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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Missing "Cents" symbol~~~~~~

And a Lovely Thursday Morning to all you Sweet Things,

We are finally getting our chilly Fall weather now, clouds appearing, gray and overcast, with the threat of showers---well we do need the rain, we need it very badly.

I’m finally caught up with all the bumps and dips at work, things are rolling with its usual “side-bars” and I do get a bit tired, but sleep is the healer of all things they say.

I even found a "Halloween" picture of the Lovely Ava, that I added to my Halloween post, check it out.

I’m thinking of doing alternating choices in my commute to work, the usual methods, Bus and BART and from time to time taking the Ferry, with either driving myself to the parking lot or Lillian driving me over and picking me up or my catching the bus, and making a second connection, although I did discover that the commuter bus from the Ferry only drops me off a half block from my home. It’s a question of catching it in the morning. But I’m not taking it while it’s raining; I’m not going out on choppy bay waters.

Lillian has taken up water colors, she’s attending classes and I have to say is a very good painter. She likes water colors because she says it’s more immediate, she doesn’t have to wait for the acrylics to set. It’s done.

I told her that there is that painter who seems to do a painting in an hour’s time on T.V. why not try that? I should remember that Lillian’s verbal tongue lashings can strip off skin.

I am looking forward towards the Gun Show this weekend, who knows what I may find.

But this evening is balancing the check book and bill paying---sigh---I know one should do bill paying on line, but I have to confess, Dad ages ago got me into the habit of doing checks and paying by mail.

At work we’ve been talking about how could one protect their personal and financial information, one good electronic pulse and that’s it---everything is gone. And people are getting more and more enamored with electronic bill paying----a very dangerous thing.

I’ve always believed in Hardcopy, and since I can access my information on line, I do a print out every two days from home. It may seem excessive, but it works, Gloria “The Diva” at Ladivalocafabulous (it’s another blog spot site) suggested it to me, and to keep one years worth for hardcopy back up. Along of course, with my bank statements.

I’m not saying that one should be a Ludite, but hard copy is always good.

And my Dear Sweet Fram, yes, I do think buying property in Canada might be a good option to persue, the way things are going.

I’m going to be taking a half day off on Friday (casual Friday) going in early and getting off at after the close of the N.Y. exchanges, I can check on things locally from home. But there’s a couple of antique stores that I know that deal with period office furniture from the 20’s to the 1960’s for those people into serious Retro. They also rent out things for theatre and movie props.

I want to get a wooden 4 drawer and 2 drawer file cabinets to go with my desk, none of the new ones seem to match. And I found a shop in Castro Valley that sells reconditioned manual typewriters; I seriously want to buy a Royal if possible.

Did you know Sweet Things, that when a sales man would demonstrated a typewriter he would type the word typewriter. Why? Well the letters for the word is all on the upper rank----take a look and type out typewriter very slowly.

TYPEWRITER. It made it easy for them to sell it when they would demonstrate it. The remaining letters were cast randomly on what was left of the key board, with the two least used letters Q and Z at the outermost reaches, A is always easy to hit with the little finger of your left hand and if you notice you hardly ever use the little finger of your right hand at all.

And it has remained that way ever since----there is one character that is missing from the keyboard and that is the cents sign---we have the dollar sign but no longer have the cents sign. On a manual type writer missing that symbol you’d type the lower case c, back space and then strike / through it but you cannot with a computer try it c/ can’t be done, the word processor thinks something is there and will skip it.

Now does anybody know how to create a “cents” sign on a word processor?

It’s not on any of the “wing dings” symbols. How many young people do not recognize the cents symbol----O.K. I know that in the grand scheme of things it’s small, but we lost it without realizing it.

And that is what is happening everywhere, we are losing things without realizing it with our complacency of life, our complacent attitudes.

Wake up Folks, be aware of what is disappearing before it’s too late, like your Freedom and Liberty.

And that is your thought for the day.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses

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Fram Actual said...

A very nice photograph of Ava, for sure, Diva. She certainly was spectacular in her day.

It was interesting to me that you mention wanting a Royal typewriter. I have a portable that I enjoy playing with at times, such as using it to write letters to friends. I bought it at an antique shop in Knoxville, Tennessee, a few years ago. Paperwork inside the case indicates it was originally purchased new in 1950. I would describe it as being in about 95 percent condition.

I also once had a desk model dating from the 1930s that I bought at an auction of old newspaper items, but gave it to a friend who collects journalistic memorabilia.

Keep "plugging away" at work, and have a good time at the gun show.