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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of Trees, Guns and DNA~~~

Well Sweet Things,

I've been a busy little girl.

I lined up a repair person to fix my sliding glass door, and now I can see out instead of a huge board, had to get some inexpensive drapes for privacy. Yoshi, Lillian and I cleaned every inch of the room and still found glass in places that one would not think glass could be found, both the couch and the chair are going to have to be redone.

My neighbor of the errant tree branch came by and I gave him copies of the bills of the work done so far, and so far he seems agreeable to everything. He told me that the tree has to be completely removed, it seems it was diseased, so the good news is that at least the entire tree didn't visit my living room. Of course the bad news is that part of it did.

I'm going to have to post later about the book sale and the gun show, I wish all of you could have seen Lillian at the Gun Show, what a trooper and she took no prisoners either.

Right now I am so angry, the fool idiot of a Mayor of Oakland, Ron Dellums aka Dum, Dum, is proposing of laying off 140 police officers, after having buried 4 of their finest, this is what he is proposing for budget cuts, as if that was a slap in the face.

And another story that ran in the paper, it seems that the monster that murdered those same 4 police officers, Lovell Moxin, was a serial rapist, only 8 hours before he robbed and raped two women and only a few weeks before he killed the officers he raped a 12 year old girl who had been afraid to come forward about it. There is also evidence that he was involved in a strong arm robbery a few months before that which is how he may have gotten the gun and also involved in other rapes, there is more than enough DNA evidence to tie him to those events.

And his sister had the nerve to say on T.V. "He was a good boy, just mis-understood" mis-understood my eye!! At that rate there's a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

And this same sister only a few weeks later was arrested on non-related warrants! So I guess she is mis-understood??!! It makes me want to spit!! And that is very strong language for me to even write.

At least with this DNA evidence it proves once and for all what a monster this person was.

Growl!!! I need to seriously calm down. My friend Yoshi said that since I have to do some serious work in the living room that now maybe a good time to re-decorate and improve the "Fung Shui" energy----I think she maybe right----either that or go to the range on Saturday to vent my anger.

On second thought I'm going to the range, I'll take "Baby" with me---that's my 9mm Beretta Cougar, I think 8 boxes of ammo should do it. Then I can get into Zen mode cleaning her. I'm going to love the smell of cordite in the morning, right after a good cup of coffee.

More later Sweet Things.

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Fram said...

Glad everything is working out for you regarding the invasion of the tree branch, Diva. Mother Nature rules, that is for certain.

I suppose I can understand a family supporting a member, even one who is the worst sort of criminal, but I cannot understand a community supporting someone merely on the basis of race. The Oakland incident demonstrates the gap that still exists in race relations and, in this instance, it is not bigotry on the part of the white community. Perhaps Ron Dellums should make that one of his priorities. As for police layoffs, hopefully the city council will demonstrate greater wisdom and common sense.

Have a good time at the range with "Baby." I do want to head out there one more time myself in the near future, but think I will take this weekend off.