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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekends and Historical thoughts~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Yes I have been away from my Blog; I have to admit work, work, work.

And the insanity of some of my co-workers commitments to their children’s graduations parties and events, but I can understand the “fuss” of it all. In a way I missed the “fuss” of my graduation from college, even high school. Something which Dad and Mom regret in the last phone conversation I had with them.

But I told them to plan on a “Big To-do” for Baby Sis when it’s her time. I don’t want regrets, I want to build on what we are working on right now and that is a graduation of sorts.

If all we think about are regrets then all we will have is “missed yesterdays” and I do not want that, I want to think forward and build on the opportunities to come. I feel that is better in many ways.

Well again our weather here is doing its insanity again, first we have a record breaking (for the S.F. Bay Area) heat wave and then next we plunge into chilly temperatures, I don’t know whether to get out the summer clothes or keep wearing sweaters.

This last heat wave made me feel very “goofy”. I think because it was so sudden and overwhelming. But we did have fun with our “ice cream social”. And it was back to the gym for me.

I took the opportunity to go to one of my properties this last Memorial weekend and just get away from things; at least the weather inland was comfortable. I went to my Victorian house, taking up spare clothing and such to settle into my room. I had the opportunity to talk to my tenants in regards to some repairs on the front porch, nothing major, just a few steps and a banister to be replaced.

It also gave me a chance to look over the property again at greater length, they (the former owners now my tenants) have taken good care of the property and know all the local repair people, we talked about things to do in the future.

It is my intention to make sure that the house and land reflect the historical look of the area. And I think with the aid of the local historical society we may be able to do that, we had a get together to talk things over and they were very happy about my buying the property and my intention to preserve it. I have to say that my now tenants younger cousin was not happy, but that’s his problem.

Real Estate developers need not apply. (Not that the market would support it right now)

The Historical Society is in the process of buying the surrounding land around my property with the idea of working with the local community college and their agricultural classes. The idea is to show how farming and life was done at the turn of the last century, and also to acquaint students with the idea of “slow farming” using old methods that are less destructive to the land.

It’s still in the concept process, but obtaining the land now must be done and that is moving forward. There are a couple of people who do not have any heirs and are more than willing to leave their land and property to the historical society as a “Trust” which will help. I made a suggestion that it might be wise to place it in a “Trust” now and allow the people to continue to live on their property as “caretakers without pay” for as long as they wish or are able, with physical aid from volunteers and students to help maintain the properties.

Everyone including the current owners appeared to like the idea and with fundraisers to help maintain everything it would be viable. Fortunately there are a couple of lawyers on the Historical Society Board and they can look into all the legalities, but they felt it could be done.

I like the idea, although I believe that there will be times where I’m going to have to “share” my property for special events, but there is something about the concept that appeals to me.

But I am going to look into the legal side with a good lawyer from my point of view as well, I’m not going to just jump in without understand what legal problems I might be incurring.

I’m going to do it with this property, but with my own home and the other property I’m going to keep that in a separate trust for baby sis and what children she may have in the future.

But it was all fun too, the fire department had a “pancake breakfast” Sunday morning, there was a crafts street fair, music (great fiddling), a “old fashioned Snake Oil Salesman”, a couple of gunfight re-enactments, petting zoo of farm animals and a stage coach ride complete with hold-ups.

My tenants introduced me to a number of people in the community, and made some very good contacts with the leaders in the community. I now know where to get the best fruit and vegetables, freshest bread, a good doctor and dentist for emergencies, a (according to everyone) fantastic auto mechanic and where the best fishing is in the area.

I know that I’m the “newbie” in town, and as with everything it’s always wise to proceed slowly, according to what I’m hearing, they want to keep the “small town feel” but within it encourage good businesses that will help the community. They want to avoid development that would destroy the feeling of the place, so many things, buildings, locations, land and such have been placed on a historic register, made historic landmarks with plaques and signs, nothing can be done without a full public review.

A number of people told me they were worried about the property that I bought because of the former situation. But when they heard what I had done and suggested they felt more comfortable.

I could easily retire here, someday I might. But right now I have to make ‘money’.

Another gun show is coming up this weekend, and I have to make plans for the 4th of July weekend as well, I’m thinking of driving down to my parents home during that time, Lillian will be fine up here she has her two sons and their families coming to visit so she will be busy.

Joe said he would be happy to “House sit” for me, since he’s renting and his landlord is planning to do some work on his apartment building, anything to avoid the noise.

But it’s early yet, I’ll have to see how my plans develop. Thank goodness the weather right now is mild, so back to work.

More later Sweet Things.

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Fram said...

For a while, I thought you were AWOL, Diva. Nice to see you at "home" again.

It sounds like you not only have made an investment through your new properties, but also gained a new hobby or sideline activity. In any case, you do sound like you are enjoying your acquisitions and working to have them benefit others as well as yourself. Good for you, girl.

I know you are busy, but I hope you have time for more fun "in the country," too, and try not to stay away so long in the future.