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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Second thoughts and a calmer mood~~~

Now that I'm calmer, in reading Fram's comment, he's right on several levels, just because a family member rightly or wrongly defends a mis-begotten member of the family, I shouldn't "Flame Up".

And I have to agree that when a large number of people in the neighborhood tries to defend such a person, it really is their skewed sense of the world. "The Man" against them, but in this same neighborhood there were 5 times as many people who came together because of this tragedy.

If many more of them would come together and say that they will not tolerant this any more, have faith and courage to drive the criminals into the hands of the law, work to re-educated those with a mis-understanding of life, then they can start putting their lives on a better path.

Easy to say, very hard to do.

Fear by the many that are cowered by the few that bully them is that causes oppression even within their own neighborhood.

I too, hope that the Oakland City Council will over ride Dellums and say "wait a minute here" and not cut their police force.

Bill Cosby, a wonderful comedian (also struck by tragedy in his own life), is now doing talks about what the African-American community needs to do, and what the individual needs to look at, he says that it's no longer "The Man" who is oppressing them, it is themselves.

But his comments hold true for anyone who feels that they can't get anywhere, that other people are holding them back, blame other people for their situation, when they need to look at themselves and what they need to do to turn their lives around, take responsibility for their own actions.

I wish more people would do that, but lately I've seen too many with a skewed sense of entitlement, when they really need to look into the mirror and see not what is on the surface, but what they really are.

Thank you Fram, once in a while a person needs someone to steady them.

And what other gun images I'd like to add to my screen saver? Hmmm I need to think on that a bit. Thank you for the offer.

I'm home early today, having gone to work early this morning, those overseas calls can do a person in. I think a light dinner and to be, maybe, possibly, who knows~~~~

Until Later Sweet Things.

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Fram said...

Mr. Cool, that most certainly is me, Diva.

It is easier to think more objectively about a situation from 2,000 miles away than it is when right in the midst of it. I thought it significant when you pointed out the rabble rousers were outnumbered five to one by people who came together in the aftermath of the tragedy. Who knows how it will be in a year’s time?

I have heard/read/whatever that Meg Whitman is running to take over Arnold’s job. She certainly has the brains and the business acumen to be an excellent governor and, politically, she is on the right side of the coin from my point of view. Any thoughts?