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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a Quick Note for Christmas~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Just a quick little note.

Christmas here with the family has been wonderful, I will hate to leave come Tuesday but leave I must if I am to clear things up at work before the New Years.

Baby Sis and Ted have announced their engagement at Ted's Folks house party, I and my parents were there, everyone was so excited, and I've met Ted's family they are very nice, and surprise, surprise love to collect things, Ted's youngest sister is into photography and loves to collect old stereo slides. She's invited me to visit her home to see her collection. She's very much into Victoriana.

Ted's older brother and his wife have a huge Victorian house that they are renovating and restoring, considering they have 3 children and I suspect a 4th on the way, they are going to need all that space.

Ted's younger brother is in college back east and is taking (of all things) the train back home but won't be able to get here until Christmas Eve.

And Ted's folks have this wonderful huge Craftsman bungalow, that they managed to put in matching furniture over the years. It seems that Ted's entire family is in to preserving old things, restoring things, and working with several preservation groups.

I can see why Baby Sis is so much in love with him, they are just in such harmony with each other, even in these trying times.

Ted's folks and my parents are very much in tune with each other as well, his Dad and mine share much of the same opinions but have looked at it from different angles', and Ted's Mother and mine are having so much fun comparing recipes, shopping and sewing. Ted's Mom works part time right now. She was considering working full time, but like Mom wants to have an at home business and is thinking of doing business on line.

So much to go into and I had promised that this would be a short note.

Anyway Ted and Baby Sis explained why they are going to hold off on the wedding and everyone agreed that it was very sensible and good planning. I could see that Mom and Dad were in no hurry to let Baby Sis go just yet, but they know that it will happen.

Dad has privately told me that he's set one of the Apartments in one of the nearby Victorian Houses aside for them when they marry, he's put one of them on a month to month tenancy.

And From Christmas Eve and Christmas Day such fun, and joy, good food, good friends, good laughs, good times.

Now it is Sunday, we went to vigil Mass late yesterday afternoon, Mom thought it best that we have a chance to sleep in a bit Sunday morning. I'm up and dressed, so is Dad, he's taken Trixie out for her walk and we've had a simple breakfast, Mom and Baby Sis are getting dressed, and then---we are charging to the Stores---but there is one place that they want to go to and it is an Antique Mall. So as soon as they come down we'll go to the "fancy mall" and then to the Antique Mall.

Such Fun!

I know it sounds like it's all sweetness and light, and for the most part it is, but there are worry clouds. Ted and Baby Sis know that their tuition fees are going up, but are making arrangements to cover it, Dad of course is not happy about it, because it will put them into more debt, but they know what they have to do and can manage it.

The good thing is that both Ted and Baby Sis have been making money with their e-bay businesses and that helps off set things, and during the warmer months selling things at the outdoor flea markets, so by doing that and being frugal they will get by, fortunately with Ted's folks and ours I know they'll make it.

Mom is making enough funds so that her little business is paying for itself, but she only takes on what she can handle and no more.

My parents health is in good shape, and so is mine.

Dad's company is still doing good, no layoffs but no bonuses either, but from what I've heard, everyone knew that there might not be bonuses this year since about August, but they did pick up eye-care that is to cover the cost of glass prescriptions as another part of their health package.

Dad said not one complaint about that, and that profits are still holding. The company is focusing on controlled growth and is not looking at any further expansion unless seriously warrented.

Baby Sis and Ted are doing fine with their classes and grades (grades how old-fashion) and are progressing nicely towards their degree's.

As for me, job is good, my investments are holding, my properties and tenants are doing well, my house has not been invaded by another tree, all my friends are doing well considering how things are going.

Lillian's health is fine and so is her family's. Joe and Frank are pulling long duty for New Years Eve and considering how far they will have to commute when they get off duty I told them to come and crash at my place when they get off duty, I don't want them hurt.

So I do believe I and all my family and friends will be heading into 2010 in good shape and we can only hope for a better and brighter new year.

Must go Sweet Things, Mom and Sis are at the door saying "Let's Go!"

To all my Blog reader friends you all have a wonderful New Years, be safe, be warm and be happy.

And Sweet Fram, I'm glad you "enjoyed" that Christmas Kiss. Kisses to You.

Until Next Year Sweet Things. Happy New Years!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Well Sweet Things,

This will be my last post for the year, I'll be going down to my Folks house next week, and not back until just before New Years.

I'm giving a little Holiday get together tomorrow night, a sort of open house, not much just some munchie's, a bit of wine, ale (not beer), wasail, and non-alochoic drinks, just talk and eat and laugh.

However I do have to cover up my oil painting that is over the fireplace, well she is semi-nude, I have this huge scarf that has a holiday Thomas Kinkade image on it that will fit just right.

Lillian, Yoshi and her boyfriend will be by, some co-workers, a few of my girl friends, Joe and Frank when he gets off duty, and my neighbors from next door (they of the crashing tree) I told them to bring their daughters, I have board and card games they can play.

Then Sunday a quick clean up and packing. Lillian will watch my house for me while I'm gone and things are set up at work.

But getting back I will be having New Years Plans---There is a New Years Dance I've been invited to on the U.S.S. Hornet here in my little home town, all back to the 40's theme, period clothing (I have a beautiful 1940's evening dress just right for it) big band, dancing, dinner, drinks, dessert, silent auction to raise funds for the Ship. Well I'm all for that.

So Sweet Things, all of you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Years and may 2010 be a wonderful and Great Year for all of you.

Kisses to all of you and a special kiss to my favorite Blogger, you know who you are Sweet Fram.

See you all in 2010.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We need "a Little Christmas"

Hello Sweet Things,

I love flash drives, I can write and save with them and then down load when I have a chance. I love them.

So far the Christmas Season is in all it’s wonderful tinsel and wet glory here in the Bay Area, many people in my neighborhood have put out their Christmas Decorations and are refusing to allow the darkness of the economic situation dim their spirits.


Lillian and I had a marvelous time at the Dickens Fair “meeting” with all the characters from the Dickens’ novels as well as ones from Jules Verne and even Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, saw the queen and her prince consort, Father Christmas, Fagin, Marley’s Ghost, even Mr. Scrooge himself running around in his nightgown and cap wishing everyone “Happy Christmas” and many more characters both fictional and historical, including Mr. Dickens himself giving readings, Mark Twain, dancing at Mr. Fizzewig’s party.

And the smells of fudge, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking of cookies, meat pies, ‘bangers’, roasting chestnuts, bread pudding, mash potatoes and gravy and the calliophie of sounds, even a chimney sweep kissed Lillian’s’ hand and wished her Happy Christmas.

We were very fortunate that we managed to travel to the Cow Palace without any problems with rain, we managed to miss the heavy squalls, although while we were there at the London Dock’s area we heard this heavy thunderous noise, I looked up at the metal roof and realized it was the rain pouring down in heavy gushers, which soon passed.

Both Lillian and I were wearing long skits, but she insisted that we get period hats and get more into the “spirit” of it. How could I possibly refuse her suggestion? So I chose one with Christmas holly on it, just for the season.

The Marines were there in full dress uniforms collecting either toys or donations for Toys for Tots, I even gave a check in addition to the toys I had collected, even though I can’t give as much as I want I wanted to give something to guarantee that a child will have something for Christmas.

I remember the Christmases in which I grew up and there was no Christmas tree, and only just one toy if any. All due to my Father’s mistaken belief of what was the season, but that has changed with him. I have been told by Baby Sis, that this weekend they are going to shop for a tree, already Baby Sis has bought lights and several boxes of ornaments that look old-fashioned and Dad had the outside of the house decorated with lights for Christmas. He had special hooks installed so it would be easy to drape the lights without falling off of a ladder. Something we don’t want to have happen to anyone.

But what Baby Sis is concerned about is Dad going overboard on the gift giving, we both agreed that he didn’t have to make up for those Christmases past, that he has already done that especially with Mother and all the concessions that he has made. We told him this over Thanksgiving, both she and I told him to not give us a present of any kind, but that it was just fine to spoil Mother, what he had done has made up for a lot of sadness, it’s like that song from “Auntie Mamie” called ‘We Need a Little Christmas’.

I had been racking my brain about what to give him, but Sis told me that Dad is interested in old time Detective Stories, I asked if he had any of the Sherlock Holmes and she said no, so I found a complete volume that includes pictures as drawn by Sidney Paget, and for Mother I found an antique pin that had her exact initials on it.

Baby Sis told me to not get anything for her or Ted, they were just happy that I was coming down. Baby Sis and I discussed about Dad’s change and we agreed that if Dad wanted to spoil any future Grandchildren that was fine as long as it didn’t go overboard.

Sis told me that all though Dad had been parsimonious with us, there was some value behind it, it was all a matter of balance, she was concerned that if she had children that they would become too involved in material things and forget the spiritual. I said that it was all a matter of upbringing and schooling and who the child’s friends are. I said that as long as the home was loving and warm, and with the understanding that spiritual wealth is more important than material, it should balance out.

It was important to have enough for food, shelter, clothing, health, insurances, and transportation, but all the fancy extras are just that, fancy extra’s.

Then I asked her what was she getting at. Well, Sis and Ted want to announce their engagement at the Christmas party at Ted’s Family house two days before Christmas and we’re all invited since Ted’s folks know Mom and Dad but they haven’t met Big Sis (Me), and she said they all seem to be expecting something.

Sis told me that the wedding will still be several years off because she wants to get her Master’s degree and Ted is just completing his, and he wants to be sure of his employment and income which right now looks a bit precarious, so waiting and saving is a good idea.

Oh Sweet Things, this is going to be a very Happy Christmas indeed. I’m keeping my Dickens’s hat with the holly for next year and the long skit; I’m looking for a Victorian style blouse to go with it, Lillian has agreed that next year we’ll get a “Fair Ever” pass so we can go back more than once for it’s just a lot to see just one time.

Now I must go, I have a busy day today, I’ve come in early to work and then off to do more shopping, I’ve spotted a music box that I know Lillian will like, I was surprised to discover that she collects music boxes. And Yoshi’s Mother loves a particular make of candy, which she doesn’t have too often, Yoshi said that she just wants gift cards to Nordstrom’s, Thank you Yoshi, for making it easy on me. And I think I’ll look for a copy of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” for myself, there’s this marvelous old book store where I can find a copy.

So until Later, Kisses Sweet Things.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Holiday Update

Hello Sweet Things,

I would have posted sooner but as with everything the holidays have caught up to me and I have just enough time to post this before I'm off again.

Thanksgiving with the family was wonderful, I'll post that more in full later, but it was so good to be with them and their friends. Traveling by train is the only way to go, you just have to add a little more time that's all.

And the season has started, where I work staff is encouraged to put up Christmas decorations, we have one person who also celebrates Kwanzaa and she puts that up as well, and even though we also have several staff who are Jewish they also get into the Christmas festivities as well, for it is a season of celebration and to bring goodness and light into the world.

But we were also hit with a firestorm of illness last week, last Friday several staffers came down ill with high fever and they were vomiting, then more of them total 16 all together, right through Tuesday, even I was hit by whatever it was, I had a temp of 102, fortunately it broke but I didn't go to work until Tuesday. No one was sure if it had been a form of food poisoning or if it was the flu, management had the entire work place sanitized and we did much of our work from home during that day.

I'm fine now and I called my family to see if anyone had come down ill but nothing, fortunately they were able to get their flu shots and I had been unable to get mine, but nothing is being ruled out. Lillian was able to help me but I was frighten that she would come down ill as well, but so far she is just fine.

I had been planning on going to my country place last weekend for some Christmas events but being ill just upset those plans, but I managed to contact my caretakers and my renters at my other house to see how they are doing all is well with them, My caretakers were disappointed that I couldn't come up but they promised to send pictures to me. Next year I am going to get that flu shot early. I'm not missing out on a thing.

But I am going to see how the place looks in January. Get an idea of weather conditions.

So Lillian and I are still getting into the Christmas season, today we are going to the Dickens Fair and tomorrow to Christmas at Dunsmuir House, I've also been enjoying (while I wasn't ill) shopping, and getting gifts for the family, nothing drastic but something special. And Koit Radio has been playing throughout the office with it's Christmas Music, I have to confess I prefer Ertha Kit's version of "Santa Baby" much better than Madonna's. But Mariah Carey's rendition of "Joy to the World" makes one want to get up and shout.

I'm going to be taking the train down to the family again just a few days before Christmas and come back a few days after, Dad and Mom want to go to Midnight Mass and I think that will be wonderful and very special, then returning to the Bay Area so I'll be here for New Years.

I've also been busy getting toys for Toys for Tots and I'm dropping them off at the collection office before we go to the Dickens Fair, Lillian wants me to come and help her out at the Food Kitchen for New Years Day and join her family later for dinner, Frank and Joe will be coming by her place as well. Yoshi is being swarmed by family for the next few weeks, but she and I are planning to see the Chinese New Years Parade next year.

2010 is almost here, where has 2009 gone to? When I look over my blog I have a feeling of what I have been doing for 2009, I'm another year older, and I hope another year wiser. And so far we have been weathering the economic situation better than I had hoped. I just wish it were so with many other people, many of my co-workers think that the current administration is not going about this the right way. Jobs need to be brought back to the United States, people need to learn to live on less, and the prices for houses in California are not in sync with the rest of the nation.

One of my co-workers was saying we should go back on the gold and silver standard and get away from the credit standard, that would make the value of things more in balance and in line with the way the economy should be. I'm not sure, this is something that should be looked into very carefully, because the first nation that would switch to that standard would have very serious adjustments and it could cause either greater recession/depression or inflation, but would it really bring about a balance of things or make them too costly? This would need to be looked at more closely, but not now, this is not the season for it, this is the season for celebrating and helping.

And speaking of weather, there has been snow all the way down to the 500 foot level, snow on Mt Diablo, Mt. Tam and Mt. Hamilton, and cold, cold, cold for the Bay Area. Now it's wet, very wet, but we need the rain and water and snow, I hope that it breaks the drought conditions, of course it will mean floods and mudslides, and other disasters. I love the Bay Area but there are times.....

Well must go, Lillian is here looking like an Eskimo and ready to go.

If I don't post before Christmas, Sweet Things, all of you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other Winter Celebrations.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses.