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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am one~~~

Dear sweet Fram,

Yes I am one and the same person, I've never wasted a minute, there was so much to catch up to. I thank you for the compliment (purr), I write as I think, some people say. When there is so much going on I pick something and write it out, save it and then place it here. There is so much to write about, comment on, be happy or angry about, or to laugh at. I am 'greedy' that way.

I grew up in a house that had no television, no radio, it was banished from our house so I read, I read a lot growing up. There were no distractions, except that which I could see around me. If I was puzzled about something I'd ask questions, look for answers. That was a slight benefit of not having television as a distraction, and a cultural deficient.

I asked a lot of questions, Ms. Lambe told me there are no stupid questions, only the one's never asked, so I asked a lot of questions. One of the few newer investments my Father ever made was a complete encyclopedia, I read that too, even the dictionary. My mind would not stop buzzing and inquiring.

Yes I do come close to looking like La Ava. And I am one person, I am woman, I am softer to the touch as it's said in that song. I've learned to develop claws for protection, but I only use them when needed.

I've found that the world is both a wonderful and frightening place, and I have taken measures as well to protect myself, physically and financially. I've had emotional pain, so I also protect my heart too. In some ways it has made me cautious. Because of that I can seem like different people but I am only one but like a diamond with many facets, each giving a different reflection.

About the 'little one', what you suggest is very possible, it makes returning her to her tribal family more poignant, more important, and I feel that the memorial that the neighbors did that much more special.

But now I must go, there is a Gun Show calling my name, and the rain is now coming down hard, so I must be careful in this element.

Until later, stay warm, be safe, sweet, yummy thing. (Purr)

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Fram said...

I noticed this photo before .... better late than .... to say, she really was something.

You, too, although I am judging by your writing talent as compared to her legs. Did I say this before .... teasing, teasing ....