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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Diary continues---slowly getting better

March 12, 2009 10 p.m.

Dear Sweet Fram, Chic Geek, Mean Kitty and others, I know that you are right. It’s possible that my Father has had an epiphany or wake up call. For him to sit down with Mother and baby sis and listen, really listen to what they had to say, to work with them and do compromises is a major concession on his part. Baby sis sounded so happy and not guarded either, that was a revelation.

But as several of you have said it would be best for me to ‘go slow’ when I visit them during Easter, just take it a moment at a time that would be wise.

Well Sweet Things, I spent all of Wednesday and most of Thursday in bed, sleeping, sweating, and only getting up for food and liquids, Lillian has been so good making sure I have something to eat.

Joe called me Wednesday night to ask what I would need food wise and Lillian took the call, so the two of them put together a grocery list, while I just feebly nodded yes or no and explained some of my preferences, it was so hard to concentrate with that awful headache.

Today (Thursday) he and Frank came by and Lillian was fiercely guarding the door, trying to prevent them from coming in but I asked Lillian to give way and they saw me at my worst, red nose, red eyes and no makeup, I’m thankful that I managed to get into the shower this morning and at least make myself presentable in a velour workout suit, (not that I work out in it, its just nice and comfortable on cold evenings around the house), of course they teased me about my pink fuzzy-wuzzy slippers. Well even Divas have to have something fuzzy-wuzzy.

Fortunately they could see I was not much for long visits but they took Lillian grocery shopping for her and for me. And once again my shelves are stocked. They stayed for just a little while and said they were going to the practice range in South San Francisco, a special fund raising competition was coming up and they needed to practice, even in my feeble state I could sense a friendly rivalry.

I told them about my purchase of a hammerless Smith and Weston .38 special “air light” they knew right away I was buying it for my eventual CCW permit. Frank told me that some of the detectives sometimes use it as a back up weapon, mixed opinions on it. I’d told them I’d let them know my opinion on it when I’m up and feeling better. I found myself getting drowsy and Lillian shooed them out, but with promises to call.

I hate getting sick, it’s a miserable feeling, the headaches, the runny nose, the chills, then the feverish sweats, the achy body, the lack of appetite and if you do eat something it decides to not stay down, earlier this evening the fever finally broke, and I found myself just drenched, but it was a good thing, and so far the fever has not come back and I felt like more soup, now my body is pulling me to either sleep or stay awake. Sleep is best.

Lillian managed to get a friend of hers to take her to see “Singing in the Rain” with Gene Kelly, I had never seen that film in its entirety, only that segment of Kelly dancing in the rain, I’ll have to rent it. But before Lillian left to go to the movies, she reminded me that I have to get better because the Art Deco Society of San Francisco is having their vintage show in two weeks and she’s hinted that she wants to go, (chuckle) I was planning to go anyway but it will be nice to go with someone.

And now my bed with fresh clean sheets is giving the siren call of sleeeeep, sleeeeep and I cannot resist.

So all of you Sweet Things stay well and be healthy, more later.


TheChicGeek said...

Hi Diva :) Sounds like you're on the mend if you're up in your workout suit and fuzzy-wuzzy good Diva must have some fuzzy-wuzzy slippers, especially if they are pink!
Have a Great Weekend!

Fram said...

The Diva arises from the ashes ....

Guns first. Guns always first. One of my Smiths is a stainless Model 60, about the same size as your purchase. I bought it for carry, and periodically do, but since I prefer autos it resides mostly in a desk drawer.

I'm glad you have friends to give you a hand. Being under the weather is bad enough without having to run errands for food.

Say again, get well and stay well.