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Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Addendum to Meg Whitman~~~~

A "Girl" can always re-think things too, Sweet Things.

I had a chance---before my headache takes over---to find Meg Whitman's stance on Gun Rights---she is pro-2nd amendment, but for the Assault Weapons Ban and a restriction on handguns, and this is from an article that appeared in SFGate's article in February of this year.

I am going to research this further, but I have a feeling that she is willing to listen to any reasonable argument and I think she may follow President Obama's lead in letting the renewal on the AWB go and focus on current laws.

I know she does not want businesses to die or leave California.

So this is a campaign that I am going to watch very, very closely and see what further comments she may make on gun rights.

I still am for her at this time, because there is a much bigger issue here.

So we shall see----

Must go Sweet Things, I need an aspirin.

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Fram said...

You have a very well thought out position on Meg Whitman, I think. Obviously, I do not pay as close attention to political events in California as would a resident, but some politicians and political trends there make it impossible (I would guess) for people thoughout the U.S. to be unaware of activities in your state.

It will be interesting to see which other contenders enter the picture, Diva, but standing here, now, far on the outside, Ms. Whitman looks like a near-perfect fit to pull California from its financial mire.