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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where I live~~~

Good Afternoon sweet things,
Some of you are wondering do I live in San Francisco or where do I live that I can see the lights of the city.
Well, my sweet, yummy things, I live in a little island community that is just across the bay from S.F.

When I moved up here I did live in San Francisco, rooming together with several girl friends from college, considering the high rents, where we lived those years ago, made for cramped living, but it also taught us to not accumulate too much so space and organization was a priority. Mmmmm but it was fun and an adventure.

One of the pluses is that we managed to get along well. We HAD to. (Merowl)

But with careful saving, wise investing and a lot of good leads, within a few years I found the perfect place for me to live. But I had to leave San Francisco, I still work there and I love shopping there, it has that edge and atmosphere that can only be found in special places like that.

But driving a car there??? Ooohh sweet things, unless the place you're going to has lots of park spaces just leave the car at home, which is what I do. And that is a bit of a draw back, I do have to walk to catch a Trans-Bay bus during the week into the city, and if I go during the weekend, I plan on walking further to another bus stop, take it and then the infamous BART. I have to say all that walking does help to keep me in shape.

But let me show you the lay out of this Island town---I have to admit they call themselves a city, but most people think of it as a 21st century Maybury, it never fails, you always eventually will run into people you know. And unfortunately some you wish you didn't know (growl).

So just below here is an aerial view of the town.

It includes the Island plus the diamond shape pattern of land below it as well as a tiny island in the middle of the estuary, that tiny island is called Coast Guard Island.

And although this next image is at ground level---from my windows I have that view of the City By the Bay, but it's not always that clear and beautiful, some days it's even clearer, and some days you can barely see it. When I have a chance and a good camera I'll include images I have taken, but this will give you an idea.
I've also included a link that you will see, to a web site that give a brief history and more images.

Right now the rains have come and are pouring down, it is gray again, I can see it washing the blossoms that have opened on the plum trees, the few sea gulls that I can see have hunkered down, the sparrows are no where in sight, poor little things, I hope they've found shelter.

At this one shopping center here that I shop at, there is a old man, everyone knows he's homeless, but he never begs or asks for handouts, he just sits and says hello if anyone looks at him, if one is dressed nice he will say to the ladies "You look beautiful today" or if it's a man he says "Now that makes you very distinguished".

People will go up to him from time to time and shake his hand but I do see some paper money slipped into his hand, and I hear them say "Hey grab a cup of coffee" or "Lunch is on me". One man gave him a brand new yellow rain gear, saying "Hope this keeps you dry".

The stores say he never bothers anyone, so they never call the police, and if he goes into a business he doesn't stay there too long, just enough to buy his food and he quickly leaves without disturbing anyone. He seems to enjoy his independence. I think of him now and hopes he has found shelter. And yes my sweet yummy things, I have given him money to have Lunch.

He seems to realize his place in life and he doesn't want to disturb it, even the police just talk to him to see if he's O.K. Yes, this town is 21st century Maybury. (Purrr)

I'm going to skip watching the Oscars, I find it boring to watch fanfare of that sort, but my other neighbors are going to have another party, they have these hugs Oscar statues cutouts in front of their home, of course with the rain they are getting soaked. Oh well, but they do find it fun.
Lillian said she's going to watch one of her many DVD movies instead and pop popcorn. I might drop in and join her. (Purrrr)

So for now I'm off to take care of mundane things that need to be done in my life. (meuw).

Some of you have asked me a lot of questions, so I'm going to compile them and answer them when I have time. Until then my sweet, luscious, yummy things, stay dry, stay warm and stay well. (Merowl)


Fram said...

Thank you, for writing that piece, Diva.

I enjoy learning about you and your life and your city. Every few days, another veil is lifted.

Fram said...

I forgot to mention, I did look at the first two newspapers you provided links for soon after they were put in place, but I have not gotten around to checking out the remaining ones. I will sooner or later.

This evening, I also looked around "Alameda by the Bay." Alameda is a pretty name, and the bay looks like a fun place to toss in a canoe.