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Friday, January 9, 2009

Revenge can be sweet~~~

AArrrgggh, so you sweet yummy things,

I’ve been having fun doing a punishing work out at the gym. All those holiday indulgences are to be banished from my body, not that I gained any weight, no, but I did a bad, bad thing, I hardly went to the gym between thanksgiving and new years. Bad Me.

Back to being good to my bad self, working out every night except the weekends that’s for fun. I have to do it for a month before that flab is toned again. Although there are some who don’t think I’m flabby, but I know if I am.

Oh don’t worry I’m not like those anorexic types that have to have no body fat, I’ve got curves where they count. But toning it good overall, there are some “ladies” who look me over and wonder why I’m there, but it’s my choice.

I could be mean even vicious , tonight there was one chick, poor thing she must have weighed in at 250 pounds, and she was trying but I could see that she got so tired, the other “ladies” were almost sneering at her, since I was finished with my work out I could see she was ready to collapse. So I guess my “nice side” kicked in, I really wanted to twist the other “ladies” noses so I went up to “fat chick” and said to her “I know you’re exhausted, but keep coming each day and watch your food intake and you will see a difference, I’m going to get a cup of tea care to join me” You could have floored her, but we did have tea at a shop near by.

She told me her sad story, hubby threw her over for a younger slimmer model, I asked her if she had pictures of her family, especially of her mom and dad when they were young, she did, and she’d been planning on taking them to the drug store to have copies made to send to family members. They were slim, so I asked her what started putting on the weight? Husband supposedly being a workaholic, she in a boring job, feeling neglected and at parties out of her element around her husbands friends.

Oh Sweet things, right there I told her how she could get revenge on Hubby, I showed her my latest copy of Kiplinger’s, and I was a bit surprised at how quickly she grasped the financial concepts, she told me that she was the bill payer in the family, but it seemed like it was hard to get ahead, so she took a full time job.

I asked her if the divorce was final and she said no so I told her that it’s possible that her soon to be ex might have hidden assets and she needed to look into them.

She was so caught up in the pain of his infidelity that she didn’t even think of that, she said he was supposedly being generous in the divorce, so I told her to hold off.

O.K. Sweet things what am I doing? I’m taking “fat chick” under my wing, there’s something that I like about her, she’s not even 30 and she’s been treated like a dog, I’m going to teach her how to bite back.

Oh that makes me feel so good thinking about it, and I’m going to be her cheering section so she can thumb her nose at the “Ladies”.

We’ll be getting together this weekend and formulate plans, oh I’m getting goose-bumps thinking about it.

For now, after taking a good relaxing shower I’m going to slip into my silk nightgown and think evil thoughts of revenge as I fall asleep.

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