 1960’s for those people into serious Retro. They also rent out things for theatre and movie props.

I want to get a wooden 4 drawer and 2 drawer file cabinets to go with my desk, none of the new ones seem to match. And I found a shop in Castro Valley that sells reconditioned manual typewriters; I seriously want to buy a Royal if possible.

Did you know Sweet Things, that when a sales man would demonstrated a typewriter he would type the word typewriter. Why? Well the letters for the word is all on the upper rank----take a look and type out typewriter very slowly.

TYPEWRITER. It made it easy for them to sell it when they would demonstrate it. The remaining letters were cast randomly on what was left of the key board, with the two least used letters Q and Z at the outermost reaches, A is always easy to hit with the little finger of your left hand and if you notice you hardly ever use the little finger of your right hand at all.

And it has remained that way ever since----there is one character that is missing from the keyboard and that is the cents sign---we have the dollar sign but no longer have the cents sign. On a manual type writer missing that symbol you’d type the lower case c, back space and then strike / through it but you cannot with a computer try it c/ can’t be done, the word processor thinks something is there and will skip it.

Now does anybody know how to create a “cents” sign on a word processor?

It’s not on any of the “wing dings” symbols. How many young people do not recognize the cents symbol----O.K. I know that in the grand scheme of things it’s small, but we lost it without realizing it.

And that is what is happening everywhere, we are losing things without realizing it with our complacency of life, our complacent attitudes.

Wake up Folks, be aware of what is disappearing before it’s too late, like your Freedom and Liberty.

And that is your thought for the day.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Short Comment on Obama or "The Cow and the Ice Cream"~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I do love flash drives, small, discreet, very portable, lots of memory, I wrote this up Tuesday night, came to work early again this morning, things are quiet right now so no problem to quickly down load this. Then a meeting at 9 a.m, I just “love” Wednesday morning meetings, coffee, bagels, fruit, pastries; our boss “foots” the bill. Big believer in staff moral, which is pretty good around here.

Well it was a good thing that I got an early morning start to work on Monday, with Lillian dropping me off at the Ferry and the Ferry being crowded it was a good choice. After getting to work I found that much of my colleagues were able to keep things going for me, but I did have a bit of ‘catch up’ to do.

Which wasn’t too bad really, it was good to see everyone, and they treated me to lunch at our favorite place; Fortunately when I asked for the days that I wanted for vacation it was not a problem, especially since I would be in the office before and over New Years, and with WiFi and everything I can keep in touch with the office.

Unfortunately I had to take BART and Bus back home, I called Lillian to explain. Bless her she ordered ‘delivery’ from our favorite Chinese place, so she had the fun of me explaining to her all the woes of commuting with the Bay Bridge being closed. Hmmm it felt like New York during Rush Hour.

I have to admit, taking public transportation is really a good thing in the City, unless you have to ride one of the City’s Muni Busses. Especially into one of the more crowded ethic parts of the city, but I’ve such a short walk to the BART station from work, it’s not so bad. Thank Goodness for tennis shoes, so much better on the feet when you have to walk, although I’ve gotten fond of Sketchers, no Crocs for me, they are so ugly.

It was a good thing that Lillian ordered dinner, I was so tired, but I know it will get better once I’m into the swing of it again.

We got word that the bridge is finally open but it will close again in a few months for any additional repair. Well I’ll be prepared with alternatives. Just let us know in advance is all I can say.

But I still don’t trust the repairs that have been made, not that it’s CAL Trans fault, its an old bridge and until they can be sure it will be safe for a longer period of time then I’m going to have to take the San Mateo Bridge to get to the City on Saturday---Another Gun Show at the Cow Palace---Yippee!! I just know I’m not going to get lucky as I did the last time, but its wise to never say never.

Of course it will take a long time to get over the bridge even for a Saturday, however with the Bay Bridge being open and functioning for a few days it might make it easier, from what I’m hearing they are going to make sure it is fixed and fixed right---Well I hope so!! The persons in those three cars were lucky to not be injured, the next time it might be worse.

Patience that is what one needs right now, patience.

I’ve been keeping quiet on President Obama for many reasons, the first being that I wanted to see how his administration is going to start out.

But recently Rush Limbaugh in an interview said that Obama (and I’m paraphrasing) is the most dangerous person to the freedom and liberty of the American people.

Although the White House spokesperson said that Limbaugh is just an entertainer, from the rumblings that I have been hearing among my colleagues, Limbaugh may not be off the mark.

It’s a question of “The Cow and the Ice Cream”.

A teacher wanted to show to her 3rd graders how politics and elections work, so she had her class select two candidates Joe and Olivia, both were excellent students, and both had their parents support. When it came time for them to give their speeches as to why each should be elected Joe gave an excellent speech about how he would improve the class room and how he would go about doing it.

Olivia stood up and said “If I’m elected I will give everyone ice cream” and sat down, when asked how would the ice cream be given, where would the money for the ice cream come from, and where was the source for the ice cream, or where was the “Cash Cow” to handle all of this, the reply was “I don’t know”.

Olivia was elected, because all that her class mates could see and hear was “Ice Cream”

And that is how a number of my colleagues view the Obama Presidency.

It is a frightening thought.

And now I must get back to work. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.

Until Later Sweet Things, Kisses

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween After~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Did you all have a Happy Halloween? Mine was fun, all the little trick or treaters in their costumes, and with warm coats on. Mommies and Daddies holding very little babies that were dressed as pumpkins or Teddy Bears and holding out the bags for candy, well I just knew who was going to be eating the candy.

But it has become quiet a family event and one that I approve of. It’s almost as big as Christmas but without all the angst of gift giving.

I shut down the lights by 9:30 p.m. all the “littles” had pretty much come and gone. I had a late night dinner, mostly leftovers from Mom’s wonderful cooking with plenty for Joe and Frank for their late night snack.

Their cots were set up in the living room with night lights in the kitchen and half bath. They have spare keys that I gave them, no sense doing the long drive home and I know they would be having problems on “Mischief Night”. This morning over coffee they told me some of the problems. I won’t tell you of some of the stupidity.

You’d think that people would have more sense. But they don’t. Frank and Joe have now crashed out on the cots, I can hear their snores even the caffine of the coffee couldn’t keep them awake.

Halloween dawned cold and gray but then the sun came out but it was still a bit chilly at night. I lit a small fire in my fireplace to make things cozy, I find that my house is empty without Mom’s presence. I saw her off on Friday morning at the train and got a call that night when she arrived safely at home, Dad, baby sis and Ted met her at the station, with all her luggage. I spent the day tiding up just a few things, not that there was much to do, just a load of sheets and making the bed.

And then setting the clocks back one hour last night, now this Sunday morning the dawn and time seemed right in sync.

I and Lillian will be doing our grocery shopping and a few other things today, maybe taking advantage of any sales, Frank and Joe said they would lock up my house when they go.

When I get home I’ll be setting up my things to get ready to go to work tomorrow, back into the hustle of the working world.

The Bay Bridge is still closed, so I’ll be taking the Ferry over to the City, Lillian will drop me off and pick me up, parking at the Ferry terminal will be insane anyway.

Although I usually take bus to BART but for the next few days during the work week I think the Ferry may be a nice change of pace. Leave early and get back into the swirl of work. And Lillian said she doesn’t mind, she’s an early riser anyway.

For Thanksgiving, I’ll make plans to go down by train and spend a few days with the Folks, I’ll leave the day before Thanksgiving then come back Sunday or maybe Monday after, if work will permit it and I’m sure they will, I have to use that vacation time and they know it.

Then see what I can do for the Christmas holidays, I do know I want to go up to my country place for a weekend and see what holiday festivities they are planning, my caretakers will let me know.

Then down to the Folks a few days before Christmas but coming back just before New Year’s, I always need to tie things up at work, so we shall see how things work out.

Hmm, sometimes the sounds echo strangely around here, I though I heard a ships fog horn going out of the deep channel of the Estuary, although where I’m at it’s sunny but then on the water things can be different, fog banks and such. Oh, I am not mistaken I heard it again and again. It may be a ship coming in to off load at the Oakland Terminals. Such an eerie, mournful sound, it does remind one of San Francisco by the Bay, a signature sound.

Ahhhh yes, just a lazy Sunday morning this November, and that is just fine for me. Lillian is here, tiptoeing to not wake the sleeping beauties in my living room, and with a few final taps of the computer I’ll be off.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday fun and revelations~~~~~~~~

What a lovely Sunday we had Sweet Things!

I was feeling in fine shape Sunday morning after Saturdays little excursion, so Mother and I went out for breakfast after church. I’m still not stable on my feet so I wore my low heels, and Mother and I took the precaution of wearing gloves what with the H1N1 virus going around, we didn’t want to take chances. We hadn’t received our flu shots yet, so we got ours today when we went to see my Doctor and I asked if my Mother could receive one as well. I would pay for it and it was done.

Well Sweet Things I am concerned what she might contract when she goes home on the train, not that one thinks of the train, more like airplanes, but still one cannot be too safe.

At our local Elks club they were offering a Vintage Fashion sale, proceeds to go to charity and Mother was in her element, I never saw someone so happy finding patterns and things that she could use, handing out her business cards and networking like an old pro. She had even packed a small snapshot portfolio of her work to show to those who were interested. I have a feeling that I’m going to be her “Bay Area Office” for her business. Well why not; she was even wearing one of her own creations that received a lot of compliments and she got several commissions. She saw one outfit that she bought, that included a jacket, vest, skirt and matching hat, just her size and she said that it will inspire her. Quite a little “go getter” my Mom, not the frightened mousy woman that I remembered from my childhood, such a wonderful change.

After such a busy day, I told her to not cook dinner, we would get take out and she wanted to sample the food from our favorite Chinese Restaurant, so phoning an order in and picking it up, we dined alfresco on my balcony overlooking the San Francisco Bay

It was a gorgeous warm Fall day with the sunlight so crisp and sharp, and hardly any wind on the balcony. Mother enjoyed looking out at the Bay and watching the sea gulls.

After dinner we came inside to have coffee, decaf for the both of us. Then I asked Mother something that had been on my mind for a while. I brought to her mind about how Dad treated her around the time that my Grandmother died and now the change in him, it all seemed too good to be real, was it real I asked her. She looked at me and said it was, she confirmed what Dad had told me, that the change within him had been coming on for a long time, starting with my initial rebellion when I went off to college.

Once his father’s influence was gone, only the ‘church’ of his father’s was holding him back, but he is not a man to keep blinders on his eyes, but it was hard for him to admit things. At least at first; the employee at work that was the son of one of his church members was one of the second breaking of his armor, what I had said to him that Holiday that seemed a long time ago, started everything crumbling and then her near breakdown, trying to defrost the old refrigerator, it all finally hit home.

Then Trixie the dog, found exhausted on their porch, Mother said that for Dad to make such changes was a profound awakening for him and one that she had to admit was very frightening for him and for her. But he saw things in a new light and he saw what he had become. “To re-discover Love” said Mother “to let go of all that you had been taught only to discover it was wrong and to understand how to balance one’s life has been the hardest experience for your Father, every day for him is one of discovery.”

She told me that thanks to information that baby sis came up with and my suggestions and my willingness to start all over again has made everything so much easier, and also discovering those societies that seek to preserve Art Deco and Art Moderne has helped a great deal in Father’s transformation. Mother told me that it helped her too, because she was and is not happy with the way society has become. By doing what she is doing and with all of them seeking ways to preserve elegance has been the best thing that could happen for all of them.

”Your Father sees you in a new and positive light” she said “and with everything that you’ve been telling him how to incorporate 21st century technology with elegance from bygone times, and showing your Father what is fine to accept and what is fine to reject, he’s been more comfortable with all the new things that are being created. Do you know he’s signed up for identity theft through his bank? Now he can keep a very close watch on his investments. That was a very big move for him to do, but with Ted and your sister’s help he can do it. He’s not afraid anymore.”

Mother said the last bit with a smile “The only thing is he will not drive on the Freeway, he’ll take the street roads instead, and I don’t blame him, the way people drive now a days would frighten me as well. But Ted and your sister don’t have that problem so we let them drive, your Dad and Ted in the front seat and your sister and I in the back, especially in one of Ted’s old cars. We love it when people see that old 1950’s Buick on the road.” It was good to hear Mom laugh and I felt better about what she said.

But I had to return to that incident that I saw as a child, Mother told me that later Dad had come to her and sincerely apologized to her, it was the first and only time he ever slapped her and he begged her forgiveness, “It was the only time in the early days of our marriage after you were born that he was ashamed of how he treated me, he never did that again and I forgave him. It was hard for him to unbend from all those years growing up in his father’s house, deep down I felt that in many ways he had to be like his father to gain his father’s approval. When he was courting me and in the first two years of our marriage he was not like the man that you had remembered from your childhood, he became that way because of his father.”

”The best thing that ever happened and I admit it’s unchristian to say this, but when his father died, it was the best thing for your Father. I’m sure you remember that elaborate funeral for your Grandfather, well all of that was pre-paid by your Grandfather, and your Father had nothing to do with it. Privately, after you were asleep, he told me that he was embarrassed by his father’s funeral, but he couldn’t do anything to change it. And if he did he felt that would embarrass him in the church.”

This was such a revelation to me, it took me several moments to try and process it. I told Mother that I owed Dad a very big apology, that I needed to continue to make amends to him. Mom smiled at me “Save it for Thanksgiving, when the two of you go on one of Trixie’s walks. Your Father is happy with how things are going now, and this will go towards a great deal of healing, it’s never too late to heal one’s heart. Your Father and I have been doing it every day of every hour of every minute, even when we come up against some little problem like the sink leaking, or the roof needing repair, it’s a joy” and Mom laughed again. I asked her why she was laughing and she said “I never thought being happy to work together to see a roof get fixed or a sink repaired could be such a wonderful occasion”

With that remark we both began laughing and hugging each other until tears came to our eyes, but they were happy tears. After we got ourselves composed again we went to the kitchen to pop popcorn and watched several DVD’s from the Universal Horror series, “Son of Frankenstein”, “The Wolfman” with Lon Chaney and “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” curled up on my couch and Mom from time to time remarking “I think I can do that dress, all I need is a photo”.

Mom and I rested yesterday after seeing my Doctor for a follow up exam and the both of us getting our flu shots. Today is our SPA day at the Claremont, then on Wednesday we’ll swing by this antique store where Mom purchase a complete set of 1950’s Samsonite Luggage dark blue with white trim almost brand new, where she will put her goodies in that she purchased Sunday, we’ll need to pick up luggage tags as well. I’ll hate to see her leave on Friday, but I know she misses Dad and her home, and I’m almost back up to par, considering I’ll be going back to work the following Monday, so it is time.

In a way Sweet Things, I’m itching to get back to work, get back into the routine of life, and now what with the train and land-line phones and such it’s so much easier for me to keep in touch with family. I’m loving the new found life I’ve discovered as well, and I’m so glad that it’s happened just at the right time. Mother did laugh at my Halloween tree, not that it’s very big and some of the old fashioned Halloween decorations that we found at this lovely old fashioned candy shop called the “Gaslight Emporium”, not too over done and easy to pack away. I have a couple of light up plastic pumpkins that I put out on Sunday, and I have a Harvest wreath that works well on the door for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I’ve bought candy too. So I’m all ready for the trick or treaters, I just hope it doesn’t rain on Halloween, but one cannot control the weather.

Mom just told me she’s ready to go and be pampered, and Lillian is at the door, so off we go for a day of beauty---even if it’s a bit cold and breezy out, Mother is thinking of Pumpkin Soup for a late night snack, and I have to agree.

Until Later Sweet Things, Kisses

Friday, October 23, 2009

My "Antique" Desk arrived~~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Yesterday proved to be a bit of a busy day for "home bound" me. The desk that I purchased a month ago was delivered yesterday, thanks to my friends, and now sits in my home office.

I'm not being able to lift things Yoshi and her brother moved things around for me until it was placed just right, and then Mom treated them (and myself) to a wonderful Roast Beef dinner that she cooked herself, there was so much that Mom packed much of it for Yoshi to take home to her Mother.

Yoshi told me that I owe her and I reminded her about the "Pole Dance Contest" and my sore toes, so she said "O.K. we're even."

Yoshi also told me that she saw a similar desk like mine at another antique shop, but the asking price was more than what I paid for.

Mother just loves the look of the desk, now we have to go to some vintage stores and look for 1940's or 50's desk accessories---Well I am seeing my Doctor again next week, and I am feeling much better and stronger, but the only thing is to avoid heavy lifting for another 4 weeks and I should be fine.

Since I don't do any heavy lifting at work that won't be a problem so I'll be able to return to work on Nov. 2 without restrictions. So to antique stores we will go, it will be nice for Mother.

Joe treated me to a nice little ride out to the Sonoma wine country on Wednesday, he rented a light weight wheel chair in case I got tired, which I did, but it was so wonderful seeing the Fall colors and having a little wine tasting. I bought several bottles of different varieties, a wonderful Merlot, and a very sprightly white wine---no my Dears I'm not going to tell you which one's, if there is anything I've discovered is that it's always best to let the individual select what they like and not say 'Oh I like such and such and so and so' .

Mother wasn't bored either, she and Lillian went out to Lunch to "Angela's" here in my hometown, and then went to do some shopping, she needed the break.

But the good thing is she doesn't have to do as much for me now, I can do light dusting while she does the heavy vacuuming, but I keep warning her to not over do, I can always hire a maid service to come in and clean. She insists on hand washing every dish and knife, fork and spoon and I keep telling her "Mom, that's what a dishwasher is for, please use it" But she does what she does.

We've talked to Dad and baby sis on the phone every few days, I can tell Dad misses Mom, but he says that baby sis and her boyfriend have been keeping him company when he comes home from work and Trixie always demands her walks.

I'm planning on taking the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off and driving down to the family's home for Thanksgiving, but I'm going to have to leave Sunday to be back to work on Monday, but I'm going to take the train down again just a couple of days before Christmas and come back a couple of days after New Years, I have this vacation time that I need to use or lose.

I've been in touch with my tenants and they are doing fine, I was sad to miss the Harvest Festival but it couldn't be helped.

So now I'm going to get dressed and Mom and I are going to go to a few shops and have a late Lunch out, I might be pushing it, so I'll have to pace myself. Anyway I do need to buy candy for Halloween, we do get a fair amount of children coming around and this year Halloween is on a Saturday, Lillian said her Grandson is going to be with her to hand out candy and keep an eye on her.

Frank and Joe told me they are going to be pulling overtime, Halloween is always "Mischief Night" and sometimes not so nice. I told them to come to my house afterwards no matter what time to "crash out" I've got cots for them. I've seen how exhausting it can be.

Oh my, Mom wants to go to the Food Shop (as I call it) on Park St. to check out the pumpkins and squashes, she wants to make pumpkin bread and pumpkin soup, and a few Fall comfort foods. I suspect she wants to try out some recipes that she's seen on the cooking shows, I know I'll have to go to the gym after she leaves, I haven't gain weight but now that she's experimenting I'll have to be prepared.

I'll be sorry to see her leave to go home, she's going to take the train home the day before Halloween, Dad, baby sis and Ted will pick her up at the station, I know by that day I'll be in good shape but I will miss her company, we made up for a lot of lost time, something which I am so glad for.

But I also have to admit I am "itching" to get back to work, I miss that, as much as I enjoyed being a "Lady of Leisure" it was also boring as well. My desire to do things and not being able to do them frustrated me, well next week after I see my Doctor it will be Hairstyling, manicure and pedicure, I'm treating Mom as well, I've managed to book all day spa treatments at the Claremont, Mom is going to be pampered in high style. Lillian suggested it and will be joining us for the day.

I have to admit I do enjoy the Fall weather, when it's not pouring down rain in "gully washers"

Now to get dressed, Mother is restless not that I blame her.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am Healing but Bored! Bored! Bored!~~~

Hello again Sweet Things,

I am getting better, but I have to say that I have developed a strong craving for War Wong Ton Soup, so much so that my poor Mother is learning how to make it and doing a remarkable job as well.

I worry that because she is taking care of me that it’s boring for her, so I’ve asked Lillian to take her to some of those cute vintage shops that she likes to keep Mom occupied

I’ve had a chance to talk to Dad and baby sis on the phone and they are doing well, baby sis said it’s been fun testing her culinary abilities. I can understand, it’s been so easy to let Mom do the cooking, that one can get lazy.

I’ve been to the Doctor and things are progressing the way they should, and my friends at work have been taking care of things for me and keeping me in the loop. They now regard Ralph as a bit of a hero, taking charge the way he did, I know he has a weakness for Starbucks, so I sent him a $100 dollar Starbucks card to him saying “Coffee is on me.” If it wasn’t for his quick action recognizing the symptoms there might have been a delay which would not have been good for me.

I’m finally catching up with the news and I can’t believe it! A fire at Tiffany’s in Union Square! Well not in the store itself, but they did get smoke. What happened is some sort of electrical fire occurred in the basement utility closet, and the smoke raced up one of the elevator shafts, not the one that connects Tiffany’s to the rest of the building, but to business offices that are located above Tiffany’s. I have no idea if it’s open again since the store itself was not involved, but the smoke.

My friend Frank checked in with one of his buddies in the fire department and told me that 9 firemen went to the hospital as a precaution for smoke inhalation, but they are fine. I’m glad, the buildings in San Francisco and in Oakland especially the older ones are so dangerous, it takes a special kind of person to be a Firefighter. I know I don’t have that type of strength of will.

And the former BART police officer that allegedly killed Oscar Grant, his trial is going to be moved to another county and I’m glad, I knew that police officer would not get a fair verdict from anyone in Alameda County, they have already judged and condemned him and I say unless you can prove it was pre-meditated, unless you can show that he was not in danger, he is not guilty. And I also have to look at Oscar Grant, he certainly was no angel or innocent, and may have acerbated the situation.

My greatest fear is that no matter what the outcome there will be rioting in the streets of Oakland, I wish that they were going to hold the trial in Sacramento instead, far enough away yet close enough to get there. This is one trial that is going to have to be closely watched

The Govenator vetoed the bill banning gun shows at the Cow Palace---Yea! BUT he passed the law limiting Ammunition sales---Booo! A few years ago the Federal Government tried that system and found that it didn’t work and discontinued it. The NRA is working with Assemblyman Hager (?) I can’t remember his name, on a bill that he is proposing to streamline the handgun process and include on banning or rescinding the previously passed limited ammo sales----YEA!! As soon as I look up who is the right assemblyperson I’m writing a letter supporting his efforts.

And then we had an unexpected down pour of RAIN and winds that were so bad that it flooded the Streets of San Francisco, with gushers pushing up through the storm drains and manholes like they were fountains under Niagara Falls pressure, with waterfalls of water flowing down the steps into Bart Stations.

On one city block it was so bad that there was something like 3 to 4 feet of water, which flooded businesses and homes, and to make it worst, the city claims they fixed the drains to handle heavy down pours, but they still had a sewage problem. Oh someone is going to be in trouble with that

And as a topper, Joe and Frank told me that there is one S.F. police sergeant that is going to have a hard time living down the fact that he flooded his police cruiser. It seems that a Mother took her PT cruiser down Moss Alley, and thought that the water was only a few inches deep----try 3 feet. The Alley dips down about 3 feet, in a panic she opened the car door, more water came in but she managed to get herself and her children out. She called 911 for help. The Sergeant showed up, saw a truck parked to one side in what appeared to be two inches of water, didn’t think anything about it, whoops up to his waist in water coming into His cruiser.

I saw it on the news, and I have to say, I heard the rain coming down so hard it woke me up from my nap yesterday afternoon, unbelievable! But then Lillian told me that from season to season there are times when there are extremely heavy rain ‘cells’

I saw my Doctor today and she was please with how I’m healing up, I should be able to go back to work, right after Halloween. And I have to say that each day I’m feeling better and stronger, it’s just that the stitches itch, and every now and then I feel a sort of ‘ping’. She told me that they were dissolving naturally but to not stress them, ‘let the flesh heal’. I’m trying to do that but I am not a very good patient.

Mother says I’ve reached that “healing but bored” stage where the mind is active and wants to do things, but the body says “not today, Girlie”.

And yes, Dear Sweet Fram I am taking care of myself, but I am getting restless. I can read only so much; I’m bored with T.V. except for “Perry Mason”, “Streets of San Francisco” and “The Wild, Wild West”. Fortunately Mom LOVES the cooking shows, so she is writing down the recipes. She loves “Cooks Country TV” and has done some of foods from it, and everyone is getting well fed. I watch them too, not that I have time to do all the things they do but there are some that are simple that I can eventually employ into my busy schedule when I’m well.

I am getting so restless being confined at home but Lillian is proposing that Joe take me for an afternoon drive tomorrow, with Mom ‘chaperoning’, perhaps up to Redwood Regional Park or some place. Joe said he’s going to surprise me, so we shall see.

Well Sweet Things, I’m getting tired again and Mom insists that I take a nap, being the good nurse that she is. Yoshi is coming by this evening, she’s been busy the last week or so with her work, it will be good to see her and we can catch up.

And yes Fram I will take good care of myself, I promise you and Thank you.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses