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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts on our Easter Reunion~~~~

Sweet Things,

I'm waiting for Lillian to call me so while I have a chance I'd like to share my personal thoughts being down there with the Family.

Some of you have asked me about that and some are happy with what has happened.

All I can say, is this, I was concerned when I first got off the train about how I would be greeted, but what made this different is Smiles, and Grins and Laughter and a certain feeling of relaxness and comfort and warmth.

This was something I never experienced before the other times I went down, it was as if Sunlight had finally come to the land, warmed it and generated happiness.

In talking to Dad the next day, Trixie was the ice breaker, this little dog simply refused to let anyone be unhappy, and in revealing his feelings to me and mine to him it was emotionally intense.

Not a bad intenseness, a good cathardic one, all the emotional poison was drained and healing had begun.

Dad had made Easter, in fact the entire family had made Easter a true time of renewal in our relationship to one another and healing.

My sister now calls me a couple of times a week, if I'm not home she leaves a message and I call back, and it's always positive news, of course Mom and Dad get on the phone to talk to me as well, Dad learned how to use the speaker phone divice so we can all hear everyone.

I'm feeling closer to them, I know it's not going to be perfect, but I'm not going to rush things. I still have to respect his feelings and opinions on things but it's now give and take, he respects my feelings and opinions as well.

The fact that we are both on the same track in terms of finacial dealings, did not escape me, that is when I realized that I am more like my Dad than I thought, at least in finance.

When I write about what has happened it looks like I'm only relating events, but each event is a positive experience and the event itself is one more step to healing the riff.

Lillian has called, I'm going to pick her up and we are going to have Brunch and then there is a art showing she wants to go to with wine and cheese, then an early dinner for us, later this evening I'm going to call Mom and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. And from what I understand from baby sis it is going to be a very happy one.

More later, Sweet Things

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Fram said...

After reading your stories of a bitter childhood and family animus a few months ago, Diva, it makes me happy to learn how the tide has turned and life is improving for everyone. Refrigerators and telephones make life easier, and as you point out, the acquisition here shows newfound recognition of love and concern for the welfare of those around you.

Maybe all that is happening now will make you reconsider marriage and children in your own future. Imagine, how happy that might make your mother.