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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We need "a Little Christmas"

Hello Sweet Things,

I love flash drives, I can write and save with them and then down load when I have a chance. I love them.

So far the Christmas Season is in all it’s wonderful tinsel and wet glory here in the Bay Area, many people in my neighborhood have put out their Christmas Decorations and are refusing to allow the darkness of the economic situation dim their spirits.


Lillian and I had a marvelous time at the Dickens Fair “meeting” with all the characters from the Dickens’ novels as well as ones from Jules Verne and even Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, saw the queen and her prince consort, Father Christmas, Fagin, Marley’s Ghost, even Mr. Scrooge himself running around in his nightgown and cap wishing everyone “Happy Christmas” and many more characters both fictional and historical, including Mr. Dickens himself giving readings, Mark Twain, dancing at Mr. Fizzewig’s party.

And the smells of fudge, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking of cookies, meat pies, ‘bangers’, roasting chestnuts, bread pudding, mash potatoes and gravy and the calliophie of sounds, even a chimney sweep kissed Lillian’s’ hand and wished her Happy Christmas.

We were very fortunate that we managed to travel to the Cow Palace without any problems with rain, we managed to miss the heavy squalls, although while we were there at the London Dock’s area we heard this heavy thunderous noise, I looked up at the metal roof and realized it was the rain pouring down in heavy gushers, which soon passed.

Both Lillian and I were wearing long skits, but she insisted that we get period hats and get more into the “spirit” of it. How could I possibly refuse her suggestion? So I chose one with Christmas holly on it, just for the season.

The Marines were there in full dress uniforms collecting either toys or donations for Toys for Tots, I even gave a check in addition to the toys I had collected, even though I can’t give as much as I want I wanted to give something to guarantee that a child will have something for Christmas.

I remember the Christmases in which I grew up and there was no Christmas tree, and only just one toy if any. All due to my Father’s mistaken belief of what was the season, but that has changed with him. I have been told by Baby Sis, that this weekend they are going to shop for a tree, already Baby Sis has bought lights and several boxes of ornaments that look old-fashioned and Dad had the outside of the house decorated with lights for Christmas. He had special hooks installed so it would be easy to drape the lights without falling off of a ladder. Something we don’t want to have happen to anyone.

But what Baby Sis is concerned about is Dad going overboard on the gift giving, we both agreed that he didn’t have to make up for those Christmases past, that he has already done that especially with Mother and all the concessions that he has made. We told him this over Thanksgiving, both she and I told him to not give us a present of any kind, but that it was just fine to spoil Mother, what he had done has made up for a lot of sadness, it’s like that song from “Auntie Mamie” called ‘We Need a Little Christmas’.

I had been racking my brain about what to give him, but Sis told me that Dad is interested in old time Detective Stories, I asked if he had any of the Sherlock Holmes and she said no, so I found a complete volume that includes pictures as drawn by Sidney Paget, and for Mother I found an antique pin that had her exact initials on it.

Baby Sis told me to not get anything for her or Ted, they were just happy that I was coming down. Baby Sis and I discussed about Dad’s change and we agreed that if Dad wanted to spoil any future Grandchildren that was fine as long as it didn’t go overboard.

Sis told me that all though Dad had been parsimonious with us, there was some value behind it, it was all a matter of balance, she was concerned that if she had children that they would become too involved in material things and forget the spiritual. I said that it was all a matter of upbringing and schooling and who the child’s friends are. I said that as long as the home was loving and warm, and with the understanding that spiritual wealth is more important than material, it should balance out.

It was important to have enough for food, shelter, clothing, health, insurances, and transportation, but all the fancy extras are just that, fancy extra’s.

Then I asked her what was she getting at. Well, Sis and Ted want to announce their engagement at the Christmas party at Ted’s Family house two days before Christmas and we’re all invited since Ted’s folks know Mom and Dad but they haven’t met Big Sis (Me), and she said they all seem to be expecting something.

Sis told me that the wedding will still be several years off because she wants to get her Master’s degree and Ted is just completing his, and he wants to be sure of his employment and income which right now looks a bit precarious, so waiting and saving is a good idea.

Oh Sweet Things, this is going to be a very Happy Christmas indeed. I’m keeping my Dickens’s hat with the holly for next year and the long skit; I’m looking for a Victorian style blouse to go with it, Lillian has agreed that next year we’ll get a “Fair Ever” pass so we can go back more than once for it’s just a lot to see just one time.

Now I must go, I have a busy day today, I’ve come in early to work and then off to do more shopping, I’ve spotted a music box that I know Lillian will like, I was surprised to discover that she collects music boxes. And Yoshi’s Mother loves a particular make of candy, which she doesn’t have too often, Yoshi said that she just wants gift cards to Nordstrom’s, Thank you Yoshi, for making it easy on me. And I think I’ll look for a copy of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” for myself, there’s this marvelous old book store where I can find a copy.

So until Later, Kisses Sweet Things.

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