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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Film Noir once again~~~

Well Sweet Things,

I am going to have fun for the next week,  it will be the 11th San Francisco Film Noir Festival and Peggy Cummings will be there for the first evening,  I've bought my "passport" and special ticket well in advance and indulge in the "dark side" of films.  

Some are available on DVD some are not---yet---but for me it is once again to search for "the black bird", to find my Sam Spade again of my imagination, of my dark and distance dreams.

It rained beautifully yesterday, leaving the sidewalks wet and gleaming, I felt even a slight thrill as I was heading towards to the Ferry building.   I felt that I was not in the San Francisco of 2013 but of 1943.

I turn around and check the way I came to make sure I'm not being followed, and I watch carefully every person walking on the sidewalk, some I can easily ignore, some I become suspicious of, but it turns out they are not a threat.

I stop to give a homeless man with a dog a few dollars, his sign says "Please help me feed my dog, I can take care of myself".  He says to me "God Bless you, they don't take dogs in the homeless shelters."  I give him 5 dollars more, and tears form in his eyes and he whispers "thank you".   His dog wags a friendly tail wag and raises his paw and I shake hands with the four legged companion then checking around continue to the Ferry Building.

The Ferry takes me across the bay as I see my City of light and dark receded from view, as I reach the dock and dis-embark and walk to the bus stop a car pulls up, it is Joe and he says "Get in Sweet Heart" in a way that only Bogie could do.   My Sam Spade has shown up to take me in search of a new mystery ----and to make plans for the weekend and the following week for the Film Noir Festival.

The picture that I have posted is Dashill Hammett's Apartment in San Francisco, several film noir buffs and currently a writer lease it and have restored the apartment to approximate how it looked when Hammett lived in this apartment on Post.

I find that this is a good way to kick off the new year, and I am going to enjoy it.

Kisses Sweet Things.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Starting the New Year 2013~~~

Hello  Sweet Things,

This Diva is getting very tired of the cold, cold weather, I didn't think I would need such a heavy parka here in the Bay Area but Mother Nature is making me a liar.

I went to my first gun show of the season and could barely move around; although there were some gentlemen who would place a hand on my back and I'd turn and look them in the eye, I loved how they'd get so apologetic.  

As a matter of fact everyone was very polite, even if it was crowded.  Sales of Ammo flying out the door, and people discussing the various weapons, WOMEN asking about personal weapons for self defence and BUYING them!

And everyone just---well excuse the word---Pissed Off at Obama and Biden.  

Much of the talk was more about enforcing the laws that are currently in place; that more new laws will Not keep the guns out of criminal hands,  but making the legal gun owners more responsible about the guns they have,  gun safes of all kinds were being pushed,  more training and being aware of the laws, such as if your house is broken into and you are not home and your gun is stolen reporting that immediately.

But with a gun safe bolted to the ground that will be a deterrent, as well as having a home alarm system.

Many people were concerned that Obama will do what Hitler did, leaving the people defenseless against a corrupt government.   And don't tell me it's not corrupt, if Di-Fi can have her own personal weapon and a CCW plus armed guards then I want the same for myself.

There is a  push for more safety training and the NRA signing up people at such a rapid rate made my head spin. I even renewed by membership.  

Yes Sweet Things I am a card carrying member of the NRA.   And I spotted a few darling weapons I'm considering for future purchase.   I am also seriously looking into a CCW.  Joe would like me to have one.

The reason?  Well I am now a consultant to my former firm,  I get paid more, but I have to buy my own health and dental insurance but I can set my hours as well.  My income from fees and investments is more than enough for all my needs.   The fees that my country house brings in for parties and weddings go right into the maintenance of the house and it's taxes and insurance.  I do not keep any money from that so I do not profit from it, but my historic country house does.  A special fund is set up and over seen by myself and my care takers.

But sometimes I have to work late and Joe is worried for my safety which I can understand. 

Joe is now retired, and he was glad to get out of the police force, the insanity there was too much for a reasonable man,  the special consultant that they called in is being resisted by the Police Union and Joe says that the man has produced results in other cities.  To resist what is known to work would make any turn arounds' useless.

Joe is going to start in a few weeks for a private investigation firm, its something he's been planning for a while, of course he will keep his contacts with the police departments, he has many friends, but he's pretty sure that he will be looking into a few missing person cases.   He can only hope they will turn out well but usually they don't.

Heather and her parents have finished moving into Lillian's home, they have kept most of Lillian's furniture since they had to sell off most of theirs, and their future is looking much brighter for them, Heather's folks now have full time jobs and although they are earning less than before its more than enough especially with health benefits.  Heather is still going to college but her art work is still reflecting the loss she feels for her great grandmother.  The little beast "Baby" has become totally devoted to Heather and is doing well.

So are my Folks, Dad should be retiring but he's continuing to work, says he's decided to retire at 70 instead unless he feels the need to retire earlier.  Mom's business is slow now after the holidays, but she has an early spring wedding so she's working on the dresses for the bride and the Maid of Honor, totally 1930's style.

I am off this morning so I'll be leaving in about an hour to the office, I'm putting in a half day since most of them will be at an all morning meeting. 

I'm enjoying this new routine, but still trying to wrap my mind around it as well as dealing with the freezing cold.   I'm glad we didn't have any spare the air days for the holidays, having a fire in the family fireplace was very comforting.

And now looking at the clock I must finish getting my things together before I go out the door.

So Sweet Things, I and everyone are doing well as we start this new year of 2013.  We shall see how it develops.

Kisses Sweet Things