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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Short Comment on Obama or "The Cow and the Ice Cream"~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I do love flash drives, small, discreet, very portable, lots of memory, I wrote this up Tuesday night, came to work early again this morning, things are quiet right now so no problem to quickly down load this. Then a meeting at 9 a.m, I just “love” Wednesday morning meetings, coffee, bagels, fruit, pastries; our boss “foots” the bill. Big believer in staff moral, which is pretty good around here.

Well it was a good thing that I got an early morning start to work on Monday, with Lillian dropping me off at the Ferry and the Ferry being crowded it was a good choice. After getting to work I found that much of my colleagues were able to keep things going for me, but I did have a bit of ‘catch up’ to do.

Which wasn’t too bad really, it was good to see everyone, and they treated me to lunch at our favorite place; Fortunately when I asked for the days that I wanted for vacation it was not a problem, especially since I would be in the office before and over New Years, and with WiFi and everything I can keep in touch with the office.

Unfortunately I had to take BART and Bus back home, I called Lillian to explain. Bless her she ordered ‘delivery’ from our favorite Chinese place, so she had the fun of me explaining to her all the woes of commuting with the Bay Bridge being closed. Hmmm it felt like New York during Rush Hour.

I have to admit, taking public transportation is really a good thing in the City, unless you have to ride one of the City’s Muni Busses. Especially into one of the more crowded ethic parts of the city, but I’ve such a short walk to the BART station from work, it’s not so bad. Thank Goodness for tennis shoes, so much better on the feet when you have to walk, although I’ve gotten fond of Sketchers, no Crocs for me, they are so ugly.

It was a good thing that Lillian ordered dinner, I was so tired, but I know it will get better once I’m into the swing of it again.

We got word that the bridge is finally open but it will close again in a few months for any additional repair. Well I’ll be prepared with alternatives. Just let us know in advance is all I can say.

But I still don’t trust the repairs that have been made, not that it’s CAL Trans fault, its an old bridge and until they can be sure it will be safe for a longer period of time then I’m going to have to take the San Mateo Bridge to get to the City on Saturday---Another Gun Show at the Cow Palace---Yippee!! I just know I’m not going to get lucky as I did the last time, but its wise to never say never.

Of course it will take a long time to get over the bridge even for a Saturday, however with the Bay Bridge being open and functioning for a few days it might make it easier, from what I’m hearing they are going to make sure it is fixed and fixed right---Well I hope so!! The persons in those three cars were lucky to not be injured, the next time it might be worse.

Patience that is what one needs right now, patience.

I’ve been keeping quiet on President Obama for many reasons, the first being that I wanted to see how his administration is going to start out.

But recently Rush Limbaugh in an interview said that Obama (and I’m paraphrasing) is the most dangerous person to the freedom and liberty of the American people.

Although the White House spokesperson said that Limbaugh is just an entertainer, from the rumblings that I have been hearing among my colleagues, Limbaugh may not be off the mark.

It’s a question of “The Cow and the Ice Cream”.

A teacher wanted to show to her 3rd graders how politics and elections work, so she had her class select two candidates Joe and Olivia, both were excellent students, and both had their parents support. When it came time for them to give their speeches as to why each should be elected Joe gave an excellent speech about how he would improve the class room and how he would go about doing it.

Olivia stood up and said “If I’m elected I will give everyone ice cream” and sat down, when asked how would the ice cream be given, where would the money for the ice cream come from, and where was the source for the ice cream, or where was the “Cash Cow” to handle all of this, the reply was “I don’t know”.

Olivia was elected, because all that her class mates could see and hear was “Ice Cream”

And that is how a number of my colleagues view the Obama Presidency.

It is a frightening thought.

And now I must get back to work. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.

Until Later Sweet Things, Kisses

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Fram Actual said...

Yes, and the "chicken in every pot" fa├žade still continues, with Congress joining in to do it's best to give away money that does not exist except in the form of loans from Communist China and in the form of essentially worthless paper scrip produced on non-stop printing presses.

It might be time to start looking for property investments in Canada rather than in the U.S., Diva.