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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Diary continues---recovery just around the corner

Hello my Sweet yummy things, I am getting better, I feel better, still a little weak but much better. (little purr)

My appetite is slowly coming back but I don’t want to push it, the fever has broke (Thank Goodness), so now it’s just getting back up to par.

And as you said Fram, guns first, one of the first things I’m going to do when I have the first bit of free time, is practice with my new ‘baby’ get the feel of her, but for now I’ve had to call the dealer and tell him that I won’t be able to pick it up for a week, he understood, his wife’s been ill too. I can understand the preference for automatics, but it seems I’m being drawn towards revolvers at this time, maybe it’s the hidden cowgirl in me. I have no idea who the fellow is next to me, does anyone have an idea?

I watched one of Lillian’s DVD’s that she loaned me “Pale Rider” with Clint Eastwood, (I can’t seem to get away from that man) I was very interested in his Remington and how he changed the cylinders as he approached the villain John Russell who I understand was a member of the NRA. Have you seen that movie?

Lillian has been so sweet to me, I owe her a lot, I think she enjoys fussing over me, her children have all grown and have moved away where their jobs take them, but there is something about her that I trust. And I’m going to be watching her as well, especially for her children’s sake.

Yes I agree, it is always good to have friends to help out and I enjoy helping them as well. I have been blessed and I cherish each friendship. It is one of the treasures that all Divas should guard carefully.

And yes, I do love my pink fuzzy-wuzzy slippers, thank you Chic Geek, they may not be glamorous but there is something so comfy about them. (as I wiggle my toes in them)

I’m going to have to go back to work on Monday, fortunately Yoshi and Dan have been watching my clients for me and all is well. I am a bit surprised to read that the stock market is making a little climb and hearing that the housing market in, of all places, San Francisco is going on the upswing.

I am incline to be very cautious on the optimism, too many people are out of work and there are not enough jobs. I had an interesting comment sent to me from “Mean Kitty”. Her husband is disabled because of congestive heart failure and so he needs to be on Medi-care and Medi-cal, since her HMO won’t take him even if he is a family member because of what they call a preexisting medical condition (which I think that HMO is being ridiculous). But it was her observations while she was at the Social Services agency that I found interesting, so I suggested that she post it on her blog.

But I feel that it does point out what we are really facing. We are in a depression; there is no way to explain this economic situation but that we Are in a depression. Of course I cannot tell my clients that, but I do have the feeling that there is going to be a turn around, but what I always caution my clients are to be prepared for the long haul.

I keep thinking of this image that I’ve seen of a crowd of men in heavy overcoats and hats almost all except one is facing in the same direction except for this one old man, holding a metal cup or something and his face has this look of “How did this happen?”

I’ve seen it on a number of people, the ones I feel very sorry for are the one’s who were swindled by the Maldoff-Ponzi con and Maldoff pleads guilty, takes the fall and that way the FBI cannot investigate his family, they get off free. No, there should be some sort of recompense to the investors, at least what they initially invested, no one should get away with what they’ve done, that also includes banks that have done fraudulent loans to people who could barely afford them.

And now Capital One and Chase with their credit cards are putting the squeeze on their customers by raising the rates, no, No, NO!! Not a good thing, if anyone has seen the news it’s because in 2010 bank credit cards will not be able to do things like that so they are raising the rates now to extract as much profit from their customer base, what it will do is force people to close their credit cards at the old rates, and then if they are smart they will look for means to pay off those cards and instead create debit cards to hold the money needed for transactions, just put the money into those debit cards and forget about it only use it when you need that extra bit.

As you can see I am getting better but now my eyes are beginning to burn, and I’m getting tired again. So it’s best I rest.

I need get out for a bit tomorrow if the weather is warm as it has been this last week, right now I have the late afternoon sun flooding my living room and bedroom, just making it naturally warm but once again I am getting sleepy.

I’m sorry Fram, I tried to read Ambrose Bierce, especially “Incident at Owl Creek” but I kept falling asleep, maybe when my mind is more alert, but the book is safely on my bookshelf for another day. I won’t give up on him, and I have a two volume set of the complete works of Mark Twain, and the complete stories of Sherlock Holmes, but my eyes just won’t stay on the words, even typing becomes hard.

At least the headaches are gone, now I just have a bit of a dry cough. Lillian has threatened me with hot toddy’s made with Jack Daniels, honey, lemon and hot water. She swears by Jack Daniels, maybe that is why she made it to 93. (chuckle)

With all the warmth I’m going to take another nap on my couch, sleep keeps demanding my attention.

Stay well and healthy Sweet Things. More Later

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