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Friday, January 23, 2009

Answers and other things~~~

Ooooh I’m sorry Sweet Things, but it seems I won’t be able to post for a while. Pooh!

I’m going to be “tied up” with a special work project that has to be ready by the end of next week for finalization and then presentation. Sooooo much work, and soooo little time, but business is business and it’s always important to make a good impression if one wants to earn serious money. And money is always sexy, LOTS of money.

Hmmmmmm I received a lot of questions in regards to some things, so I’m going to answer some but not all of them.

You see my sweet things I decide what comments I will post and which ones I won’t.

Unfortunately all, except one, I had to delete----after all you sweet things I don’t want to be banned from bloging, you bad, bad yummy things.

There are two naughty, naughty’s, even I know when someone is underage. Sweet things, take your time, learn things, learn from the mistakes of your parents, and learn from what they’ve found that works, find positive mentors, and take your time growing up, don’t rush, old age comes quickly enough. (Merrowl)

As to what I look like, I have described myself in other postings and I think the pictures come close to what I look like.

I love dressing up in styles from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Much of my wardrobe reflects that. The Art Deco and Art Moderne period of furniture, such style, not like boring IKEA. Pooh!

I like classical music, big band music, the mellow tones of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra especially late at night, when I’m looking out from my balcony onto the city lights of the “city by the bay”, especially when there is a full moon and it’s reflected off the water. I feel like I could just drink it all in and never get my fill of it. Mmmmmmm

I love Noir Films; Val Luton is my favorite director. There is one sequence in one of his films when the ‘heroine’ enters a nightclub with a black panther on a leash, I love that image.

I love old cars, Packard’s, Buick’s, and Dussenburg’s. When I have a chance I love to go to the Pebble Beach auto auctions, all that power hidden under the hoods. Real leather seats, beautiful interiors, it makes me purrrrrrrr.

I love the freedom of being able to drive where I want and when I want, unfortunately I do have a job that helps pay the bills, pooh! How mundane.

To Fram, Oooooh I’m sorry sweet thing, but I’m not the ‘young’ lady that was in the competition, that’s too bad in a way, ***Pouting*** I’m soooo sorry.

And “looking over”? Hmmmm I do believe that one sexy woman said “That it’s better to be looked over than overlooked”, so don’t be bashful sweet thing the next time you’re out on the shooting range with your Tarus 1911. I do believe that it comes in a .45 cal if I’m not mistaken, a beautiful weapon, but it needs to be handled just right, no false starts, it takes a strong person to handle it just right.

Now as to guns, I love guns, a lot of you sweet yummy things asked me about my ‘guns’.
I started out with a .22 Ruger Target pistol, Mark 2---good for practice and ‘plinking’.

Then I purchased a 9mm Beretta 92 FS, an older model, not the ones they are currently offering. I still have her, I take it out from time to time, keep it in good shape. She has such a lovely, self satisfying kick.

I have a Beretta .32 cal Tomcat, she’s sweet but I’m not totally happy with it, I think eventually I will sell her. All done legally of course, all that 10 day waiting period, with a Federally licensed firearms dealer to hold her, after all we must do things by the law. But I’m not in any hurry.

I also have a Cimarron .38 cal revolver 5 ½ inch barrel, but I’m not happy with the heft, I’m going to use her to trade in for a Ruger .38 cal Vaquero revolver that I’m coveting. This is the older model, I’ve tested her and she responds very well.

I also have an antique 6 mm Browning automatic, a very old model, I had her checked out by a gun smith, and he was surprised at the excellent quality she was in. I treat her very gently; after all she does have a bit of ‘history’ behind her Mmmmmmm.

But my favorite baby is my 9mm Beretta Cougar, the older model, not the more recent models that are made in Turkey; she fits my hand like a dream, but she is fussy, only likes top quality ammo, none of that junk from the old Czech Republic. The 92 eats that up like candy. My Cougar has expensive tastes, Mmmmmm just like me.

I’m also thinking of getting a hammerless Smith and Wesson, but I need to check it out more thoroughly; there is a gun shop that I know that has an indoor range and I can test fire there. I do love to shop, but *** SIGH*** all of that is going to have to wait until after the project. Pooh!

Of course I had to get a gun safe, all bolted to the floor, combination lock, high fire resistance, I tell you sweet things it is a goooood investment. Oh yes.

But when I’m feeling mean, angry and just plain out of sorts I take the 92 FS to the range, I just love all that firepower that she has to offer.

And yes my sweet yummy things, I do refer to my guns as “she”; after all they are “Ladies” treat them right and they will respond beautifully, but treat them wrong and they will turn on you.

Once I’m past this project I think I will treat myself to the Gun show that will be coming up in the next month, ooooohhh I doooo look forward to that.

But for now my sweet, yummy luscious things, I’ll have to fade into the fog of the city to finish my project, but don’t worry I will emerge again. Mmmmmmmmm Just listen to the sharp clicking of stiletto heels on wet pavement in the night, in the fog, be careful, it just might be me.

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Fram said...

Contessa ....

There are several firms that manufacture 1911-style pistols. My own group of handguns include two 1911s by Colt, one of World War II vintage (perhaps more to your taste) by Remington Rand, and one custom-made "race gun" for competitive shooting.

As I've noted before, I think your remarks are entertaining, very astute and interesting to read. If they are there to read, I will do so and, quite possibly, make a comment in return. If there are no new remarks to read, that is the way it is, and I shall journey on.

Good luck with your work.