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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a Quick Note for Christmas~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Just a quick little note.

Christmas here with the family has been wonderful, I will hate to leave come Tuesday but leave I must if I am to clear things up at work before the New Years.

Baby Sis and Ted have announced their engagement at Ted's Folks house party, I and my parents were there, everyone was so excited, and I've met Ted's family they are very nice, and surprise, surprise love to collect things, Ted's youngest sister is into photography and loves to collect old stereo slides. She's invited me to visit her home to see her collection. She's very much into Victoriana.

Ted's older brother and his wife have a huge Victorian house that they are renovating and restoring, considering they have 3 children and I suspect a 4th on the way, they are going to need all that space.

Ted's younger brother is in college back east and is taking (of all things) the train back home but won't be able to get here until Christmas Eve.

And Ted's folks have this wonderful huge Craftsman bungalow, that they managed to put in matching furniture over the years. It seems that Ted's entire family is in to preserving old things, restoring things, and working with several preservation groups.

I can see why Baby Sis is so much in love with him, they are just in such harmony with each other, even in these trying times.

Ted's folks and my parents are very much in tune with each other as well, his Dad and mine share much of the same opinions but have looked at it from different angles', and Ted's Mother and mine are having so much fun comparing recipes, shopping and sewing. Ted's Mom works part time right now. She was considering working full time, but like Mom wants to have an at home business and is thinking of doing business on line.

So much to go into and I had promised that this would be a short note.

Anyway Ted and Baby Sis explained why they are going to hold off on the wedding and everyone agreed that it was very sensible and good planning. I could see that Mom and Dad were in no hurry to let Baby Sis go just yet, but they know that it will happen.

Dad has privately told me that he's set one of the Apartments in one of the nearby Victorian Houses aside for them when they marry, he's put one of them on a month to month tenancy.

And From Christmas Eve and Christmas Day such fun, and joy, good food, good friends, good laughs, good times.

Now it is Sunday, we went to vigil Mass late yesterday afternoon, Mom thought it best that we have a chance to sleep in a bit Sunday morning. I'm up and dressed, so is Dad, he's taken Trixie out for her walk and we've had a simple breakfast, Mom and Baby Sis are getting dressed, and then---we are charging to the Stores---but there is one place that they want to go to and it is an Antique Mall. So as soon as they come down we'll go to the "fancy mall" and then to the Antique Mall.

Such Fun!

I know it sounds like it's all sweetness and light, and for the most part it is, but there are worry clouds. Ted and Baby Sis know that their tuition fees are going up, but are making arrangements to cover it, Dad of course is not happy about it, because it will put them into more debt, but they know what they have to do and can manage it.

The good thing is that both Ted and Baby Sis have been making money with their e-bay businesses and that helps off set things, and during the warmer months selling things at the outdoor flea markets, so by doing that and being frugal they will get by, fortunately with Ted's folks and ours I know they'll make it.

Mom is making enough funds so that her little business is paying for itself, but she only takes on what she can handle and no more.

My parents health is in good shape, and so is mine.

Dad's company is still doing good, no layoffs but no bonuses either, but from what I've heard, everyone knew that there might not be bonuses this year since about August, but they did pick up eye-care that is to cover the cost of glass prescriptions as another part of their health package.

Dad said not one complaint about that, and that profits are still holding. The company is focusing on controlled growth and is not looking at any further expansion unless seriously warrented.

Baby Sis and Ted are doing fine with their classes and grades (grades how old-fashion) and are progressing nicely towards their degree's.

As for me, job is good, my investments are holding, my properties and tenants are doing well, my house has not been invaded by another tree, all my friends are doing well considering how things are going.

Lillian's health is fine and so is her family's. Joe and Frank are pulling long duty for New Years Eve and considering how far they will have to commute when they get off duty I told them to come and crash at my place when they get off duty, I don't want them hurt.

So I do believe I and all my family and friends will be heading into 2010 in good shape and we can only hope for a better and brighter new year.

Must go Sweet Things, Mom and Sis are at the door saying "Let's Go!"

To all my Blog reader friends you all have a wonderful New Years, be safe, be warm and be happy.

And Sweet Fram, I'm glad you "enjoyed" that Christmas Kiss. Kisses to You.

Until Next Year Sweet Things. Happy New Years!!!

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