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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day~~~

Mmmmmm to all you sweet luscious, yummy things~~~~

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and although it's going to be cold and very rainy I've got my day planned out. First I'm going to a Gun Show and see what wonderful delights catch my eye. You never can tell what one might find (Merowl).

Then in the evening a dear, sweet friend of mine is treating me to dinner at a wonderful little spot we know that has the most wonderful music from the 30's and 40's excellent singer and musicians and they are going to have a comedian that I've enjoyed in the past. (purrr)
And it's going to be a wonderfully long weekend, but I don't feel like traveling anywhere, an excellent time to catch up on things. Hmmmm?

I've been having some fun reading the newspapers, but it's much of the same news, are they any closer to voting either at the State Capital or in Washington? No. The politicians are dragging their knuckles in the dirt as usual and 10's of thousands of people suffer from their "pig-headedness".

Does "Da Arnold" think he can whip the State congress into passing a budget by laying off 0ver ten thousand state employees? That won't matter to the politicians, they could care less, but the one's who get hurt are the rank and file. (Snarl)

I can guarantee that many of them will be voted out of office and don't count on "Da Arnold" getting voted back in.

And S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom, "testing the waters" to see about running for Governor of our bankrupt state? He can't even run San Francisco. He caved into the Unions when they demanded raises, huge raises, and he gave them the money knowing that it would put the city into serious financial trouble, much like Mayor Dellums of Oakland, he who really has the office run by his virago of a wife. (Growl)

And then wimp Mayor Newsom asks for the money back, sorry Gavi-boy not if you got down on your knees and shaved your hair off. And he wants to run for Governor? If it wasn't for the fact that I have an excellent job and good friends I'd move to Deadwood, South Dakota. Hmmmmm maybe sweet things I just might in the future.

In the mean time my friend Yoshi and I are going to treat ourselves to our favorite Chinese Restaurant to celebrate a happy completion to a worrisome situation.

And to you sweet, luscious, yummy things Many Kisses to you for Valentines Day.

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Fram said...

Well, Ms. Diva ....

By the time you read this, you'll almost certainly know if your weekend was enjoyable and successful, so I'll just say I hope that it was.

Deadwood? Ambrose Bierce spent some time there. I think I might have, too, in another life. Deadwood is about 1,100 miles closer than San Francisco to my current "base camp," but I'm not certain that Deadwood qualifies as "Diva country." Actually, there's a nice spot about 100 or so miles from there into Wyoming along the old Bozeman Trail where I'd like to "put down roots" for a year or two. Wild, wonderful, historic country. Could wander over to "Hole-in-the-Wall" and visit the spirits of Butch and Sundance. Not much for canoeing, though. Camped out there in 2001 while on an excursion from Canada to Mexico (and back).