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Monday, January 19, 2009

To Fram~~~

To Fram~~~~

Thank you for thinking that my thoughts are interesting and that you may want to come back from time to time. It’s a sweet thought.

But Windy?

Oh you sweet yummy thing, it’s better that I be “windy” than tearing down the curtains, ripping up the pillows, breaking china, flinging pots and pans, and destroying furniture, it’s my way of venting, ranting and getting rid of anger without the problems of cleaning up the mess.

Windy? When I was in college I was on a debating team, granted I didn’t win every argument, but it never failed that the opposite team would groan if I was on the other side and had fun demolishing them. I quit because I became tired of all their pretentiousness.

Sometimes I’m a long time between posts, and I may have a lot to say~~~ an awful lot to say. (Meerrooowwl)

If you want to know “Windy” just read any of Edward Buller Lytton’s books, the best one that he wrote was “The last Days of Pompeii”, even the movies were better than the book and they were a bore. He was the one that created the line “It was a dark and stormy night” but as a journalist you would know that. Hmmmmm?

And another “Windy” thing that I’m going to avoid are all the inauguration speeches. There has not been a succinct speech since Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech.

But still~~~ thank you for checking out my blog. Mickey Rooney he was a fun actor to watch on screen.

Hmmmmmm the Contessa? Mmmmmm La Contessa? Mmmmmm that’s yummy, I like that. Thank you, you sweet, luscious, yummy thing. Mmmmmmm

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Fram said...

Thank you for acknowledging my comment with such a "lengthy" response. It proves my point about you being windy .... sorry, I have been accused of being a habitual tease, and have no defense to that charge.

Seriously, you seem to use a near-stream of consciousness style when you write here, which adds personality to what you say.

A couple of thoughts back at you:

I visited San Francisco only once. I was constantly peering around corners hoping to see Dirty Harry Callahan or Frank Bullitt or even Sam Spade in action, but I had no luck.

Mickey is fun to watch, but the vision of him with The Barefoot Contessa somehow seems out of focus to me.

"It was a dark and stormy night." If I ever did know the author of those words, I've forgotten him. Right now, such a night seems preferable to a cold and snowy night.