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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Might be my Last post~~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

This maybe my last post, at least for quiet a while.

So much has been happening in my life of late, that it is hard to keep up with it.

An update----Baby Sis has now her degree in Business she is going back for her Masters, she and Ted are still engaged, but are thinking of only having a very simple wedding, all very homespun and down to earth, taking in the economy and everything.

She and Ted are doing a side business in regards to vintage items and collectible cars.

Dad is still with his company and a much happier man, he has embraced the Catholic faith, even with the Church's problems, but he feels that it is much closer to his way to celebrate God's blessings.

Mom couldn't be happier about this, her little sewing business is thriving very well, even in this down side economy. And their house is now truly a home, with a "Thomas Kinkade" feel to it.

Yoshi and her husband are managing Yoshi's mother's affairs after the death of her father, she is holding up well and now has cause to celebrate, Yoshi is going to be a mother. Her Mother is now so happy about this that it has eased the loss of Yoshi's father.

Lynda is going through with her divorce, her husband is shocked when she said he could keep the house, have full custody of the boys, no spousal support, just a little help in moving her things out. Since she earns only a little less than him but enough to live comfortably, she's only asked for 1/3 of their assets, the other 1/3 set aside for the boys. Her husband has agreed although he cannot possibly understand why she isn't demanding much----he really doesn't know that she's doing this to save her sanity. She will still see the boys, but has asked that her soon to be ex-husband be there. Like ball games and some parties and such.

My co-workers all have their ups and downs but on the whole are doing well, the business is doing fine and we are managing, although there has been some cut back and a little downsizing.

I sold one of my properties and have been in touch with the couple that has bought it, and things are going well with them. And I still managed to make a little profit.

My other country property is still my other home, being used as a meeting place for the local historical society, and with the grounds fixed up I've made arrangements with my caretakers for the property to be used for small Garden weddings, and small events. The historical side of it is also going well and is giving me a tax break. We now have several goats for weed abatement, and a cow for milking demonstrations---the historical society couldn't be happier.

My caretakers are doing well including Buddy the dog, it's like a weight has been lifted off of them. I'm planning to go and see them in the next few weeks, most likely during the 4th of July weekend.

I'm still living here in the Bay Area but may eventually consider moving permanently to my country house and renting out my bay area home.

Lillian is doing well---so well that I wish I could borrow her energy, we still get together to go to different events and movies and her family has been coming around more to check on her. She is planning to eventually move to stay with one of her sons who is building an in law house on his property, nothing much just a bedroom, living/dinning, with galley kitchen and a bathroom designed for elder or disabled persons.

Lillian and I are going to see the opening of that movie "Jonah Hex", we're both looking forward to it.

My dear friend Frank has met a lovely lady, who loves Cowboy Shooting and from the way things are going, it is very serious between them.

And Joe and myself----we are happy, very happy---Joe has moved into a smaller studio apartment that he calls his male haven but he does spend many a days and nights at my place, but we've agreed that it's best that we each keep our own places, his schedule can be crazy, especially with the summer events coming up. But he's much happier with his new apartment and it's location, closer to work and to me, less rent. He's considering buying a small to mid-size RV nothing too big something just right for long weekends with capability to tow a small trailer with a car on it---like a jeep. He's rebuilding a jeep from the world war 2 era, but can handle the stress of the 21st century. Love that Man.

The jeep is in my spare car space, like I said Love that Man. He's promised to keep an eye on Lillian and stay at my place whenever I'm out of town. Why not, he keeps his tooth brush in my bathroom.

So yes I will continue to go on trips by myself, when I feel like it. Joe understands and appreciates my need for independence, just as I know he needs his time alone as well.

We have both joined SASS the cowboy competition shooting---yes Sweet Things---I've become a "cowgirl". Joe likes the feel of it, he also wants to get involved with Civil War re-enactments as well---so this promises to be something very special for the both of us. Studying history from the 1840's to 1899.

I don't feel so rootless anymore, I feel centered, grounded. Eventually we may move to Arizona or Colorado, or we may just live in an RV or Air Stream Trailer and simply "Paint Our Wagon" with the sign "Any where or Bust".

All I know is that I'm happy and contented---the ups and downs in life I can manage.

I always fear the eventually passing of my parents, which must come as all things do, but to know that we are now on such loving and happy terms makes me feel just wonderful.

I just wish that all of you have that same contentment.

Sweet Fram I see that you are back---I wish to you the same contentment that I have found----I may not get married but I am in a relationship that gives me joy.

The fabulous Diva will still walk the fog enshrouded streets of San Francisco, she will still look for Sam Spade and the black bird, but she is no longer rudderless. And that is all she can ask for.

I may post again eventually, but if not---I wish all you Sweet Things the best of Everything.