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Friday, January 2, 2009

Survivng Christmas with Toxic Parents

Hello you sweet young yummy things, you sweet young greedy yummy things.

The Holidays have been exciting and a bore at the same time, everyone predicting gloom and doom, well I could care less, you get into this mess, and you get out of it. You wanted your Home, your white picket fence with the rose bushes, the 2 or 3 car garages, the 2 kids with all their fancy toys and the dog.

I feel sorry for the dog; the dog has no say in it. I pity those dumb creatures; all they have is loyalty and love, single-mindedness to their human gods and are lost and confused when their gods throw them away. That is evil of the worst kind, the dogs have no protection, people do.

I think when I die as we all must do eventually, I’ll leave all my money to the Animal Shelter with the proviso that no animal be put to sleep but at least fostered out to some kind care. It will be plenty, you see I deal in greed, I know greed and I can manipulate greed to make money for me.

But Greed---Ha, Ha, all you greedy people, you want it all and are willing to go into debt for it and now the devil has come to demand your soul. Naughty, naughty. When you do that, then your soul is mine or at least to “the company store”.

Remember all you sweet things, old Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song “16 Tons” is very, very real---

“You load 16 Tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt, Saint Peter don’t you call me ‘cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store.”

Enough of all that gloating.

While everyone was hand-wringing and saying “Woe is Me” I’ve been having some fun. I went to the Dickens fair several times and had fun with the entertainment and bought some wickedly delicious clothing from Dark Garden, and several other clothing shops there.

I also attended the Art Deco Societies “Deco the Halls” 2 day antique event, found a fabulous painting all grays and silver and black with only a slight splash of red, it was a figure of a woman with dark hair reclining on a soft bed, she looked like she was waiting for her lover, but could care less if he showed up or not. I bought it and now have it hanging over my fire place.

I used my lunch hours to go to some pawn shops; I can get jewelry for cheap there.

Then after work but to avoid the crowds going home I went to the stores and expanded my wardrobe, amazing the bargains you can find when the economy goes into the tank.

I survived Christmas with my toxic parents, had to stay a day longer than I wanted to.

I can see why baby sis wants out, they are trying to pick a future husband for her, they are so in the dinosaur age, so she and I made plans for her escape she’s over 19 but because she’s working part time and was going to school, she was turning over most of her money to “Mom and Dad” on their insistence (make that black mail demands).

We made a deal and she signed a contract (with a drop of her blood for good measure),

She’s been busy on her own, checking out available jobs where I live, I told her I’d help her get set up but after that she’s on her own.

She’s changed a lot, become more like me, she said that if the “Folks” had not been pushing her to eventually marry this moronic geek with an I.Q. of Zero, (I unfortunately met him at Christmas Dinner) she would have continued to live with them until she could work full time and escape on her own.

I’m glad that she has been taking business courses, there’s a lot of jobs that she’s qualified for and she’s planning to continue school to get her degree, it’s just where is she going to live. I don’t want her cramping my style and she’s agreed that it would be better for her to not live with me any longer than necessary.

So a lot of the plans are in place and I’ll be freeing her from her bondage.

I wish I could describe my parent’s idea of Christmas, but you’d really have to live it to understand.

No decorations, no tree, and as kids no presents, we had to read the Old Testament passages for hours, until dinner was ready. Had to fast from Christmas Eve to dinner time Christmas day, we couldn’t go out and play with our school friends during the two weeks we had off from school. We never knew if we had Grandparents, when I did find out I discovered that our father’s parents were dead and from what I found out from the neighbors they weren’t nice to know, except for Grandma, she twisted everyone’s nose and had a trust fund set up for me, which the lawyer held until I finally could contact him. Unfortunately she died before baby sis was born otherwise baby sis would have been nicely set up as well.

My Mother’s Dad was dead but I did make contact with Grandmamma, a sweet old lady, and I discovered two aunts and an uncle that our Mother never told us about talk about personality differences, I’m going to see if they can help me with baby sis. My Father has kept Mother under his thumb for a long time, I hope the old dried up man dies before Mother does, she hardly says a word.

This Christmas was no better although Geek Boyfriend to be was having way too much fun reading the old testament, the church we went to was cold, the preacher even said it was cold for a reason, no decorations there either, no manger scene, a fire and brimstone sermon about how we are all going to hell, they stole the light out of Christmas, and driving home with the Parents with Dad complaining about how people were wasting money putting up Christmas lights.

Poor baby sis, she looked at me, I said “Yes, Papa it is a sin what they do wasting money like that” and keeping a straight face, it’s a good thing baby sis controlled herself. Yeah I have to free her.

Dinner was eaten in silence, and then Geek boyfriend, baby sis and I put together a huge puzzle, which if Geek boyfriend had quit saying bible quotes would have been more fun to do. But I had fun making double innuendos which went over his head, and him saying to baby sis why don’t she dress like me, all formal, he doesn’t realize I dress like that for a reason, I LIKE IT. And forget dessert that word doesn’t exist in this house hold.

I was glad to drive back and breathe free air, I have a Christmas tree, but it’s black with red Christmas balls on it and red lights, o.k. so it’s a bit Goth I love it. I originally bought it for a Halloween tree, and that was fun having it decorated with ghosts, witches, skulls and the red lights, so I left it up and just changed the ornaments.

So now I’m free and don’t have to go back to work until Monday, it was use the vacation time or lose it.

New Years was fun, we went to this dance on board an old aircraft carrier, big band music, and I dressed the way I always like to dress -- beautiful and expensive. But I didn’t want to drive back to my place, so I made plans to stay with a friend who was going but lived nearby; we took a taxi and met the rest of our friends there.

New Years Day, lovely, quiet, I even went to church, a different kind of church, all light and music and bringing in joy to the soul, it even felt warm; yeah it’s Catholic but Quell le differance (phonic French speak).

I called baby sis, she survived, said that she could come and visit me during her spring break, parents want her to take the train, planes are the devils invention they say, don’t tell me they’ve heard of the “Mile High Club”?

So that is when baby sis will make her break for freedom, she can pull it off, she said that she’s made arrangements to transfer her grades to the school that she’ll be going to here, and she’s going to see what jobs will be open to her, I agreed to pay for her initial tuition, she only has a year to go, I think we can stand each other for a while.

Mmmmm thinking about trains, trains are beautiful, all that power, totally unstoppable, there is a scene in the James Bond Movie “Golden Eye” where Xenia Onnatop says “we’re going to ram the train” or something like that, and she’s excited about it----Even I get excited about all that power.

I love riding trains, and there is a difference in the ride between being in a train that is pulled by a desile engine and one that is pulled by a steam engine. And a steam train is so “living, breathing” and iron monster fired by steam and fire, mmmmm I get all excited just thinking about it.

When ever I can I ride the Napa Wine Train, to be able to dine and see the scenery change that is luxury.

Hmmm I think I’m due for a train ride, I think I’ll make plans.
Until later my sweet things, think yummy thoughts

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