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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Intensely Dislike Having My Routine Upset~~

Especially by so-called protesters!

I will speak more on that at another time.

But because of their planned protest for tomorrow I have to make plans to stay overnight in the City at one of the Hotels near my office!

So I've packed a bag, made arrangements for my mail to be picked up, have made reservations~~~BUT I am NOT Happy.

But I refuse to be caught in any ridiculous melee by these Criminals! They can claim all they want that it's a peaceful protest but it never is, there is always someone hurt, something destroyed, because it is an invitation for the criminal element to wantonly destroy things, especially that which those who have labored hard to create and have be destroyed.

I sincerely hope that those shop owners and the owners of those cars that were destroyed SUE the so-called organizers of the so-called "peaceful" protest.

Let the wheels of Justice grind itself to its own conclusion, and all you fools who know nothing BUTT OUT!! ***Snarl***

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