Beware, or I'll eat you alive.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have You Ever Tried to Pole Dance With A Pool Cue?

Alright sweet things I know that sounds obscene, but there is just no other way to explain it.

Let me some back ground that leads up to this remark.

Work has been insane, finishing things up for the end of the quarter and the end of the fiscal year, part of it is that some staff members have been busy with end of school year, a few graduation events and parties, last year wasn’t as bad, but this year there seems to be a lot of very special events happening at the same time, including one of my co-workers getting married.

So I hope I didn’t appear to be ignoring all of you but, as with many people right now, I’ve been busy.

So busy that I think I need another vacation.

The repair work on my bay area home is finally done, just a little painting on the outside and then buying some replacement furniture and drapes.

My neighbor, whose tree made the unexpected visit into my home, has been good on his word, his insurance has offered to make good on 90 percent of the claim, but my neighbor will pay for the remaining 10 percent. This I have to admit has surprised me, because in this day and age many people will say “Oh it’s not my fault” and try to get out of their responsibilities, part of it is that he knows some of my friends and he knows if he tries to get out of his responsibilities it could affect for the worse his friendship with them.

And, he claims he wants to be a “good neighbor”, well I’m all for that, maybe he saw the bumper sticker on my car that I bought at the last gun show---it says---“Ladies with guns have more fun” --- I really do like that sentiment.

Lillian is off visiting family for the next two weeks, so I’m collecting her mail and newspapers and watering her indoor plants----don’t have to worry about the garden, she has a sprinkler system on a timer, something I’m planning to have installed this summer.

And I’m making plans to visit my family over the 4th of July weekend, by that time Lillian will be back and she can reciprocate the favor.

Baby sis called me the other night to tell me ‘another miracle’ has happened, those 3 filing cabinets and cardboard file boxes that held all the sermons that was done by Dad’s old church, has been moved out of the family garage and sent back to the church. Dad told the ‘minister’ that the sermons really need to be on church grounds since they were church property. And baby sis can no longer transcribe the taped sermons; Dad told the ‘minister’ that baby sis needs all the spare time to work on her college degree.

Baby sis said that with those boxes and file cabinets out it feels like a big weight has been removed from the place, and everyone feels free. Of course the ‘minister’ tried to prevent Dad from doing this, but Dad, said baby sis, was firm, saying that it’s about time someone else assumed those responsibilities.

It almost sounded like baby sis was dancing around the room the way she was telling it to me, she sounded so happy. I felt so relieved that had happened it was like a hidden monster was finally chased out.

So I was feeling like celebrating, I called my friend Yoshi and she made a recommendation to go to this pool hall that was planning to have a fund raising Charity pool competition for Breast Cancer

So Saturday evening Yoshi and I along with Jill and Carol from work went to the Pool Hall, actually it’s a very large building with 50 or so tables, food, drink, music and competitions. Family friendly, but this place has a policy, no one under the age of 18 after 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, and they are strict about this.

Fortunately Carol was the designated driver, which is fine, she can’t stand the taste of alcohol but she loves to shoot pool. I can play too but I am really amateur amateur, not great but decent.

As I said that evening was a fund raiser for Breast Cancer, and we did alright, but (and this is where I could wrap a pool cue over Yoshi’s head spring something unexpected) Yoshi signed all of us up to do “Pool Cue Pole Dancing” and sprung it on us fact accompli. The idea was the better the dancer the more dollar bills were collected for the Charity.

I really wasn’t prepared to do that, I mean I didn’t mine doing the competition for Charity but this was an unexpected extra, and now I knew why Yoshi said for us to wear high heels.

Yes Sweet Things it was legitimate and it was for a good cause, and the girls that did compete all did fairly well, but I noticed that they were making the mistake of choosing songs that ran a little long and a little slow, so that towards the end of the music they were getting tired and the audience was getting a little bored.

But the one good thing is that we could choose our music, so I asked the DJ if he had the Righteous Brothers singing “Little Latin Lupe Lup” they did. So with Pool Cue in hand, high heels, Capri pants and my white shirt tied to expose my waist (thank God I work out at the Gym) my friends will never think of that song in the same way again and there was a nice large Pot of money for Breast Cancer.

But Oh! how my toes hurt afterwards, not a good thing to dance like that in high heels, it makes me appreciate Cyd Charisse and Rita Moreno more.

So Today is now Father’s Day, I called Dad early in the morning to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, he was so happy to talk to me, I asked him how they were going to spend it and he said that Baby Sis’s boy friend (oh yes boy friend) has fixed up one of the vintage cars so it is running beautifully and they are going to take it out for a run and do a picnic, Mom and Baby sis spent yesterday cooking chicken, making home made potato salad, the corn on the cob was cooked up this morning and wrapped in foil, peach pie, and other goodies. Ted found this one Grocery store that sells soft drinks in vintage (reproduction) bottles and an old ice chest that still works.

Life right now seems very, very good, the weather has improved, and although it’s still hard times, if one thinks positive things can and will work out. Such a difference from last year, and today Sunday, I went to the flea market and had fun, found a few nice little vintage items to replace what was broken, and I wore comfortable tennis shoes, my toes still haven’t recovered.

I’ve been talking long distance on the phone to my two tenants, and things are going fine for them. And its’ possible I may go and check on them towards the end of July, I’ll just have to see how things shape up.

In the mean time, I have to plan on replacing a couch and chair, select drapes, a lamp or two and a end table, but I don’t want to rush it.

But tonight I’m going to relax and read, I’ve come across this mystery written by Ann Michelle that takes place in Leadville, Colorado in the 19th century. It sounds interesting, but first it’s retro night on KOFY TV 20 and they are going to show the old “Mission Impossible” I can’t miss that.

And how was your weekend Sweet Things?