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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Quick Note~~~~~

Well sweet things,

We were suppose to have a meeting at 9:30 this cold, gray, wet morning, so I "cleared the decks" to set aside that time and what happens is that "Fearless Leader" (more of a 'whim leader' but he's o.k. (meuw)) postpones to an hour later, (snarl) I just hate things like that but given the work situation we must "flow with the tide" and be ready for whirlpools.

So having made a few quick calls to confirm other things, I find myself with a little time on my hands. (Purr)

So I'm playing "kitten on the keys" (as the 'tigress' plays with the ball of string) and making a few adjustments and additions to my blog.

I've added a few newspaper web sites, although in my opinion I think that most of the journalists in these weeklies are just blowing in the wind and enjoy the sound of their own 'voice', it's difficult to come across good hard news, you always sense that the reporters have been told to foment strife, to stir up things it makes for sales. Can I possibly come across unbiased reporting?

I'm going to put those news web links at the top of my "Links I like" list so that it's easy to find. And there will be more to add as 'time goes by.'

But there is one reporters' site that I'm placing at the top of this list, because I feel he has the real 'pulse' of the people. Yes we are all tired by what is now happening and we are all disgusted with what is not happening, so Sort of San Francisco Fan Club by dear sweet thing Fram, is at the top of my list. (Meerowl Purrrr)

I've also included his Blog as well as Mean Kitty's.

I've also noticed a little change in tone and direction in my "blog" but that is suppose to happen, as the winds and things take me.

Must go 'Fearless Leader' is now ready for the meeting----he was a little over long meeting with his assistant Hmmmm. I wonder why? Am I being 'catty'? Why not?


Fram said...

The mystery surrounding "The Fabulous Diva" deepens.

I'll check out the newspaper links you've posted within a day or two. I read fewer and fewer newspapers all the time. Novels usually have a greater sense of reality to them.

Mean Kitty said...

That's pretty nice of you Diva, I never really thought I had something to say. Just rant a lot, but still that's nice. Thank you.