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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Whom the Wind Blows~~It Blows for Thee and not an good wind either~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Yes I have been out of touch but with good reason. First I had to catch up at work after getting back from my vacation with my Family and I can say that with happiness in my heart. I will continue the updates on the Easter vacation but first, I’ve been having a bit of business and drama here at home.

After I got back, we had a heat wave that climbed into the 90’s and now we are down into the mid to upper 40’s at night with very heavy breezes, so first we are cooking and now we are freezing---I just LOVE this Bay Area weather.

But this last weekend I had to go back to the Sierra’s to finish signing and notarizing the paper work on the two properties that I bought, I’m happy, they are happy and I Know the real estate agent is very happy. It was very chilly in the Gold Rush country they too went through the same dramatic temperature changes that we suffered with (and still are).

So I came back home late Sunday night, crashed into Bed. Those Sunday drivers are insane, especially along 880 from Benicia to past Berkeley—I think I’ll take the Cordellia Junction turn off when I’m coming from the North from now on, coming from the South there is nothing that is better---***sigh***.

But did I get a good night’s sleep?? Think again Sweet Things, the night winds whipped up so bad during the night that I awoke to the sound of a terrible crash. At first I thought that my home had been broken into and grabbed my Berretta from the auto lock safe. I waited a couple of minutes to listen to anyone walking, prepared to call the police and defend myself if I had too, but after 5 minutes not hearing anything except the wind I grabbed my LED flashlight and with gun and flashlight in hand started checking things out.

I was immediately stuck by the bone chilling cold, and the sound of wind, when I got to my living room I discovered what had happened; a large branch from my neighbors’ tree had crashed though the glass of my sliding doors that led out onto my balcony. To say it was a mess is an understatement.

I didn’t dare walk across the floor with all that broken glass, and since it wasn’t raining, I decided the best thing I could do was get my heavy comforter and go back to bed.

Getting up early in the morning, I was looking up the phone number to my Handyman when the doorbell rang, it was my neighbor very sheepish, he asked how bad the damaged was and I showed him.

I kept thinking of the scene that I saw in a movie in which a car dropped from the sky onto a person’s home, the owner running out with his hands on his head saying “Mamma Mia, Madre Dios” and other exclamations in that vein.

We took pictures, inside, outside, from his property and mine, exchanged information I said that it might be at least two bills maybe one more, one for the handyman to clean the mess up and put a board over the very big opening, another for the glass man and maybe one for a carpenter, and another for anything damaged or destroyed inside, at least my neighbor was understanding and asked me to give him copies of the bills and he would turn it into his home owners insurance, he had some damage done to his home as well, not as bad or as dramatic as mine, we were just glad that no one was hurt.

Lillian showed up after seeing the big branch hanging off of my balcony, half in and half out of the house; trust her to not miss out on the excitement. She didn’t waste any time and put on coffee and made toast while I phoned my work and the Handyman. Oh well I was going to be late, couldn’t be helped.

I had to get to work for a meeting at 1 p.m. that I couldn’t miss, so I left Lillian in charge with instructions. And this time I had to drive to work, which I really didn’t like doing but one has no choice.

After the meeting I phoned Lillian for an update, they had managed to remove the tree branch, and were in the process of clearing up the broken glass, she was looking for things of mine that might have been flung or broken by the crash, I warned her to be careful.

When I got home everything had been cleared away and a huge board put in place of what was once a sliding glass door, a long note from Mr. Handyman as to what he thought needed to be done and Lillian gleefully waiting for all the details, she ordered Chinese to be delivered when I called her and told her that I was at the 16th Ave turn off on 880.

I filled Lillian in on all the drama, and she showed me what had been damaged and broken, some lamps, a coffee table, an end table, the hardwood floor was badly scratched, the drapes and curtains shredded, I would need Coit cleaners to clean the couch and have the material on the over stuffed chair re-done, some knick knacks were smashed, but my beautiful oil painting that I have over the fireplace was unharmed, I was glad for that.

The food arrived delivered nice and hot, we don’t have too many places that deliver Chinese, but this place has very good food, so Lillian and I had dinner and over dinner I told her about the meeting and my work. My neighbor, he of the rampaging tree limb came over to see how I was doing and saw the cleaned up aftermath, he had an idea it was going to be a very big series of bills, and in front of Lillian said for me to give him copies the bills for all the damage that was repaired and any items that had to be replaced.

He asked if I have to stay in a hotel and I said no the rest of the house was fine it was just this one room, I told him what had been broken and damaged and he saw the boxes of broken things and the furniture so I just hope he follows through on this, he is a lawyer, so I’ll be taking more pictures now that I can see the damage more clearly, but I don’t think I’ll ask for anything for the knick knacks, but everything else, well it was his tree branch.

After he left Lillian reminded me about the upcoming Friends of the Library book sale and that I had to take her, I told her I would take her to that if she would come with me to the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at the Cow Palace the next day and help me and my friend Yoshi with going over the room very thoroughly on Sunday to make sure there was no more broken glass and other stuff. She was very happy to do that, and I promised her that as soon as my new sliding glass door was installed and the hardwood floors redone we’d go shopping for drapes, curtains, and other things. She loves shopping.

After dinner since I didn’t want to use my living room, we went over to Lillian’s place and watched a DVD of this comic ventriloquist who has a vent doll called “Ahmed the Dead Terrorist” I never laughed so hard in my life and this was one of those occasions where laughter is the best medicine.

So now the glass man is here, and Lillian is coming over to take over while I go to work and put in a long day to make money to pay for the repairs while I wait on the insurance companies to repay me. Ahhh Life can be sooooo interesting. And I think Dinner will be Chinese again.

More Later Sweet Things.


Fram said...

At least you can consider yourself fortunate for not being in the room when this happened, Diva. Mother Nature does not take prisoners. Hopefully, your neighbor will stay true to his word and not cause further grief by becoming stubborn about paying for the repairs.

A book sale and a gun show. Sounds like ideal weekend entertainment. I think I can use at least one more afternoon of shooting to get winter worked out of my system. You buy 'em; I will shoot 'em.

The Fabulous Diva said...

Yes Fram, I am very glad that I wasn't staying up late that night. I'd hate to think what could have happened if I had been.

I've seen Mother Nature a few times at her worst, and as we both know she is very unforgiving.

I am hopeful that my neighbor will not be foolish in not following through, I've also been in touch with my lawyer just to be sure. And I not only took pictures but I videoed the entire thing as well to show that the tree is from his property and all damage.

But we shall see.

Yes, a book sale and a gun show a great combination. I'm looking forward to it, I meet the most wonderful people at a gun show, and some of the most snobbish at a book sale, interesting paradox.

I need to get out on the range again too, I'm afraid I might be getting "rusty". Not to many wide open spaces to shoot around here, but there are a couple of very nice indoor ranges within a 30 minute drive. I may go to one of them while the weather is bad.

My "trigger finger" is getting itchy. ;)