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Thursday, May 7, 2009

On Politics and Meg Whitman~~~my thoughts~~

Sweet Fram, my weblog friend, has put to me a question.

What are my thoughts on Meg Whitman who is running for the Governor's seat for California?

A short answer---"You Go Girl!"

The long (very long) answer, I am comfortable with her position on a number of hot button issues----as a woman she is for "choice" I'm not going to use the word "abortion" but "choice".

Now this is interesting since she is also a Republican--and most Republicans are anti-choice, but she is looking at this as a woman's right---which is what it should be, it's a woman's body, it is a woman's choice. We do not know all the ramifications that is confronting a woman when faced with this difficult decision, so this should be between the woman, her body, her own feelings and religious beliefs, her life situation and her doctor.

No one, not a person, a political, religious, economic or medical entity should demand that she be forced into doing something that she may feel is not good for her. This Is HER Choice, no one elses'.

But as a Parent she did believe that underage girls need to have their parents notified if they are considering terminating a pregnancy---I had a chance to look into this view of hers and from what I understand, if the underage girl can show that she may be at risk from parental abuse because of this pregnancy then that is a mitigating circumstance. The reason why she did not vote for that law is that it was poorly written---a view that I can appreciate.

There is a Native American Prayer or saying "Great Spirit, Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked in his moccasins"

And that is how it should be.

She believes that "Marriage" is a religious word and should be a union between a man and a woman, but she also believes in same sex civil unions and that gays and lesbians should have the same rights to adopt children, she also believes that those unions that were conducted before Prop 8 (which she did vote for) should be recognized.

Now I like that----if you take the word "Marriage" out of this whole debate, and make it just a word to use within the religious context, it defeats the entire issue. There is nothing to argue about. And she recognizes that not everyone has the same life style.

She is against Props 1A through 1 E, and her arguments are very sound, it only puts the financial burden upon the people of California, it does not fix the problems that caused it.

She is for 1F which is no politician gets a raise when the state is in a deficit situation, and I think (and I hope this is right) no politician gets paid if the budget is not passed in a timely manner.

She is for bringing business back to California, improve the economy, take the burden off of the Tax Payer.

And that is what many, many California Tax payers are screaming about! But no one at the State Capital is listening.

At every company that she has been at she has improved it, she was even up for Michael Eisner's job at Disney, and she was in the lead, but after one week in the choosing process she backed out and recommended to Disney another person----she RECOMMENDED another rival who would be good for the job.

I would say that is far-seeing, and the mark of an excellent manager.

Which is something that the State of California needs.

She believes in Women in Business, is one of 5 of the most influential women in the Business World.

She is not going to be loved at the State Capital if she gets the job, because she is going to cut out waste, fat, stupidity and run the state as if it were a business which it should be and will work to get California be the Golden State it is meant to be.

And it's going to hurt, like a face lift, and a lot of people are going to be looking for work elsewhere, but no pain, no gain. People and various state entities are going to have to prove themselves, no leaning on a shovel marking time. And that is how it should be.

Now about gun rights---I have not be able to get a handle about that, but she was helping to run the John McCain campaign, so I think that may say something about gun rights (at least I hope so).

I, as a woman, as a woman in business, as a woman tax payer, as a woman who tries to be fair (at least I hope I am fair) and as a gun owner, pro-2nd amendment, I know I will vote for her.

She may have some negative positions, but I feel that her positive positions outweigh any negatives----she is certainly a lot better than what has been running this state into the ground and has tarnished it's golden look.

If anyone disagrees with me, well that is fine, you are entitled to disagree, as I said this is just my thoughts on Meg Whitman, a mother and a business woman and I don't think at this point in time that I will change my opinion on her for Governor.

And I am going to be watching her campaign as the 2010 elections get closer, she is going to have a long hard fight, but I think that since is is pro-choice, pro-same sex civil unions, pro-economy, pro-education, anti- excess tax she maybe the best medicine this state needs.

Now Fram, I know that maybe my answer might be "windy" ;-) and simplistic, but right now I've got a hardwood floor man getting the scratches and gouges out of my living room floor, so it's kinda hard thinking straight, with grinding, banging, skrittching, and other "gosh-awful" sounds.

The skrittching is the hard part---oh ouch!

After this I need a Spa Treatment---Hmmm I think I might spend the weekend at the Clarmont Hotel and Resort, just over the bridge and up the hill from here, after I go to the range with "Baby". Hmmmmm what a de-Lite-ful Thought----the chocolate hand treatment is so decadent.

More Later Sweet Things. Kisses.

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