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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hello Sweet Things,

I'm blogging from my folks house, took the train down on Tuesday after working over the weekend to make sure things were in place before I left, I'm planning on staying with the Folks through the Weekend and coming back by train on Monday.

My Folks, Baby Sis and her boyfriend met me at the Station, in the rebuilt 1950's Buick, it felt great!

We've spent Wednesday just getting things into place and ready for the dinner, Mom insists on baking home made pies. No store bought, almost everything home made, it can be a chore but with all of us pitching in it's so much easier, now I have to get the receipes.

Dad has invited his co-worker Andrew and his wife to Thanksgiving with us, Andrew's wife is expecting and in her eighth month, Mom insisited that she not be pressured into doing a Thanksgiving dinner, which was good because Andrews' wife's family live up in Washington State and they couldn't visit and Andrew really has no family, being estranged from his father.

So it's going to work out really good. The only down thing is that Ted, Baby sis's boyfriend is going to be with his folks for their Dinner because they have out of town relatives visiting that he hasn't seen in ages, but he will be by for dessert.

And Mom is cooking so much, I can picture the left overs, turkey sandwhiches, turkey casserol, turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini, but with Mom's home made stuffing which you have to make at least a day a head of time because it involves chicken.

And no you don't stuff a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey which I've heard some people do.

Mom is just so excited about this, she's resurrected the old family receipes that she hasn't made in ages, and the smells are just so wonderful.

Dad, of course, has to keep Trixie out of the kitchen because she gets so excited, so he keeps taking her for walks, and more walks just to tire her out. But from the looks of it, it's Dad that's getting tired.

Right now we're taking a little break, everything is almost ready. Andrew and his wife will soon be here. And Mom is planning on giving them a lot of leftovers so she doesn't have to cook for a while. Since Michelle's folks are up in Washington, Mom has offered to help out with anything she may need, and Dad, Ted and Baby Sis have offered to Take her to the hospital in case Andrew is tied up.

But Mom keeps saying that the Baby will come most likely in the middle of the night.

Everything feels so good right now, I just don't want it to end and I have a lot to be Thankful for.

Must go Sweet Things, our guests are here and Trixie is barking up a storm.

Until later.

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Fram Actual said...

I hope your Thanksgiving vacation is enjoyable, restful and rewarding, Diva.