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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walking along Blogging Lane, back from a mini-vacation~~~

Well sweet things, it’s so nice to see you again on Blogging Lane, especially a certain sweet, yummy thing. Mmmmmm

I’ve been busy as usual with work and things, but not as intense as last week, I even had a chance to take in a mini-vacation. They didn’t expect me or some of my colleges to get back until today, it seems that some of them had tickets to the Super Bowl and were doing their usual male testosterone Hoo Rahs.

Which reminded me that my neighbors, although nice people, tend to have very noisy boisterous parties, which starts long before game time and continues long after, and last year I had decided to spend a Day in the City, but it wasn’t long enough for me. ***pouting***

Last year they still were going at it when I got home, with a few extra guests courtesy of the local police department; no sweet things I didn’t call our local gendarmes, someone else did, but Mmmmm I do love seeing men in uniform. One of those luscious yummy things came over and asked if I had seen what had happen, I told him and we exchanged business cards. We still have dinner from time to time when his schedule permits, a nice little arrangement (Purrrr).

So this last weekend was cold and clear, I awoke early finding myself feeling restless, and knowing I had to make plans in regards to this Super Bowl Sunday. Getting up early is something I do when I’ve had a restful night’s sleep and I did have one, but on this morning I wanted to go somewhere and driving in the early morning hours just before the sun crests the skyline I find something sooo otherworldly about that hour.

I remember that towards evening just past sundown but before night descends there is a time that the French refer to as “L’Heure Bleue” or the Blue Hour, when the sky can be so Maxfield Parrish perfect, a perfect time for reflection. But this is that hour in reverse when the blue can give way to rose, pink and gold and awakens the mind in preparation for the day.

Not being sure what or where my restlessness would take me I tossed an overnight bag with several changes into the trunk of my car, just in case; called my girl friend to see if she could pickup my mail and newspapers (she could, the sweet thing, I owe her one), stopped long enough at a vendor making coffee which I partake of; coffee that early in the morning has a special aroma and taste, and takes the chill off, it makes me want to stretch and prowl (Merrowl).

Now I find I’m feeling very restless and no sweet things it’s not because of the caffeine; at first I turned my thoughts to San Francisco, returning to my car, I start up the engine but as I’m going over the Bay Bridge I suddenly decide to go to Santa Cruz, its early enough, I knew I could be there in over an hour, and popping in a CD I listened to Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons as my car ate up the road.

The only draw back is that I hate the drive up the mountains on Highway 17, people drive like maniacs on that road irregardless of the dangerousness of it. (Growl) So I decide to take Highway 9, the back door as some people call it. It’s a road you have to focus on with all its twists and turns, but I found myself enjoying the little trip, seeing the blue of the night fading as I’m traveling.

Slowly the sun crests’ into day, but there is a sort of foggy haze among the coastal redwoods on Highway 9, and on occasion I see deer near the roadside. I’m beginning to feel the pangs of hunger as I approach the Brookdale Lodge, just 5 miles north of Felton. I remember that they have a very nice little café and friendly wait staff, as if left over from the 1950’s where they still “dear and honey” you. Sooo very precious and relaxing. But I decided to only have toast and coffee just to cut the hunger.

I was told that the Lodge is now under new management and is upgrading things, I stayed there two years ago on what turned out to be the hottest, wildest, wackiest, wooonderful weekend of the entire year, and the use of that pool was a blessing. The dinner at the Lodge, fantastic! With a real brook running through it, how 1920’s!

Mmmmm recalling that memory at first I think I might stay there, but no I decide that I will go all the way to Santa Cruz.

As I’m pondering “where will I stay” and finishing my coffee, my eyes stray to an ad in the travelers’ magazine, what a quaint name “The Sea and Sand Inn”, Oooh how luscious! And how ridiculous, and yet it intrigued me, the location sounded good but if it didn’t please me there was always another hotel.

I cut through the town of Felton to connect to Highway 17 for the last leg of my journey, Hmmmm I remember they have some quiet amusements here that I’m going to have to check out when I want to get away from things and have my mind relax.

You know sweet things, it does pay to check to see what is in your own “backyard”, and I have no idea why people feel that they haven’t taken a vacation unless they’ve traveled to Paris or Istanbul or Cabo San Lucas, unless you have to take the “kids” to Disneyworld.

There is nothing wrong with that, but in these economic times why spend money over seas when there are some wonderful places to see here and there are tons of them, beautiful, relaxing, funny, strange, quaint, old-fashioned, child oriented, adult oriented, you have to look sweet things, it can be such a yummy bit of research. Unless one is in the ice-locked states, then a trip to Florida or Palm Springs just might do the trick.

I remember when I saw the grand, expansive beauty of the Grand Canyon, it took my breath away, Nature or God (take your pick) carving out its own majesty. (Think sweet things, the Grand Canyon Suite by Grofe for a musical interpretation) I remember hearing some children of the obnoxious ages of 10 and 12 saying to their Father, with awe in their voices “Dad, thank you for bringing us here, it’s like Wow!” Even I had a secret smile on my face at their reactions….remember it you young sweet things and keep it in your hearts.

The Inn did have a room available, I was very pleased with it, all the nice amenities, but the parking was a bit tight. Just a short walk from the beach, the wharf, dinning and not far from the old Boardwalk. Hmmmm It seems I can’t get away from “Harry Callahan”, if I remember right Clint Eastwood filmed one of the “Dirty Harry” films here. Hmmmm maybe I should have a framed photograph of him in my living room, he seems to be following me everywhere.

It seems there were not too many guests this weekend so a drop-in guest such a Moi was very welcomed. The place is right out of the 1950’s but with some modern upgrades, I had a nice spa in my room and the baloney had an ocean view. The only drawback is that I couldn’t check in until after 3 p.m., the policy with most hotels but for security they locked up my bag and laptop.

While making arrangements I made the acquaintance of an elderly couple Mr. & Mrs. G… who were visiting their Grandson and his friends. Their Grandson attends the nearby University and they were in the same situation as I, having just arrived. As we had a few hours to “kill’ they invited me, a stranger, with them to meet their grandson and his friends at Gilda’s for breakfast, on the wharf.

Oh sweet things, I do love the Wharf, all that tangy salt air, early morning fishermen, fresh fish, the smells that can get your stomach to demand food. The downside is you have to watch for fish innards and scales, but that is part of the ‘charm’, earthy and real; the other downside is that they have these shops which cater to tourists with all their ‘kitschy’ things to clutter up one’s home. But they have to bring in an income to keep it running.

Taking a table, waiting for their Grandson and drinking coffee, Mr. & Mrs. G were telling me about their memories of Santa Cruz, they honeymooned there many years ago, pointing out to me all the changes, some for the better and some they felt, for the worst. I love old things and I had to agree with them in part but I said to them “Isn’t it better to try and preserve something, but bring into it something that the young people will be attracted to, to create interest so it can continue to exist?” They had to agree, time stops for no one.

Mr. G said a quote to me, about “the moving finger writes, and having written moves on. Not all thy piety nor all thy wit can cancel half a line of it” (Omar Khayyam), it felt a little sad to me, especially when I looked at them in this honest morning light, in their early 70’s, time fleeing by, but still with a certain gusto for life.

Mrs. G said when she was young she couldn’t understand why the “old timers” didn’t like things to change, “now we are the old timers and we find that we hate change”, not change in attitudes like equality and liberty, a lot of that is for the better, but familiar things that by their familiarity is comforting when struck by tragedy, a compass point of steadiness in a fast moving world that they are afraid of being destroyed.

That idea struck me at being so true, the idea of a “compass point of steadiness”, but lose that and what could happen? Depression, desolation, loss, fear, even terror, a general sense of giving up? I found it food for thought to ponder on further, and what was my compass point?

Just then their grandson Joe showed up with his friend Dan. Since I was a guest, the conversation revolved around Mr. and Mrs. G catching up with their Grandson’s life; every now and then I would ask questions about the classes he was taking and his career goals. I offered him and his friend Dan, my business cards since they were going for the same degree; I felt that it would be a good thing to help network them.

I made some suggestions to them as to how they could go about looking for jobs, and that I would be happy to help them with some leads but that for them to get the job it had to be on their merit, I did recommend that they continue with school but see if they could take on internship programs where they could learn and still go to school. It would look good on their resume. They agreed that right now it would be best to stay in school and do internships’, getting experience and using that to network.

I felt that they were ‘hungry’, they had a ‘fire’ in them, they said seeing how the economy was going they want to learn from the mistakes, and get a better idea on people’s thinking. Hmmmmm I thought these luscious young men would bear watching and we exchanged e-mail addresses, even if I’m further up the ladder than they it always pays to network, who knows where it may lead.

After breakfast they all got into their car to go some place else that was on their plans and I thanked them for such a wonderful morning.

Oh sweet things I had soooo much fun, I checked out the Wharf and the Boardwalk, only a few of the rides were running which was fine given the time of year and the Casino was open; I had fun at the arcade games, I gave my tickets to two little sisters who were just short of winning a particular prize they wanted and I had enough to help them get it, they hugged me, Hmmm simple random acts of kindness.

I checked out the Miniature Golf in the Neptune Plunge, and even rode the Carousel, no matter what age you are when you’re near a Carousel you can become, for a short while a child again, to grab that brass ring and toss it into the Clown’s mouth.

In the evening I sat back and relaxed in my spa drinking my glass of wine from a small sample bottle that I bought and watched the night ocean, it was such a fun day that I found myself just stretching like a satisfied cat. Merowl.

I spent Sunday going through town and found some very interesting and creative shops, and made notes of places that I would like to go back and see at another time. Later I walked along the Boardwalk and the Wharf just taking in the place at my own pace, the exercise did me good. Mmmmmm it felt good, the fresh crisp salt air, hearing and seeing the ocean waves, it was so relaxing.

I wasn’t planning on leaving until Monday morning but after the worse of the commute rush, and then checking in at the office to see if any ‘disasters’ had happen.

Mr. and Mrs. G and I had breakfast together Monday morning at Gilda’s and we talked further about our interests. I was happy to discover that they were members of the Single Action Shooting Society, Ohhh that was so sweet and yummy to discover that.

It seems that Mr. G favors the Ruger Vaqueros and saves his Colts as back up guns, he stays with .38 cal but has to use cowboy loads that have a lower grain count, shooting at metal targets it would be very bad to have anything ricochet, thus the lower loads. We talked about upcoming gun shows, so there is a possibility we might meet again, we exchanged addresses and e-mails, and they said they would let me know about upcoming meets. We had a wonderful time, Hmmmm I would say it was so serendipitous.

There is something that I constantly discover….going some place is always a discovery, and up to a point coming home is fine… until you reach a certain area of familiarity on the road and then all the old tensions come back, the dream is over and reality begins, pooh!

There are times I wish I could just jump into my car and drive, drive, drive, seeing where the road takes me, finding what I can around the next turn, some people when they retire decide to live in an R.V. but I don’t want all that responsibility…no matter what it’s still repairs and insurances that you have to drag around. To be so unencumbered seems to be a free way to live.

But you still have to come back to some sort of nest to do doctor and dental appointments, having the car maintained, doing taxes, and it takes money, you can’t carry all that money with you, so you have to use a debit card and you need to maintain a certain balance within it.

Oh Growl!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m caged up! Constantly pacing the same 4 walls!
There are times when I feel I could claw things to shreds!!!!

“Be happy in your work” my father would say…not if you feel like you have a choke collar on you! (Snarl)

Hmmmmm I think I’m going to have to find a way to balance all of this out.

I’ve been having fun looking at the news reports, Louis Uchitelle’s column in the New York Times Jan 31 caught my eye; I found it interesting in regards to the Economic situation. I devoured the Saturday business section; everything is going to need to be watched very carefully we are a long, long way to even start getting out of the woods and things are still tumbling down. Macy’s, another one to “bite the dust”.

I find it interesting that the GOP elected Michael Steele as the new party chairman, an African American. Is the GOP trying to put a new face to their party Hmmmmm? Are they going to prime him up for the next election? An Obama clone?

And now some utility companies in California are putting smiley faces on their bills if their customers are good about conserving--- (Snarl) Grow UP!! We are not infants!! What a waste of money to add to the bill printing system.

And that woman having 8 babies! 8 of them!!! And she already has 6 and all by in vitro fertilization, not married, living with her parents, Ohhh sweet things you know that this is going to be a welfare Mom and all because she “likes” having babies.

I thought that one of the reasons women got the vote and finally a bill for equal pay for equal work was to be emancipated from being baby machines and this one wants to be one??!! (Snarl) This is one mentally ill woman, and yes, there should be some sort of ethics about this, this is too extreme, just watch my sweet things some new legislation is going to come about because of this.

I don’t mean the one child policy that China has, which is upsetting their racial balance, all things in moderation. 14 children! 14 Children!!! And no father in sight! Well if one thinks in terms of 2 children per family that takes care of 7 families. And this woman has a public relations manager and is being offered book and television deals???!!!----what she needs is a psychiatrist!!!!! (Rowl!!! Snarl!!!)

And in Japan the government is pleading with their people to have children, while in Africa children are dying from wars and starvation. In Europe they are worried about the Christian population being out numbered by the Muslim population. Well sweet things you better get started and be baby machines! (Growl, Roar!)

I for one will not! I think it’s because I don’t have a maternal bone in my body and I admit it!

Ohhh darlings I’d never harm a child and I would never put one in danger, but I do not feel the urge to be a mother. And I am not alone.

Maybe it’s because when I was young I had to take care of baby sis. Changing diapers, feeding, bathing and burping her, washing her diapers and they were cloth diapers too and no diaper service, Oh I won’t go into that, it would put anyone off.

I had to do it because Mother was “always sick” as my Father would say, he didn’t find all the bottles that I did. Then Mother was gone for three months, and it was during the summer too, could I go out and have fun? Would Dad allow someone to come in and help me? Give me a few hours of freedom?? No, someone had to watch baby sis while Daddy was at work and Mother was at the hospital drying out, and as Daddy said I had to learn responsibility---Oh Dad that was a lesson learned very well!

It did get a little better when Mother came back and starting to take care of things, but she wasn’t the same as before, poor thing, she hardly spoke and never went against Dad, behaving just like a whipped dog and they say their marriage is a partnership---In whose eyes?

I still was restricted, only at the Library could I be free at least in my mind, I’d do my homework which I brought home and Father would check it and made me do it over, even when I had the right answers, and it wasn’t because it was messy, I had messiness disciplined out of me. No, he was afraid of any free thoughts my mind might conjure up or any thoughts of freedom; Dad, you never knew how I had carefully planned my escape, that is why you still regard me as the “black sheep” but frankly…Mmmmmm I look good in black.

No sweet things no children for me, I feel that it takes a very special person to willingly give up their personal life to have and raise children and I admit I’m too selfish. I don’t feel the need to listen to my ‘biological clock’.

But I do understand the Grandparent thing, we have several women here, who within months of each other became Grandmothers, it was nice seeing them all happy, and with pictures of their little grandbabies. They even ask me if I plan to get married and have children and I said “No, there are not enough Aunties in the world and children need Aunties who are career women to get an idea of the other side of life. Besides, Aunties are one’s you call on in an emergency; we are the aids to the Super moms.”

Were they shocked? No sweet things, they agreed, Aunties are important.

Hmmmmmm now this has been a very long post. I’ll have to save my opinions on other things for another time.

For now I’ll comfortably curl up on my couch in my red satin pajama’s, listening to Frank Sinatra and putting together my list of other lovely, quaint places to go to when the restlessness is upon me and I need to feel the power of the car engine and thrum of the road.
Mmmmmmm Rowllllll.

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Fram said...

I read your tale of travel and childhood last night, or rather, early this morning. As always, interesting and fascinating. Before leaving a comment this time, I wanted a few hours to absorb what you had written and to read it again. You reveal so much of yourself in your words, I think, especially about your family life, and it leaves me wondering why you do and curious to learn more.

It's later now. It's daylight now, seven below zero Fahrenheit daylight not too long ago. Not good; not bad. The temperature, I mean. Other than that, I did not sleep well, but the day is sunny. Other than that, I'm still absorbing, thinking. You keep writing (I hope) when the mood strikes you, and I'll keep reading. You paint well with words, and sometimes I can see you and the places you are visiting. In some ways, reading you is like watching a movie.