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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your Opinion~~~~

Mmmmmm your opinion my sweet, yummy things, what images does it conjure up for you?

Personally I like it. (Purrrrr)


Fram said...

Let's see. It is reminiscent of a summertime Friday evening at my former residence. My neighbor has just arrived. I've told her more than once that, while I think cats are fine, I'd really prefer it if she would leave her "baby" at home when she comes to a gathering at my house.

See Waldo in the background? Some of the guests get so nervous around cats. Can you blame me for wanting her to show some consideration for us of the canis lupus clan?

I've also mentioned to her that one of these days some big, strong, handsome mountain lion will come ranging his way along the river. Her "baby" is bound to fall for him and run off into the woods with him. Then "baby" will be wild and free again.

BLUExPRiiNTZ said...

Well, i was looking at your profile, And i must say i LOVED IT.

I'm actually finishing up the book "The Gargoyle" Which explains Dante's inferno, And i was about to goto the library and begin to read it. I'm pretty sure you would be interested in the book "The gargoyle" As well, from the looks of your writing.

To say the least, you are a wonderful writer, and perhaps maybe if you had some time, you could spare a moment to speak with me over MSN or yahoo? Or maybe AIM. I would enjoy a few minutes in your company.

^^ Well, that is if you dont mind.

Please respond.


The Fabulous Diva said...

Hello Blue PRiiNTZ,

Mmmm I'd looove to be able to do those options but unfornately my work load and commitments frequently prevents me from doing things like that.

Let me think on that.

And to you dear sweet yummy Fram, I know I would have lots of consideration for those of the canis lupus clan (Merowl--Purrr)