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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am Healing but Bored! Bored! Bored!~~~

Hello again Sweet Things,

I am getting better, but I have to say that I have developed a strong craving for War Wong Ton Soup, so much so that my poor Mother is learning how to make it and doing a remarkable job as well.

I worry that because she is taking care of me that it’s boring for her, so I’ve asked Lillian to take her to some of those cute vintage shops that she likes to keep Mom occupied

I’ve had a chance to talk to Dad and baby sis on the phone and they are doing well, baby sis said it’s been fun testing her culinary abilities. I can understand, it’s been so easy to let Mom do the cooking, that one can get lazy.

I’ve been to the Doctor and things are progressing the way they should, and my friends at work have been taking care of things for me and keeping me in the loop. They now regard Ralph as a bit of a hero, taking charge the way he did, I know he has a weakness for Starbucks, so I sent him a $100 dollar Starbucks card to him saying “Coffee is on me.” If it wasn’t for his quick action recognizing the symptoms there might have been a delay which would not have been good for me.

I’m finally catching up with the news and I can’t believe it! A fire at Tiffany’s in Union Square! Well not in the store itself, but they did get smoke. What happened is some sort of electrical fire occurred in the basement utility closet, and the smoke raced up one of the elevator shafts, not the one that connects Tiffany’s to the rest of the building, but to business offices that are located above Tiffany’s. I have no idea if it’s open again since the store itself was not involved, but the smoke.

My friend Frank checked in with one of his buddies in the fire department and told me that 9 firemen went to the hospital as a precaution for smoke inhalation, but they are fine. I’m glad, the buildings in San Francisco and in Oakland especially the older ones are so dangerous, it takes a special kind of person to be a Firefighter. I know I don’t have that type of strength of will.

And the former BART police officer that allegedly killed Oscar Grant, his trial is going to be moved to another county and I’m glad, I knew that police officer would not get a fair verdict from anyone in Alameda County, they have already judged and condemned him and I say unless you can prove it was pre-meditated, unless you can show that he was not in danger, he is not guilty. And I also have to look at Oscar Grant, he certainly was no angel or innocent, and may have acerbated the situation.

My greatest fear is that no matter what the outcome there will be rioting in the streets of Oakland, I wish that they were going to hold the trial in Sacramento instead, far enough away yet close enough to get there. This is one trial that is going to have to be closely watched

The Govenator vetoed the bill banning gun shows at the Cow Palace---Yea! BUT he passed the law limiting Ammunition sales---Booo! A few years ago the Federal Government tried that system and found that it didn’t work and discontinued it. The NRA is working with Assemblyman Hager (?) I can’t remember his name, on a bill that he is proposing to streamline the handgun process and include on banning or rescinding the previously passed limited ammo sales----YEA!! As soon as I look up who is the right assemblyperson I’m writing a letter supporting his efforts.

And then we had an unexpected down pour of RAIN and winds that were so bad that it flooded the Streets of San Francisco, with gushers pushing up through the storm drains and manholes like they were fountains under Niagara Falls pressure, with waterfalls of water flowing down the steps into Bart Stations.

On one city block it was so bad that there was something like 3 to 4 feet of water, which flooded businesses and homes, and to make it worst, the city claims they fixed the drains to handle heavy down pours, but they still had a sewage problem. Oh someone is going to be in trouble with that

And as a topper, Joe and Frank told me that there is one S.F. police sergeant that is going to have a hard time living down the fact that he flooded his police cruiser. It seems that a Mother took her PT cruiser down Moss Alley, and thought that the water was only a few inches deep----try 3 feet. The Alley dips down about 3 feet, in a panic she opened the car door, more water came in but she managed to get herself and her children out. She called 911 for help. The Sergeant showed up, saw a truck parked to one side in what appeared to be two inches of water, didn’t think anything about it, whoops up to his waist in water coming into His cruiser.

I saw it on the news, and I have to say, I heard the rain coming down so hard it woke me up from my nap yesterday afternoon, unbelievable! But then Lillian told me that from season to season there are times when there are extremely heavy rain ‘cells’

I saw my Doctor today and she was please with how I’m healing up, I should be able to go back to work, right after Halloween. And I have to say that each day I’m feeling better and stronger, it’s just that the stitches itch, and every now and then I feel a sort of ‘ping’. She told me that they were dissolving naturally but to not stress them, ‘let the flesh heal’. I’m trying to do that but I am not a very good patient.

Mother says I’ve reached that “healing but bored” stage where the mind is active and wants to do things, but the body says “not today, Girlie”.

And yes, Dear Sweet Fram I am taking care of myself, but I am getting restless. I can read only so much; I’m bored with T.V. except for “Perry Mason”, “Streets of San Francisco” and “The Wild, Wild West”. Fortunately Mom LOVES the cooking shows, so she is writing down the recipes. She loves “Cooks Country TV” and has done some of foods from it, and everyone is getting well fed. I watch them too, not that I have time to do all the things they do but there are some that are simple that I can eventually employ into my busy schedule when I’m well.

I am getting so restless being confined at home but Lillian is proposing that Joe take me for an afternoon drive tomorrow, with Mom ‘chaperoning’, perhaps up to Redwood Regional Park or some place. Joe said he’s going to surprise me, so we shall see.

Well Sweet Things, I’m getting tired again and Mom insists that I take a nap, being the good nurse that she is. Yoshi is coming by this evening, she’s been busy the last week or so with her work, it will be good to see her and we can catch up.

And yes Fram I will take good care of myself, I promise you and Thank you.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses

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