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Friday, January 16, 2009

Avoiding the Protest was a good move~~~

Well My Sweet Things,

I was right; the so-called “peaceful protest” did result in a group of criminals destroying property. And now Mayor Dellums is going to hire, non-armed security for the next three weeks.

With Oakland having to furlough their workers two days a month and having take a week off without pay, between Christmas and New Years, another expenditure going down the drain because criminals are criminals.

I firmly believe that any sort of illegal protest should always be banned, it doesn’t matter if it was organized, look at the destruction that happened. It solves nothing, those tree huggers at UC Berkeley did it stop the axes? No. Did Tinnamen Square change the order in China? No. Did the protest in Peoples Park stop the war? No. Did anyone speak for the Jews when they were being gassed in ovens in German? No. Is anyone doing anything in Rwanda, between the Hutus and Titus? No and No.

Did anyone protest, take to the streets and decry when Chauncey Bailey, a Black Journalist, was murdered by someone who was with the Your Black Muslim Bakery, because Bailey had proof of criminal activity by that group?---NO!!

A man that has a family, wife, children a responsible job, dedicated to bringing truth to the surface out of the slime, murdered by criminals and yet, not one person took to the streets and demanded justice, not one person took to the streets and demanded that the persons be arrested and tried for murder, not one person took to the streets and demanded the resignation of the District Attorney---Did they protest on the death of Chauncey Bailey---NO!!!

Did anyone take to the streets and protest the beheading of Daniel Perrelman when he was murdered by Muslim terrorists? NO!!!

But for this Oscar Grant person they turned out in droves, a person with a proven criminal background, who just got out of prison less than 4 months before, who fathered a baby when he was 17 and from what can be determined never married the mother, whose father is currently in jail and has had no interaction with the deceased, who was involved in street gang activity before, who was engaged with a gang of street thugs fighting on the Bart train, and was going to be arrested again and from what I could see of the videos although on the ground appeared to still be resisting arrest.---A THUG, who in pictures that was first shown on television now since excised, flashing gang symbols.

For this person they turn out in droves---WHY? Because the person who shot him was not another criminal but a cop, granted a Bart cop, not a city or county cop, but someone in authority—someone who they believe represented The Man.

When will people wake up and remove the blinders from their eyes, this cop was not going to get off scott free, he was not going to get a slap on the wrist, he can claim being not guilty of murder, but he cannot claim of being not guilty of accidental manslaughter, yes I say accidental.

I know sweet things, you see I’ve dated policemen, (I love a man in uniform) of all types of temperaments, but all of them have said that they have to be careful in the heat of the moment, it is hard to remain calm when you are dealing with criminal loose cannons who have no concept of right and wrong, but only a sense of entitlement. A mistake can happen at any time. And this is one of them.

Hah, Hah I would LOVE to be on the jury for this trial, when they try to sue for $25 million dollars, do you think that family will receive any of that? I don’t think so, not after court fees and lawyer’s fees and all kinds of hidden fees, they will be lucky to have enough left over to pay for the funeral bill.

As a matter of fact, if I was on that jury I would certainly drastically lower the award amount---to teach criminals a lesson. You don’t get something for nothing.

If Oscar Grant was working on being a good person as his ‘family and friends’ claim he was, did he have a job? There appeared to be no indication that he held one. Was he paying court ordered child support? There doesn’t appear to be any awarded. So what was Oscar doing besides hanging around with his “Homeys” ---NOTHING!!!!

At least Bailey was trying to 'out' the criminal element, he was doing something and for him I hope there is sweet, sweet justice.

For Oscar Grant, let him be buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten, for the cop that shot him accidentally, let justice be met out as a jury sees fit. The real victim is Baileys children left behind and Grant’s child left behind, what kind of lives will they lead?


I was wise enough to stay in the city, I love the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, granted the rooms are small, but the service is excellent, and I was able to get quite a bit of work completed.

While I was having a late dinner there I ran into some sweet yummy friends, we had a marvelous time. It seems that they too were staying at the hotel, they were afraid that with the protest they would not make their bus connections and it seems when we watched the news in my room that our precautions were good ones to do. Don't worry sweet things, everything was proper and above board.

I decided to stay another night, the advantage of finishing up work and being pampered was too great to resist, so instead of taking the Bart home I saved time and relaxed, shopped a little, and enjoyed myself.

So now I have the long weekend---Oh but where am I? Wouldn’t you sweet things like to know—Hmmmmm?

Well I decided to treat myself, I’m at a Spa here in the wine country, you’ve no doubt saw my red convertible flying pass you, right now I’m taking advantage of the free WiFi that is offered at my Resort Spa---Ahhh but which one you ask---GUESS---is my answer.

Remember the sweet thing that I met at the gym? I gave her a very bad nick-name of “fat chick”---well I’m going to change that to “Sweet Chick”, she took my advice and she e-mailed me---it seems that her soon to be ex-husband was holding out some very serious assets that he didn’t declare and since this is a community property state—she is going for her half, it was wonderful to see her with her claws out and fangs barred.

All those years he didn’t tell her about the extra money that he was investing and saving, no wonder she had to get a job to help pay for the bills. He was holding out. And she changed her lawyer, she now has one who goes for the jugular, so although the proceedings are going to have to be gone over again because there is new evidence of what he was withholding without her knowledge he is going to be in a very sorry state, oh and he wanted to buy out her half of the house for a pittance, she got a new appraisal, if he wants the house he’s going to have to pay more, a lot more.

OH YOU GO GIRL! Yummy, just Yummy!

I love things like that.

Oh and am I going to watch the inauguration of the New President? No, I refuse to watch that carnival, I was disgusted when he gave his acceptance speech and the people in the crowd were crying and looking at him as if he were Jesus Christ at the Second Coming, just watch and see how quick they will turn on him when he doesn’t do things fast enough or even do them at all and discover that he just might have feet of clay.

He is just a man, with a lot of difficulties left over from the Clinton administration that Bush got stuck with---and no I’m not a republican, I’m an independent.

Now I’ll start getting dressed for dinner, I wonder who I’ll seduce tonight?

Think on that you sweet. luscious, yummy things.

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Fram said...

I was aimlessly drifting along through this endless maze of blogs when I stumbled onto your epistles.

My god, you are windy.

That said, I found your thoughts and remarks to be interesting and enjoyable to read. I believe I'll stop back from time to time.

Incidentally, Mickey Rooney very likely is the only elderly man with whom I would consider trading places. I say this thinking of the memories he must have of days and nights spent with "The Contessa."