Beware, or I'll eat you alive.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Once again I emerge out of the Fog~~~

Once again sweet things, I have emerged from the dark recesses of my work, and can again feel the winter sun gently caress my cheek. It feels good, everything feels good.

Mmmmm~~~and the project? In a word~~~Success! Such a satisfying word, that and victory, completion, attaining the goal, grabbing the brass (although I prefer gold) ring, all those words have such a wonderful sound, and it makes a person like moi, want to celebrate.

Did I celebrate? Of course I did sweet things. I and a few of my colleagues had lunch at John’s Grill; I enjoyed my broiled salmon, salad and coffee, while the “guys” had their steaks and drinks; after all that work I needed the protein, but no alcohol, I still needed to keep a clear mind and not feel loggy headed, one can make too many mistakes in that condition.

Even when we were successful, there is still always that ‘nagging’ sense of ‘did you cover everything’, and we wanted to go back and review things now that the pressure was off. I can tell you that all was fine.

Now for some of you who’ve never visited John’s Grill, the lovely place just celebrated its centennial, the name may ring a tiny bell---it’s the place where Sam Spade would grab a bite to eat; Dashiell Hammett in real life did eat there when he worked as a detective. The ground floor has kept much of its dark wood, it has been cleaned up a bit since the 1930’s, yuppified and all those celebrity portraits, upstairs is dedicated to “The Maltese Falcon”.

I do run into a number of business associates there, and there are one or two detectives that come in there, but you can spot the tourists, they keep looking for Sam Spade. I’m not sure if it would be a place for Bullitt or Harry Callahan, Hmmmm but then again it just might be.

Oh but sweet things, I know it’s not wise to just sit on one’s laurels, even if I do have wonderful form. No my darlings, I’ll simply use the time to take a deep breath, re-group and prepare for a new campaign. Hmmmm I know that sounds like going to war, but sweet things, life is a war.

Take a look around you. Everyone fighting to keep their jobs, fighting to find a new job, fighting to keep their heads above water, to not lose their homes, their 3 cars, the expensive schools that their over indulged teenagers go to, to not lose their expensive way of life.

Ohhhhh all right I know that sounds petty, even I admit it is, there are some I know who have earned everything by their hard work, raise their children right and life decides to “taser” them in the face. To those I lend a helping hand in ways to lead them to another job. I’m mean but not that mean.

No sweet things, there are those whose mistaken and misplaced sense of “entitlement” earns them the reality shock of life and to teach them what is really important. And for them, it is a lesson they deserve.

I had a chance a while ago, to watch an old Steven Boyd movie “The Oscar”, a melodrama with a morality tale in the best, or worst 1960’s style. Boyd plays a so-so actor, who is nominated for an Oscar, he becomes completely rotten in his chase for the gold, destroying working relationships, friendships, losing all sense of reality and then in the end when he thinks he’s going to win it…….he loses everything. Boyd was woooonderful in the role. Hmmmm It reminds me of some former co-workers who acted like that.

Morality tales, they were created to learn from sweet things. It’s too bad there are so many who have not learned the lesson, the dot com boom that went bust, the housing market bubble that popped, all the warning signs were there but too many chose to ignore it, much to their regret. Too much lascivious and conspicuous consumerism, must have the latest toy, the latest gadget, and where will it get you now?

So now I’m taking my deep breath, catching up with errands, watching the Tivo’d News programs and reading my stack of newspapers. Mmmm yes sweet things, I’m “old-fashioned” I love to read the papers, to spread them out, scanning the columns for key words that jump out at me, circling articles that may have that tidbit of information that I’ll need and scanning news reports on line as well for updates.

So much has happened in the world; the Gaza situation has heated up again, and I think naughty Hamas started it, but as you all know Israel will finish it, even if it means destroying everything.

A second Bart Police officer is now on the hot seat for the Oscar Grant shooting, the only problem with video is that there is no sound, if sound was available I think much would be answered, they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” but I think hearing and seeing it in its proper context is more important. I still would love to be on that jury.

The Oakland police chief resigned and now fellow police officers are glad he did----Hmmmm I wonder why?

The FBI is now involved in investigating the Oakland police for falsifying reports which could compromise the Chauncey Bailey investigation. Oh a twist in the situation, not good.

And again there were some minor riots and arrests in Oakland when the Mayor’s office mistakenly put out a news bulletin that the ex-Bart officer that shot Oscar Grant was released on bail-----and then it turns out “oh sorry darlings it was a mistake”, the man in question is still in jail but separate from other prisoners, security you see.

It seems that if Joseph Meserleigh wants out, his family has to put up 3 million in bail or show that they have 3 million in assets, which means if they go through a Bail bondsman they have to have 3 hundred thousand. But what the Mayor’s office has done is even worse, (slightly singing) some one is going to get fired.

Some pods of migrating Gray Whales appear to be very lean as if they were starving---the blame being put on global warming.

And in tiny, somewhat quiet Alameda they have a 90 year old mystery, when the maintenance men were digging up the street to fix an old clay sewer pipe that caused a sink hole, less than 5 inches below the asphalt they found bones, human bones and a skull. The body had to have been buried there before the houses were built in 1926, but whose body is it? Hmmmm, they say it’s not Native American and no sign of foul play. Oooooh I just Love a mystery, unfortunately I’ll have to wait for the conclusion on this, pooh!

Blagojevich and Madoff have been knocked off their pedestals, which they never deserved to be on in the first place, one with hair that is just too unreal and the other…also unreal.

Ex-President Bush is now living a quiet life in Texas, only 50 years later will anyone fully understand his place in history, poor man….in the same position as Herbert Hoover….despised by liberals….loved by conservatives….I think Cindy Sheehan can forget that “apology”. Although I think she never deserved one. Hmmmm I think she’s living in Berkeley now, a perfect place.

I have a friend of mine who is a chocolatier, it’s more of a hobby of his, but he loves to discover wonderful candy recipes, he calls his hobby candy shop “The Berkeley Nut Company---where the nuts come from”, he does have a strange sense of humor.

Obama is flogging his stimulus plan which I have questions about since it doesn’t seem to reflect his so-called reformist thinking and appears to neglect projects that really could make a difference, and the NY Times seems to be thinking the same as I am. And will it work fast enough before the situation deteriorates further?

I feel that only the people being creative and cash conscious will make anything work. In Europe things are bad as well; the Euro currency (which is a joke) has lost ground, I always felt that it was another bubble that had no solid gold standard foundation which is why I steered away from investing in it.

I won’t talk about the increase in layoffs, soooo depressing. It’s like hitting a brick wall going 100 miles an hour, do you survive or do you crash and burn? And everyone else gawking at the train wreck in shock.

The whole economy situation is like being on bumper cars, you try to avoid being bumped and steer a safe path, if you can.

The state of the City of San Francisco and Oakland is ridiculous and Berkeley is even worse.

I am so glad I don’t live in Berkeley, they, (being some nuclear free commission) refuse to allow a waiver to the public library to have a well know company come in and service the library’s copy machines and self check out stations because the company refused to state if they deal in any sort of nuclear technology---What idiots!! What Fools!!! A public library is the best investment in this tottering economy and that is when a city should invest more into it and not deny it a good working service program to aid the Library---

But NO!! (Snarl) Berkeley has to be so PC that it will cost the city more to find another service program and in the mean time machinery cannot be up and working to assist the public. Fools!! Idiots!!! It is thinking like that that has boondoggled anything that could be of vital use to people in the world. No wonder Berkeley has earned the title of being a city of insanity.

For me the Public Library was my safe haven from the coldness of my parents, all those books waiting to “speak” to me, and the library staff, always helpful and so patient with even the most difficult and demanding of people. I remember as a child one Librarian through her sheer force of will, cowered a gang of boys who were acting out until the police showed up and arrested them. She called each one of them by name and said that she would personally contact their parents who would be ashamed of how their children were acting.

Those boys never showed up again, at least not together.

I talked to one of my co-workers the other day and she was shocked! Shocked!! And about what? Ha, ha, ha, her son who has been taking business courses in college, has decided to study to be in …….oh sweet things are you ready for this? be in the Funeral business…….I just LOVE that young man’s thinking. It’s absolutely luscious!

We are born, we live and no matter what….we eventually die….When you are born it’s in a hospital, usually….when you die…well that could be anywhere…..what happens in between the services needed depends upon your choices and lifestyle….but no matter what, we need to have our bodies (after the spirit has left) properly disposed of….either simply or elaborately and that requires a service that almost everyone will need. Ooooooh it makes such purrrrrrfect sense.

I told her to allow her sweet son to go ahead and follow his dream, his goal and to stop being shocked but be proud of his choice.

And speaking of hospitals, there is an increase in the need for trained medical assistants in all fields of medicine, Hmmm it seems sweet things, that one cannot stop being ill, even if one is out of work.

One of my friends, who had been out of work for 6 months, borrowed some funds from the bank of Mom and Dad and went back to school to be a phlebotomist---Mmmmmm try wrapping your tongue around that word. It means drawing blood and analyzing it or something of that sort, now she’s working and she’s thinking of going back to school, (after repaying the Bank of Mom and Dad), to learn more lab studies. More power to her.
And she told me it fits right in with her Goth life style, she no longer feels like a stranger in a strange land.

Mmmmm Isn’t that wonderful to find something that feels so right for you, your outlook, your life style? It makes things so harmonious.

At least we have one hero, a modest one, ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, who landed that plane in the Hudson River and everyone survived. I saw the video~~~~a perfect textbook landing or as the Los Angeles Times headlines said “Two wings and a prayer”.

But now I have to get my paperwork together and give it to my tax preparer, pooh! Such a boring thing to do, that is why I prefer to give it to someone who has the right expertise, and what I pay him I can use as a tax deduction for next year.

When I was young it didn’t take me long to learn what was good debt and what was bad debt. Bad debt is credit cards, Good debt is a home mortgage, of course I’m over simplifying my sweet things, but if I put legitimate business expenses on my credit card it becomes deductions.

Oh there is so much more, and I find it exciting to learn what I can use to gain more money~~~~ Am I avaricious? Growl~~~ Of course I am, and I admit it gladly to all you sweet yummy things.

Mmmmm at least I’m honest.

Now Valentines Day is coming and what am I going to do for that weekend? Oh wouldn’t all of you sweet, luscious, yummy things like to know~~~but….I’ll give you an idea….there is a gun show that very weekend….and I’m going shopping….I’m not sure what I plan to get, but I will look at some suggestions….like a Colt 1911….Thank you Fram, I had completely forgotten that Colt had put it out…..but I think it might be too heavy fire power for my hand….Hmmmm maybe I can find someone who can give me a “test drive” with one……Ohhhh I love that thought.

For tonight I’ll enjoy my glass of Merlot, listening to Benny Goodman play “Body and Soul” and look out onto the cold, cold skyscrape and the twinkling lights of the “city by the Bay” as a sliver of moon slowly descends the night sky.

And with that I’ll say Sweet Dreams my sweet things.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Answers and other things~~~

Ooooh I’m sorry Sweet Things, but it seems I won’t be able to post for a while. Pooh!

I’m going to be “tied up” with a special work project that has to be ready by the end of next week for finalization and then presentation. Sooooo much work, and soooo little time, but business is business and it’s always important to make a good impression if one wants to earn serious money. And money is always sexy, LOTS of money.

Hmmmmmm I received a lot of questions in regards to some things, so I’m going to answer some but not all of them.

You see my sweet things I decide what comments I will post and which ones I won’t.

Unfortunately all, except one, I had to delete----after all you sweet things I don’t want to be banned from bloging, you bad, bad yummy things.

There are two naughty, naughty’s, even I know when someone is underage. Sweet things, take your time, learn things, learn from the mistakes of your parents, and learn from what they’ve found that works, find positive mentors, and take your time growing up, don’t rush, old age comes quickly enough. (Merrowl)

As to what I look like, I have described myself in other postings and I think the pictures come close to what I look like.

I love dressing up in styles from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Much of my wardrobe reflects that. The Art Deco and Art Moderne period of furniture, such style, not like boring IKEA. Pooh!

I like classical music, big band music, the mellow tones of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra especially late at night, when I’m looking out from my balcony onto the city lights of the “city by the bay”, especially when there is a full moon and it’s reflected off the water. I feel like I could just drink it all in and never get my fill of it. Mmmmmmm

I love Noir Films; Val Luton is my favorite director. There is one sequence in one of his films when the ‘heroine’ enters a nightclub with a black panther on a leash, I love that image.

I love old cars, Packard’s, Buick’s, and Dussenburg’s. When I have a chance I love to go to the Pebble Beach auto auctions, all that power hidden under the hoods. Real leather seats, beautiful interiors, it makes me purrrrrrrr.

I love the freedom of being able to drive where I want and when I want, unfortunately I do have a job that helps pay the bills, pooh! How mundane.

To Fram, Oooooh I’m sorry sweet thing, but I’m not the ‘young’ lady that was in the competition, that’s too bad in a way, ***Pouting*** I’m soooo sorry.

And “looking over”? Hmmmm I do believe that one sexy woman said “That it’s better to be looked over than overlooked”, so don’t be bashful sweet thing the next time you’re out on the shooting range with your Tarus 1911. I do believe that it comes in a .45 cal if I’m not mistaken, a beautiful weapon, but it needs to be handled just right, no false starts, it takes a strong person to handle it just right.

Now as to guns, I love guns, a lot of you sweet yummy things asked me about my ‘guns’.
I started out with a .22 Ruger Target pistol, Mark 2---good for practice and ‘plinking’.

Then I purchased a 9mm Beretta 92 FS, an older model, not the ones they are currently offering. I still have her, I take it out from time to time, keep it in good shape. She has such a lovely, self satisfying kick.

I have a Beretta .32 cal Tomcat, she’s sweet but I’m not totally happy with it, I think eventually I will sell her. All done legally of course, all that 10 day waiting period, with a Federally licensed firearms dealer to hold her, after all we must do things by the law. But I’m not in any hurry.

I also have a Cimarron .38 cal revolver 5 ½ inch barrel, but I’m not happy with the heft, I’m going to use her to trade in for a Ruger .38 cal Vaquero revolver that I’m coveting. This is the older model, I’ve tested her and she responds very well.

I also have an antique 6 mm Browning automatic, a very old model, I had her checked out by a gun smith, and he was surprised at the excellent quality she was in. I treat her very gently; after all she does have a bit of ‘history’ behind her Mmmmmmm.

But my favorite baby is my 9mm Beretta Cougar, the older model, not the more recent models that are made in Turkey; she fits my hand like a dream, but she is fussy, only likes top quality ammo, none of that junk from the old Czech Republic. The 92 eats that up like candy. My Cougar has expensive tastes, Mmmmmm just like me.

I’m also thinking of getting a hammerless Smith and Wesson, but I need to check it out more thoroughly; there is a gun shop that I know that has an indoor range and I can test fire there. I do love to shop, but *** SIGH*** all of that is going to have to wait until after the project. Pooh!

Of course I had to get a gun safe, all bolted to the floor, combination lock, high fire resistance, I tell you sweet things it is a goooood investment. Oh yes.

But when I’m feeling mean, angry and just plain out of sorts I take the 92 FS to the range, I just love all that firepower that she has to offer.

And yes my sweet yummy things, I do refer to my guns as “she”; after all they are “Ladies” treat them right and they will respond beautifully, but treat them wrong and they will turn on you.

Once I’m past this project I think I will treat myself to the Gun show that will be coming up in the next month, ooooohhh I doooo look forward to that.

But for now my sweet, yummy luscious things, I’ll have to fade into the fog of the city to finish my project, but don’t worry I will emerge again. Mmmmmmmmm Just listen to the sharp clicking of stiletto heels on wet pavement in the night, in the fog, be careful, it just might be me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stream of Consciousness, Guns and Soldiers

Oh Fram you are such a tease~~~~Hmmmmmm I like that.

You prefer “dark and stormy” instead of “Cold and Snowy”? I do too, unless I’m at an expensive ski resort. I’ll talk about “Dark and Stormy” sometime, there is something about thunderstorms, all that wild power that answers to no one.

“Stream of Consciousness” Mmmmmm Oh yes I can accept that. Much better than tearing down the drapes, and less expensive than the cost of bullets.

Mmmmmm but there is something about going to the range when I’m in a major rage, all that pent up anger, putting up a silhouette target, sometimes I’ll even tape a sort of name to it like “IRS”, or “Idiot Who Nearly Got Me Killed on the Freeway”, or something like that.

Putting the target out a few yards, then sighting down the sights on the top of the barrel of my Beretta and feeling the kick and seeing the hole appear on the target, blasting the center out until nothing exists of it. Growl!

Take that you fool who nearly got me killed!
Take that IRS for taking so much money out and spending it on Pork Barrel things like a bridge that goes no where!
Take that you idiot who stepped on my foot and didn’t even have the courtesy to apologize!
Take that you Bitch for talking so loud and using foul language that everyone can hear your life story---Did we really need to hear your pitiful excuse for a Soap Opera? (Snarl, Hiss)

That phrase from “Apocalypse Now” --- ‘I love the smell of cordite in the morning’, it’s true, and it can be like a perfume for me once the anger is released.

Then when I’m done, backing away from the firing line, taking off my safety glasses, sizing up how well I did and then turning and raising an eye brow at the iddy-biddies who were watching me shoot or maybe my form in my jeans, of course when I look at them with the raised eyebrow they quickly cough and turn away or pretend to be doing something important.

Hmmmmm I wonder what those sweet yummy things were thinking, besides how well I can shoot. Mmmmmmmm

I find that going to the range is good therapy, and it’s more therapeutic than going to a ‘shrink’. Hmmmmm I can understand when all those grown up men act like little iddy-biddies when they play paintball. But then they’ve never been really shot at. At least the one’s I’ve talked to.

Oh that sweet young thing that talked to me last year, we’ve been seeing each other as time permits, he’s such a sweet luscious thing, and even he’s trying the paintball game. Trying to get an idea on things.

(Snarl) I told him talk to a Vet who has been there, lost a leg, an eye! Whose face has been burned off, scared for life, saw their friends die. Anyone from Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Vietnam, Korea, even World War II !!

Last year I was at a Memorial Day Service, my best girl friend took me, her Grandfather was going to be at the services, he’s a 30 year man she said, retired only a few years ago, I was watching all these Majors, and Captains and Colonels there with all their service ribbons attached taking up much of the area over their hearts.

Sitting just in front of us were two 2nd Lieutenants, still green behind the ears, but looking so yummy in their uniforms, I was thinking of how I could seduce them, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this very elderly, thin, small man, so bent over, he was being helped by a younger woman, his daughter I think.

Quickly the Colonel who appeared to be in charge, came rushing down the platform to take the man’s arm but stopped short, straitened and saluted this small, thin elderly man, the little man straighten his back and saluted the Colonel. And as one all the officers on the platform saluted the little man in civilian clothes.

I overhead the luscious lieutenants wonder who was that little man for the Colonel and the others to carry on so, I stood up, leaned over them and said “Stand up and salute soldiers, that is a Medal of Honor Man!” Mmmmmm I just loved the embarrassed looks they had when they stood up and saluted.

Growl, I still smile when I think about that. What a brave little man, and being honest too, said he was scared, a young boy at that time. Now who was it that said “Courage is being scared but saddling up anyway.”


I skipped all the inaugural festivities, although it didn’t skip me, pooh! At my work, staff radios were turned up listening to the words. I focused on my work; words are only words when coming from politicians, its deeds that count, I wonder how quickly the honeymoon will be over when the critics raise their heads and start sniping.

Although my ears did perk up at his “unity” statement, an echo of FDR’s “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” and JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, although I felt Obama’s phrase didn’t flow as well. Pooh!

Oh but how Boring when staff started talking about what a change he’s going to make, as if he can walk on water. Naughty, Naughty people, don’t start putting someone on a pedestal, you’ll only get hurt more. It’s dangerous to do that, Mmmmmm much too dangerous.

I watched the BBC news tonight instead of the usual local stations; I’m more interested in what they are thinking overseas. It gives me a much better perspective on things. Especially for my work.

Mmmmmmm I think I’ll take a nice yummy, luscious bubble bath tonight, with soft music and candles, I feel the need for romance.

Mmmmmmm I’ll think on Sam Spade, Steve McQueen or even Harry Callahan, “It’s the black bird Mr. Spade” “The stuff that dreams are made of.” Hmmmmmm I’ll talk about San Francisco another time. What a luscious, yummy but dangerous city.

Monday, January 19, 2009

To Fram~~~

To Fram~~~~

Thank you for thinking that my thoughts are interesting and that you may want to come back from time to time. It’s a sweet thought.

But Windy?

Oh you sweet yummy thing, it’s better that I be “windy” than tearing down the curtains, ripping up the pillows, breaking china, flinging pots and pans, and destroying furniture, it’s my way of venting, ranting and getting rid of anger without the problems of cleaning up the mess.

Windy? When I was in college I was on a debating team, granted I didn’t win every argument, but it never failed that the opposite team would groan if I was on the other side and had fun demolishing them. I quit because I became tired of all their pretentiousness.

Sometimes I’m a long time between posts, and I may have a lot to say~~~ an awful lot to say. (Meerrooowwl)

If you want to know “Windy” just read any of Edward Buller Lytton’s books, the best one that he wrote was “The last Days of Pompeii”, even the movies were better than the book and they were a bore. He was the one that created the line “It was a dark and stormy night” but as a journalist you would know that. Hmmmmm?

And another “Windy” thing that I’m going to avoid are all the inauguration speeches. There has not been a succinct speech since Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech.

But still~~~ thank you for checking out my blog. Mickey Rooney he was a fun actor to watch on screen.

Hmmmmmm the Contessa? Mmmmmm La Contessa? Mmmmmm that’s yummy, I like that. Thank you, you sweet, luscious, yummy thing. Mmmmmmm

Friday, January 16, 2009

Avoiding the Protest was a good move~~~

Well My Sweet Things,

I was right; the so-called “peaceful protest” did result in a group of criminals destroying property. And now Mayor Dellums is going to hire, non-armed security for the next three weeks.

With Oakland having to furlough their workers two days a month and having take a week off without pay, between Christmas and New Years, another expenditure going down the drain because criminals are criminals.

I firmly believe that any sort of illegal protest should always be banned, it doesn’t matter if it was organized, look at the destruction that happened. It solves nothing, those tree huggers at UC Berkeley did it stop the axes? No. Did Tinnamen Square change the order in China? No. Did the protest in Peoples Park stop the war? No. Did anyone speak for the Jews when they were being gassed in ovens in German? No. Is anyone doing anything in Rwanda, between the Hutus and Titus? No and No.

Did anyone protest, take to the streets and decry when Chauncey Bailey, a Black Journalist, was murdered by someone who was with the Your Black Muslim Bakery, because Bailey had proof of criminal activity by that group?---NO!!

A man that has a family, wife, children a responsible job, dedicated to bringing truth to the surface out of the slime, murdered by criminals and yet, not one person took to the streets and demanded justice, not one person took to the streets and demanded that the persons be arrested and tried for murder, not one person took to the streets and demanded the resignation of the District Attorney---Did they protest on the death of Chauncey Bailey---NO!!!

Did anyone take to the streets and protest the beheading of Daniel Perrelman when he was murdered by Muslim terrorists? NO!!!

But for this Oscar Grant person they turned out in droves, a person with a proven criminal background, who just got out of prison less than 4 months before, who fathered a baby when he was 17 and from what can be determined never married the mother, whose father is currently in jail and has had no interaction with the deceased, who was involved in street gang activity before, who was engaged with a gang of street thugs fighting on the Bart train, and was going to be arrested again and from what I could see of the videos although on the ground appeared to still be resisting arrest.---A THUG, who in pictures that was first shown on television now since excised, flashing gang symbols.

For this person they turn out in droves---WHY? Because the person who shot him was not another criminal but a cop, granted a Bart cop, not a city or county cop, but someone in authority—someone who they believe represented The Man.

When will people wake up and remove the blinders from their eyes, this cop was not going to get off scott free, he was not going to get a slap on the wrist, he can claim being not guilty of murder, but he cannot claim of being not guilty of accidental manslaughter, yes I say accidental.

I know sweet things, you see I’ve dated policemen, (I love a man in uniform) of all types of temperaments, but all of them have said that they have to be careful in the heat of the moment, it is hard to remain calm when you are dealing with criminal loose cannons who have no concept of right and wrong, but only a sense of entitlement. A mistake can happen at any time. And this is one of them.

Hah, Hah I would LOVE to be on the jury for this trial, when they try to sue for $25 million dollars, do you think that family will receive any of that? I don’t think so, not after court fees and lawyer’s fees and all kinds of hidden fees, they will be lucky to have enough left over to pay for the funeral bill.

As a matter of fact, if I was on that jury I would certainly drastically lower the award amount---to teach criminals a lesson. You don’t get something for nothing.

If Oscar Grant was working on being a good person as his ‘family and friends’ claim he was, did he have a job? There appeared to be no indication that he held one. Was he paying court ordered child support? There doesn’t appear to be any awarded. So what was Oscar doing besides hanging around with his “Homeys” ---NOTHING!!!!

At least Bailey was trying to 'out' the criminal element, he was doing something and for him I hope there is sweet, sweet justice.

For Oscar Grant, let him be buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten, for the cop that shot him accidentally, let justice be met out as a jury sees fit. The real victim is Baileys children left behind and Grant’s child left behind, what kind of lives will they lead?


I was wise enough to stay in the city, I love the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, granted the rooms are small, but the service is excellent, and I was able to get quite a bit of work completed.

While I was having a late dinner there I ran into some sweet yummy friends, we had a marvelous time. It seems that they too were staying at the hotel, they were afraid that with the protest they would not make their bus connections and it seems when we watched the news in my room that our precautions were good ones to do. Don't worry sweet things, everything was proper and above board.

I decided to stay another night, the advantage of finishing up work and being pampered was too great to resist, so instead of taking the Bart home I saved time and relaxed, shopped a little, and enjoyed myself.

So now I have the long weekend---Oh but where am I? Wouldn’t you sweet things like to know—Hmmmmm?

Well I decided to treat myself, I’m at a Spa here in the wine country, you’ve no doubt saw my red convertible flying pass you, right now I’m taking advantage of the free WiFi that is offered at my Resort Spa---Ahhh but which one you ask---GUESS---is my answer.

Remember the sweet thing that I met at the gym? I gave her a very bad nick-name of “fat chick”---well I’m going to change that to “Sweet Chick”, she took my advice and she e-mailed me---it seems that her soon to be ex-husband was holding out some very serious assets that he didn’t declare and since this is a community property state—she is going for her half, it was wonderful to see her with her claws out and fangs barred.

All those years he didn’t tell her about the extra money that he was investing and saving, no wonder she had to get a job to help pay for the bills. He was holding out. And she changed her lawyer, she now has one who goes for the jugular, so although the proceedings are going to have to be gone over again because there is new evidence of what he was withholding without her knowledge he is going to be in a very sorry state, oh and he wanted to buy out her half of the house for a pittance, she got a new appraisal, if he wants the house he’s going to have to pay more, a lot more.

OH YOU GO GIRL! Yummy, just Yummy!

I love things like that.

Oh and am I going to watch the inauguration of the New President? No, I refuse to watch that carnival, I was disgusted when he gave his acceptance speech and the people in the crowd were crying and looking at him as if he were Jesus Christ at the Second Coming, just watch and see how quick they will turn on him when he doesn’t do things fast enough or even do them at all and discover that he just might have feet of clay.

He is just a man, with a lot of difficulties left over from the Clinton administration that Bush got stuck with---and no I’m not a republican, I’m an independent.

Now I’ll start getting dressed for dinner, I wonder who I’ll seduce tonight?

Think on that you sweet. luscious, yummy things.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Intensely Dislike Having My Routine Upset~~

Especially by so-called protesters!

I will speak more on that at another time.

But because of their planned protest for tomorrow I have to make plans to stay overnight in the City at one of the Hotels near my office!

So I've packed a bag, made arrangements for my mail to be picked up, have made reservations~~~BUT I am NOT Happy.

But I refuse to be caught in any ridiculous melee by these Criminals! They can claim all they want that it's a peaceful protest but it never is, there is always someone hurt, something destroyed, because it is an invitation for the criminal element to wantonly destroy things, especially that which those who have labored hard to create and have be destroyed.

I sincerely hope that those shop owners and the owners of those cars that were destroyed SUE the so-called organizers of the so-called "peaceful" protest.

Let the wheels of Justice grind itself to its own conclusion, and all you fools who know nothing BUTT OUT!! ***Snarl***

Friday, January 9, 2009

Revenge can be sweet~~~

AArrrgggh, so you sweet yummy things,

I’ve been having fun doing a punishing work out at the gym. All those holiday indulgences are to be banished from my body, not that I gained any weight, no, but I did a bad, bad thing, I hardly went to the gym between thanksgiving and new years. Bad Me.

Back to being good to my bad self, working out every night except the weekends that’s for fun. I have to do it for a month before that flab is toned again. Although there are some who don’t think I’m flabby, but I know if I am.

Oh don’t worry I’m not like those anorexic types that have to have no body fat, I’ve got curves where they count. But toning it good overall, there are some “ladies” who look me over and wonder why I’m there, but it’s my choice.

I could be mean even vicious , tonight there was one chick, poor thing she must have weighed in at 250 pounds, and she was trying but I could see that she got so tired, the other “ladies” were almost sneering at her, since I was finished with my work out I could see she was ready to collapse. So I guess my “nice side” kicked in, I really wanted to twist the other “ladies” noses so I went up to “fat chick” and said to her “I know you’re exhausted, but keep coming each day and watch your food intake and you will see a difference, I’m going to get a cup of tea care to join me” You could have floored her, but we did have tea at a shop near by.

She told me her sad story, hubby threw her over for a younger slimmer model, I asked her if she had pictures of her family, especially of her mom and dad when they were young, she did, and she’d been planning on taking them to the drug store to have copies made to send to family members. They were slim, so I asked her what started putting on the weight? Husband supposedly being a workaholic, she in a boring job, feeling neglected and at parties out of her element around her husbands friends.

Oh Sweet things, right there I told her how she could get revenge on Hubby, I showed her my latest copy of Kiplinger’s, and I was a bit surprised at how quickly she grasped the financial concepts, she told me that she was the bill payer in the family, but it seemed like it was hard to get ahead, so she took a full time job.

I asked her if the divorce was final and she said no so I told her that it’s possible that her soon to be ex might have hidden assets and she needed to look into them.

She was so caught up in the pain of his infidelity that she didn’t even think of that, she said he was supposedly being generous in the divorce, so I told her to hold off.

O.K. Sweet things what am I doing? I’m taking “fat chick” under my wing, there’s something that I like about her, she’s not even 30 and she’s been treated like a dog, I’m going to teach her how to bite back.

Oh that makes me feel so good thinking about it, and I’m going to be her cheering section so she can thumb her nose at the “Ladies”.

We’ll be getting together this weekend and formulate plans, oh I’m getting goose-bumps thinking about it.

For now, after taking a good relaxing shower I’m going to slip into my silk nightgown and think evil thoughts of revenge as I fall asleep.

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Friday Night and I'm bored~~~~

Bored, Bored, Bored!

I went to the gun range today, shot 200 rounds, blasted the center mass to bits, oh that felt good.

Wore my black leathers today, even with this wet miserble weather, the looks I got from the iddy-biddy boys who were trying to show off on the range although exciting, bored me. After all they were iddy-biddy's. No I like a real man.

Well there was one fellow, now he knew how to use his weapon, and he admired my "shooting", but he was very respectful, I saw the wedding ring, and with his hair cut I pegged him for a cop, mmmm but he looked yummy, but a wedding ring---sorry, that is a no-no.

I may steal a man but only if he's not married, I'm evil but not that evil, after all there maybe children in the back ground, I'm not going to steal their Daddy.

I can't get onto the Wine train until spring, pooh! So I'll have to plan for something else for now.

I had no desire to go clubbing tonight. Televison is all re-runs, I've sent back all my Net-flicks, paid the necessary bills and did the grocery shopping. Yes how mundane, but necessary.

My best friend is down with a cold, feeling miserable. And here I am in my red satin P.J's. bored, bored, bored.

Oh but wait, there he is, the hunkiest wrestler that I love to dream about, the Undertaker.
mmmm he just did a quick slam dunk on that wanna be. I have no idea how long he'll continue to wrestle but he looks soooo goood to me.

hmmm maybe I'll dream about him tonight, or maybe about hunky cop, my dreams are so fantastic.

Oh I know what I'll do, I'm just so tense, I think I'll go to the spa tomorrow, get a massage, that will help. And I'll see if my other girl friend wants to out tomorrow night.

Maybe I'll be out of my bored funk tomorrow. And if not---I might go back to the range and shoot another 200 rounds.

Mmmmmmmm By the way, you sweet things, do you like the pictures I put up, I look a lot like that. I've always been told I look like her. Dream about me tonight. mmmmm

Survivng Christmas with Toxic Parents

Hello you sweet young yummy things, you sweet young greedy yummy things.

The Holidays have been exciting and a bore at the same time, everyone predicting gloom and doom, well I could care less, you get into this mess, and you get out of it. You wanted your Home, your white picket fence with the rose bushes, the 2 or 3 car garages, the 2 kids with all their fancy toys and the dog.

I feel sorry for the dog; the dog has no say in it. I pity those dumb creatures; all they have is loyalty and love, single-mindedness to their human gods and are lost and confused when their gods throw them away. That is evil of the worst kind, the dogs have no protection, people do.

I think when I die as we all must do eventually, I’ll leave all my money to the Animal Shelter with the proviso that no animal be put to sleep but at least fostered out to some kind care. It will be plenty, you see I deal in greed, I know greed and I can manipulate greed to make money for me.

But Greed---Ha, Ha, all you greedy people, you want it all and are willing to go into debt for it and now the devil has come to demand your soul. Naughty, naughty. When you do that, then your soul is mine or at least to “the company store”.

Remember all you sweet things, old Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song “16 Tons” is very, very real---

“You load 16 Tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt, Saint Peter don’t you call me ‘cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store.”

Enough of all that gloating.

While everyone was hand-wringing and saying “Woe is Me” I’ve been having some fun. I went to the Dickens fair several times and had fun with the entertainment and bought some wickedly delicious clothing from Dark Garden, and several other clothing shops there.

I also attended the Art Deco Societies “Deco the Halls” 2 day antique event, found a fabulous painting all grays and silver and black with only a slight splash of red, it was a figure of a woman with dark hair reclining on a soft bed, she looked like she was waiting for her lover, but could care less if he showed up or not. I bought it and now have it hanging over my fire place.

I used my lunch hours to go to some pawn shops; I can get jewelry for cheap there.

Then after work but to avoid the crowds going home I went to the stores and expanded my wardrobe, amazing the bargains you can find when the economy goes into the tank.

I survived Christmas with my toxic parents, had to stay a day longer than I wanted to.

I can see why baby sis wants out, they are trying to pick a future husband for her, they are so in the dinosaur age, so she and I made plans for her escape she’s over 19 but because she’s working part time and was going to school, she was turning over most of her money to “Mom and Dad” on their insistence (make that black mail demands).

We made a deal and she signed a contract (with a drop of her blood for good measure),

She’s been busy on her own, checking out available jobs where I live, I told her I’d help her get set up but after that she’s on her own.

She’s changed a lot, become more like me, she said that if the “Folks” had not been pushing her to eventually marry this moronic geek with an I.Q. of Zero, (I unfortunately met him at Christmas Dinner) she would have continued to live with them until she could work full time and escape on her own.

I’m glad that she has been taking business courses, there’s a lot of jobs that she’s qualified for and she’s planning to continue school to get her degree, it’s just where is she going to live. I don’t want her cramping my style and she’s agreed that it would be better for her to not live with me any longer than necessary.

So a lot of the plans are in place and I’ll be freeing her from her bondage.

I wish I could describe my parent’s idea of Christmas, but you’d really have to live it to understand.

No decorations, no tree, and as kids no presents, we had to read the Old Testament passages for hours, until dinner was ready. Had to fast from Christmas Eve to dinner time Christmas day, we couldn’t go out and play with our school friends during the two weeks we had off from school. We never knew if we had Grandparents, when I did find out I discovered that our father’s parents were dead and from what I found out from the neighbors they weren’t nice to know, except for Grandma, she twisted everyone’s nose and had a trust fund set up for me, which the lawyer held until I finally could contact him. Unfortunately she died before baby sis was born otherwise baby sis would have been nicely set up as well.

My Mother’s Dad was dead but I did make contact with Grandmamma, a sweet old lady, and I discovered two aunts and an uncle that our Mother never told us about talk about personality differences, I’m going to see if they can help me with baby sis. My Father has kept Mother under his thumb for a long time, I hope the old dried up man dies before Mother does, she hardly says a word.

This Christmas was no better although Geek Boyfriend to be was having way too much fun reading the old testament, the church we went to was cold, the preacher even said it was cold for a reason, no decorations there either, no manger scene, a fire and brimstone sermon about how we are all going to hell, they stole the light out of Christmas, and driving home with the Parents with Dad complaining about how people were wasting money putting up Christmas lights.

Poor baby sis, she looked at me, I said “Yes, Papa it is a sin what they do wasting money like that” and keeping a straight face, it’s a good thing baby sis controlled herself. Yeah I have to free her.

Dinner was eaten in silence, and then Geek boyfriend, baby sis and I put together a huge puzzle, which if Geek boyfriend had quit saying bible quotes would have been more fun to do. But I had fun making double innuendos which went over his head, and him saying to baby sis why don’t she dress like me, all formal, he doesn’t realize I dress like that for a reason, I LIKE IT. And forget dessert that word doesn’t exist in this house hold.

I was glad to drive back and breathe free air, I have a Christmas tree, but it’s black with red Christmas balls on it and red lights, o.k. so it’s a bit Goth I love it. I originally bought it for a Halloween tree, and that was fun having it decorated with ghosts, witches, skulls and the red lights, so I left it up and just changed the ornaments.

So now I’m free and don’t have to go back to work until Monday, it was use the vacation time or lose it.

New Years was fun, we went to this dance on board an old aircraft carrier, big band music, and I dressed the way I always like to dress -- beautiful and expensive. But I didn’t want to drive back to my place, so I made plans to stay with a friend who was going but lived nearby; we took a taxi and met the rest of our friends there.

New Years Day, lovely, quiet, I even went to church, a different kind of church, all light and music and bringing in joy to the soul, it even felt warm; yeah it’s Catholic but Quell le differance (phonic French speak).

I called baby sis, she survived, said that she could come and visit me during her spring break, parents want her to take the train, planes are the devils invention they say, don’t tell me they’ve heard of the “Mile High Club”?

So that is when baby sis will make her break for freedom, she can pull it off, she said that she’s made arrangements to transfer her grades to the school that she’ll be going to here, and she’s going to see what jobs will be open to her, I agreed to pay for her initial tuition, she only has a year to go, I think we can stand each other for a while.

Mmmmm thinking about trains, trains are beautiful, all that power, totally unstoppable, there is a scene in the James Bond Movie “Golden Eye” where Xenia Onnatop says “we’re going to ram the train” or something like that, and she’s excited about it----Even I get excited about all that power.

I love riding trains, and there is a difference in the ride between being in a train that is pulled by a desile engine and one that is pulled by a steam engine. And a steam train is so “living, breathing” and iron monster fired by steam and fire, mmmmm I get all excited just thinking about it.

When ever I can I ride the Napa Wine Train, to be able to dine and see the scenery change that is luxury.

Hmmm I think I’m due for a train ride, I think I’ll make plans.
Until later my sweet things, think yummy thoughts