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Friday, October 23, 2009

My "Antique" Desk arrived~~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Yesterday proved to be a bit of a busy day for "home bound" me. The desk that I purchased a month ago was delivered yesterday, thanks to my friends, and now sits in my home office.

I'm not being able to lift things Yoshi and her brother moved things around for me until it was placed just right, and then Mom treated them (and myself) to a wonderful Roast Beef dinner that she cooked herself, there was so much that Mom packed much of it for Yoshi to take home to her Mother.

Yoshi told me that I owe her and I reminded her about the "Pole Dance Contest" and my sore toes, so she said "O.K. we're even."

Yoshi also told me that she saw a similar desk like mine at another antique shop, but the asking price was more than what I paid for.

Mother just loves the look of the desk, now we have to go to some vintage stores and look for 1940's or 50's desk accessories---Well I am seeing my Doctor again next week, and I am feeling much better and stronger, but the only thing is to avoid heavy lifting for another 4 weeks and I should be fine.

Since I don't do any heavy lifting at work that won't be a problem so I'll be able to return to work on Nov. 2 without restrictions. So to antique stores we will go, it will be nice for Mother.

Joe treated me to a nice little ride out to the Sonoma wine country on Wednesday, he rented a light weight wheel chair in case I got tired, which I did, but it was so wonderful seeing the Fall colors and having a little wine tasting. I bought several bottles of different varieties, a wonderful Merlot, and a very sprightly white wine---no my Dears I'm not going to tell you which one's, if there is anything I've discovered is that it's always best to let the individual select what they like and not say 'Oh I like such and such and so and so' .

Mother wasn't bored either, she and Lillian went out to Lunch to "Angela's" here in my hometown, and then went to do some shopping, she needed the break.

But the good thing is she doesn't have to do as much for me now, I can do light dusting while she does the heavy vacuuming, but I keep warning her to not over do, I can always hire a maid service to come in and clean. She insists on hand washing every dish and knife, fork and spoon and I keep telling her "Mom, that's what a dishwasher is for, please use it" But she does what she does.

We've talked to Dad and baby sis on the phone every few days, I can tell Dad misses Mom, but he says that baby sis and her boyfriend have been keeping him company when he comes home from work and Trixie always demands her walks.

I'm planning on taking the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off and driving down to the family's home for Thanksgiving, but I'm going to have to leave Sunday to be back to work on Monday, but I'm going to take the train down again just a couple of days before Christmas and come back a couple of days after New Years, I have this vacation time that I need to use or lose.

I've been in touch with my tenants and they are doing fine, I was sad to miss the Harvest Festival but it couldn't be helped.

So now I'm going to get dressed and Mom and I are going to go to a few shops and have a late Lunch out, I might be pushing it, so I'll have to pace myself. Anyway I do need to buy candy for Halloween, we do get a fair amount of children coming around and this year Halloween is on a Saturday, Lillian said her Grandson is going to be with her to hand out candy and keep an eye on her.

Frank and Joe told me they are going to be pulling overtime, Halloween is always "Mischief Night" and sometimes not so nice. I told them to come to my house afterwards no matter what time to "crash out" I've got cots for them. I've seen how exhausting it can be.

Oh my, Mom wants to go to the Food Shop (as I call it) on Park St. to check out the pumpkins and squashes, she wants to make pumpkin bread and pumpkin soup, and a few Fall comfort foods. I suspect she wants to try out some recipes that she's seen on the cooking shows, I know I'll have to go to the gym after she leaves, I haven't gain weight but now that she's experimenting I'll have to be prepared.

I'll be sorry to see her leave to go home, she's going to take the train home the day before Halloween, Dad, baby sis and Ted will pick her up at the station, I know by that day I'll be in good shape but I will miss her company, we made up for a lot of lost time, something which I am so glad for.

But I also have to admit I am "itching" to get back to work, I miss that, as much as I enjoyed being a "Lady of Leisure" it was also boring as well. My desire to do things and not being able to do them frustrated me, well next week after I see my Doctor it will be Hairstyling, manicure and pedicure, I'm treating Mom as well, I've managed to book all day spa treatments at the Claremont, Mom is going to be pampered in high style. Lillian suggested it and will be joining us for the day.

I have to admit I do enjoy the Fall weather, when it's not pouring down rain in "gully washers"

Now to get dressed, Mother is restless not that I blame her.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses.

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