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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween After~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Did you all have a Happy Halloween? Mine was fun, all the little trick or treaters in their costumes, and with warm coats on. Mommies and Daddies holding very little babies that were dressed as pumpkins or Teddy Bears and holding out the bags for candy, well I just knew who was going to be eating the candy.

But it has become quiet a family event and one that I approve of. It’s almost as big as Christmas but without all the angst of gift giving.

I shut down the lights by 9:30 p.m. all the “littles” had pretty much come and gone. I had a late night dinner, mostly leftovers from Mom’s wonderful cooking with plenty for Joe and Frank for their late night snack.

Their cots were set up in the living room with night lights in the kitchen and half bath. They have spare keys that I gave them, no sense doing the long drive home and I know they would be having problems on “Mischief Night”. This morning over coffee they told me some of the problems. I won’t tell you of some of the stupidity.

You’d think that people would have more sense. But they don’t. Frank and Joe have now crashed out on the cots, I can hear their snores even the caffine of the coffee couldn’t keep them awake.

Halloween dawned cold and gray but then the sun came out but it was still a bit chilly at night. I lit a small fire in my fireplace to make things cozy, I find that my house is empty without Mom’s presence. I saw her off on Friday morning at the train and got a call that night when she arrived safely at home, Dad, baby sis and Ted met her at the station, with all her luggage. I spent the day tiding up just a few things, not that there was much to do, just a load of sheets and making the bed.

And then setting the clocks back one hour last night, now this Sunday morning the dawn and time seemed right in sync.

I and Lillian will be doing our grocery shopping and a few other things today, maybe taking advantage of any sales, Frank and Joe said they would lock up my house when they go.

When I get home I’ll be setting up my things to get ready to go to work tomorrow, back into the hustle of the working world.

The Bay Bridge is still closed, so I’ll be taking the Ferry over to the City, Lillian will drop me off and pick me up, parking at the Ferry terminal will be insane anyway.

Although I usually take bus to BART but for the next few days during the work week I think the Ferry may be a nice change of pace. Leave early and get back into the swirl of work. And Lillian said she doesn’t mind, she’s an early riser anyway.

For Thanksgiving, I’ll make plans to go down by train and spend a few days with the Folks, I’ll leave the day before Thanksgiving then come back Sunday or maybe Monday after, if work will permit it and I’m sure they will, I have to use that vacation time and they know it.

Then see what I can do for the Christmas holidays, I do know I want to go up to my country place for a weekend and see what holiday festivities they are planning, my caretakers will let me know.

Then down to the Folks a few days before Christmas but coming back just before New Year’s, I always need to tie things up at work, so we shall see how things work out.

Hmm, sometimes the sounds echo strangely around here, I though I heard a ships fog horn going out of the deep channel of the Estuary, although where I’m at it’s sunny but then on the water things can be different, fog banks and such. Oh, I am not mistaken I heard it again and again. It may be a ship coming in to off load at the Oakland Terminals. Such an eerie, mournful sound, it does remind one of San Francisco by the Bay, a signature sound.

Ahhhh yes, just a lazy Sunday morning this November, and that is just fine for me. Lillian is here, tiptoeing to not wake the sleeping beauties in my living room, and with a few final taps of the computer I’ll be off.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses.

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Fram Actual said...

I hope your first day back on the job is pleasant and quiet, Diva. Take it easy.