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Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Friday Night and I'm bored~~~~

Bored, Bored, Bored!

I went to the gun range today, shot 200 rounds, blasted the center mass to bits, oh that felt good.

Wore my black leathers today, even with this wet miserble weather, the looks I got from the iddy-biddy boys who were trying to show off on the range although exciting, bored me. After all they were iddy-biddy's. No I like a real man.

Well there was one fellow, now he knew how to use his weapon, and he admired my "shooting", but he was very respectful, I saw the wedding ring, and with his hair cut I pegged him for a cop, mmmm but he looked yummy, but a wedding ring---sorry, that is a no-no.

I may steal a man but only if he's not married, I'm evil but not that evil, after all there maybe children in the back ground, I'm not going to steal their Daddy.

I can't get onto the Wine train until spring, pooh! So I'll have to plan for something else for now.

I had no desire to go clubbing tonight. Televison is all re-runs, I've sent back all my Net-flicks, paid the necessary bills and did the grocery shopping. Yes how mundane, but necessary.

My best friend is down with a cold, feeling miserable. And here I am in my red satin P.J's. bored, bored, bored.

Oh but wait, there he is, the hunkiest wrestler that I love to dream about, the Undertaker.
mmmm he just did a quick slam dunk on that wanna be. I have no idea how long he'll continue to wrestle but he looks soooo goood to me.

hmmm maybe I'll dream about him tonight, or maybe about hunky cop, my dreams are so fantastic.

Oh I know what I'll do, I'm just so tense, I think I'll go to the spa tomorrow, get a massage, that will help. And I'll see if my other girl friend wants to out tomorrow night.

Maybe I'll be out of my bored funk tomorrow. And if not---I might go back to the range and shoot another 200 rounds.

Mmmmmmmm By the way, you sweet things, do you like the pictures I put up, I look a lot like that. I've always been told I look like her. Dream about me tonight. mmmmm

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